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What is Primordial Darkness Heretic Art

Primordial Darkness Heretic Art is a popular web novel written by the author KenceRussel, covering REINCARNATION, CULTIVATION, ADVENTURE, ACTION, APOCALYPSE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1M readers with an average rating of 4/5 and 38 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 141 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The seal on earth preventing mana to exist on it was destroyed by a gigantic finger. It caused mana to flood the world and those who failed to adapt turned into mindless killing monsters known as 'fallens' The humans were overwhelmed by threats everywhere but soon discovered the mystical effect of the doors that appeared at the start of the apocalypse. The doors have the ability to repel fallens from coming in a certain range A year passed and heroes rose from the masses. The humans slowly learned how to wield mana thanks to the protection given by the doors However, after a year, what they thought of protection turned into their nightmare. The locked doors opened and stream of monsters flooded out from it As the humans built their bases centered to these doors, the sudden turn of event caught them off guard and killed a lot of them Caizher, a twenty-year-old man discovered a door different than others. The other doors are white in color but this one is black. There are also some fallens that approached it Instead of fearing the dangerous door, Caizher settled down near the door. As for the reason? To satiate his bloodlust and fight the fallens that approached the door But to his luck, when the door opened, it swallowed him. Caizher entered a world of darkness. An eye he was familiar with appeared and disintegrated his body However, instead of killing him, the eye took away his humanity and turned him into a lump of darkness What he thought of as his death turned into a blessing. He might not be a human anymore but he doesn't care. His darkness body is superior to all! Watch him become the strongest using the 'Primordial Darkness Heretic Art' that the eye left him ---- The world setting is similar to modern day earth but also a bit different The time of the first year will be a bit fast and will only slow down after the doors opened ---- Buy me Ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/kencerussel Thank you!!


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A quick summary of the review: It is a very good novel with a good chance to become a "great novel", the plot is unpredictable, the world is very wide, it's readable and the characters are interesting ( Just think about the lich and the puppeteer...) I know that there are a lot of people that know how to write a review better than me but since there are only around 20 reviews on this novel I will try to write an accurate review for new readers... Let's start with the best and more interesting parts of the novel... World background and Story development! I must admit that this novel surprised me far more than I expected after reading the first chapters, besides, those surprises aren't something impossible to predict but at the same time, you won't be able to predict anything without understanding the characters' mindset. The world background is also unique, the author was surely inspired by other novels but it is also clear that the result is surprisingly great, I must say that I don't like post-apocalypse yet I enjoy this one a lot, if you like fantasy novels and you are searching for something new, then this one is the novel you are searching! There are a lot of sentients races like demons, elves, strange talking trees, beastmen, liches, and a lot more... I don't know yet if there are other groups of races like the dark race that contains every creature capable to use dark essence, ( like demons, liches, cursed moon cats, etc..) but if there are, it would be even more interesting since our MC's faction have something like "limitless potential"? Well, not that I care about balance, our MC must defy the heavens with something OP after all. Now, let's go on with the almost serious review! The character design is good with some little flows due to the inexperience of the author, but don't think that this is so bad! have you ever tried to write a novel? Well, if the answer is not then let me tell you something, it's hard, very hard... It's rare to find a new author that can fluently change the character's behavior. Well, our dear author failed a bit since it was a little forced but look at the bright side, he tried and I am confident that he will improve! After all, everyone learns from his own mistakes, for this reason, if you find some actions a little forced, don't drop the novel right away, give it a chance to impress you. Ok now, the main character isn't a mindless machine nor he is an honorable man with a normal mindset yet he is quite funny, I like his character, I don't know what other readers think about it but I can't help but smile and sometimes laugh more than usual while reading. And here we are... at the bottom of the review and the nemesis of our almighty author-sama... The writing quality... I know that there are a lot of novels with far more grammatical mistakes and I must admit that this one isn't too far from my bottom-line for grammatical mistakes yet it is readable and grammatical mistakes can always be fixed in the future, so don't lose hope, just pray that the author will somehow find some trustworthy proofreaders and everything will be perfect. Or that is what I always say to myself every time I find something that shouldn't exist... Well, if someone is reading my review until this point, congratulations! You have surpassed my expectations since usually no one read my reviews... Okay, now that you learned everything about the novel, go, spread your wings and read this novel! I hope you will enjoy it~


Hello, I am the author of 'Primordial Heretic Darkness Art' I hope you can support me in the writing contest by voting power stones in my novel. Thank you!!


Dropped. The synopsis is great. Just the writing is unbearable. It makes ne lose brain cells. Despite that I continued until the first interaction in chapter 5 which makes me think that either the characters are retarded or the author is.


Alright i can’t fkin take it anymore. I’ve read up to the current chapter 83 and while I enjoyed it at the start, the MC has some severe mental retardation and ADHD. He goes on and on about how he needs to be stronger and this and that to the point where *SPOILER* his parents die right in front of him. Instead of using his 2 bases FULL of resources to sit down and cultivate, he decides to wander the fking world and comes across another dungeon. He literally cant sit still at all to cultivate and icnreSe his power. He’s been given this holy grail of cultivation and skills and a body suited for cultivation but does NOTHING with it. It took him an entire year before he even decided to cultivate to start. Now, he keeps getting his butt handed to him by creatures a rank hogher than him but he does nothing to cultivate into the next rank. He has this faulty logic that somehow skills will make him stronger but the author goes on to prove how wrong that idea is because the gap between servant and noble rank creatures is, AND I QUOTE, “100times more pwoerful” and even a fraction of the aura these moble creatures let out just forces all servant ranks to kneel. they are completely helpless against it, so you’d think he’d focus on breaking theough to the next rank? Especially since he’s at the peak right before the next rank, right? NO he just cant fkin sit still and cultivate and power through the beginning phase of cultivation. The start of cultivation novels should always go quickly but the author spends so much time just absolutely wasted on pointless stuff when clearly personal power matters the most. idk man this novel has compeltely frustrated me and I think the author is ruining a good setup and world he built.he even gets saved not once not teice but 3 fking times bY this random godly chick with an umbrella and he’s forced into submission and frozen every time. He legit cant do anything and he’s being shown over and over that personal strength and power matters the most but he refuses to sit down and cultivate. StorY: 2/5 (Great premise but ruined by author with dumb decisions) Character: 0/5 (idiot MC that complains endlessly but does zero to improve perosnal power while having s golden spoon) Writing: 4/5 (decent grammer few mistakes) Plot: 3/5 (ruined by author with dumb decisions) Updates: 3/5 (1ch a day or every few days so it’s average and nothing special)


This is a pretty accurate review considering the writing it terrible and feels like a copy paste translate and that many of the ratings are fake cause 10 5 stars for something j have a terrible time reading and understanding the most basic of sentences purely cause of miss typing let alone reuse of lazy and many others that define our MC like once or twice a paragraph. Man thiS was more of a rant but still holds true and there are other issues like character development and some other things But its to late for me but anyway the story is something i would not recommend


Although I have not really read that much of the story and have skipped most chapters, I still believe my review to be fair. From what I can tell so far, the story likes to make great leaps in logic that does not make any sense. Also the writing quality is pretty bad. I mean how come that the last sentence of every paragraph is missing the "." in every chapter so far?


Ooof, yeah no. The story seems like a good one but because of the misused tenses and bad punctuation and grammar just makes this a bit hard to read.




eyes go bleed from diz sheat grammar its awful kill it with fire and macaroni with fire logic here not work trash should be illigL gmgoWaygg


I am the exp of my Holy Scripture Review webnovel is my body exp is my blood i have created over a thousand useless reviews yet these hands will never hold anything so as i pray unlimited exp works.


great story and thank you for novel . .


Great novel the only problem is i finished reading and waiting for update thanks for the novel and thanks for the exp😊😊😊😊(great novel)(great novel)(great novel)(great novel)(great novel)(great novel)(great novel)(great novel)


I love love it. wishing for more chapters




Who made the cover?


The cover hooked me and the premise made me jump in, lurking me to read some epic story. Unfortunately, it was not the case. That first chapter killed it for me. The grammar and writing were terrible but I pushed through expecting some ameliorations or at least a main character that will help me struggle through the errors poking my eyes. I'm not saying the story is bad. The ideas are good but the execution is terrible. Dear author, please, don't give up. But I beg you to fix your writing.


I could not stop reading!! I must say this story surprised me! The author was able to provide us with such entertaining and worth it to spend my time with. A note-worthy story-telling! Must-Read! 10/10


Love love it thanks! .......................................................................................................................




A friend be in a relationship with me and you know that you don't know you don't have a lot to do with me but I wanna be honest with you and I love you too baby❤


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