Mr CEO, Move On! Book

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Mr CEO, Move On!


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Will you play a real-life dating sim game to fulfill your three material wishes? ________ Year WXYZ Chased by debt collectors, father hospitalized and homeless?? This 20-year-old girl with a fear of men one day had to play a mysterious otome game to save her father's life and pay her debt, but... The game is a real-life otome game? Wait, wait, the target is someone REAL?! It's not 2D?? The capture target was none other than Zhao Yang, the famous 25-year-old genius inventor! He's a capable CEO leading the new era of technology and...someone who still loves his deceased lover for over ten years?! Mission impossible, difficulty level 999! "I can't love anyone other than that person. Give up." Can Lai Jiayi win Zhao Yang's heart and help him move on from the past only in 101 days? Or, will he become her first love instead? Watch out for the nine other players as her rivals and remember, if she loses, there's a heavy price to pay... ________ DING! [You accomplished a mission: 'Hug him.'] DING! [Love barometer is dropping!] TING! [Otome game assistance is activated. Please choose in 10 seconds.] TING! [Surprise mission triggered!] Lai Jiayi: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ gimme a break! 101 days countdown....begins! • • Be ready to meet the first FL otome game system in the entire webnovel history *otome game= dating sim game Warning: slow romance. ML will not fall for FL in just a few chapters. (Needs at least a few hundred chapters!) Also, NO SMUT/RAPE AT ALL! Regular update: 7 chps/week excluding bonus Completed books:  1. The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator (completed)  2. The CEO's Office Boy is a Girl (completed)  Baby protagonist series: 1. I Become Baby Mafia Boss (on-going) 2. I Always Become A Baby! (Quick transmigration), on-going. Dating sim game book: 1. Mr CEO, Move On! (Dropped because of system issue not allowing to update more chapters after accidentally changing book status to completed) Follow my Instagram: @zehell2218 & @willhem_l Discord server: https://discord.gg/axqNyHv Novel cover is my commissioned cover.


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