I Summoned a Skeleton
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I Summoned a Skeleton


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What is I Summoned a Skeleton

I Summoned a Skeleton is a popular web novel written by the author KUKORO, covering EVOLUTION, MAGIC, ADVENTURE, ACADEMY, ACTION, SUMMONER, ROMANCE, STRONGMC, OVERPOWEREDMC, MALELEAD, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 811.9K readers with an average rating of 4.9/5 and 61 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 61 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


“Damn! Did I fail!?” The light faded out, revealing a Skeleton standing in the middle of the summoning circle. _ In this world, every Mage’s power came from their summoned creature. Char was a young genius of the academy, at the age of 15 he was already inventing his own magical circle, everyone had high hopes for him. As the future rising Noble, everyone was friendly with him. Every noble house wanted to hire him, but he disagreed as he knew he could do much more on his own. Yet fate failed him, due to a summoning mistake. He ended up summoning the weakest creature with no potential, a skeleton! With the odds stacked against him, how would he survive being the weakest in the world where only the strong rule? Can the genius be able to raise back from the depth of failure? Can he prove his worth to those who left him when he fell to the lowest point?

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Hi, this is Kukoro. I would like to shamelessly promote my book, If you love a story about summoner and their journey to evolve their sumooned creature then please read this [img=recommend]


For this review, where do I start? Well, first of all, unlike most novels with top of the line characters that are perfect, this novel’s main character is a skeleton, a weak creature, that off no potential. Not to mention, it’s writing quality is remarkable, although it isn’t perfect; the MC’s struggles can be found quite relatable, and this is a refreshing and unique read. And with that in mind, I must say that this novel is clearly a must-read!


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- MAIN CHARACTER: Usually such books have an OP protagonist to support cultivation or levelling up using magic but this one has a flaw-ful yet struggling MC. - You'll find him relatable to every regular human being in search of individual identity which will drive the PLOTLINE to his struggle and conquering. - Quality is pretty much reasonable and the strong point of author is grip on dialogues (Teach me senpai T_T) - Usually I read ML books but this one had magic and used a weak character to show the miserable state and to support the argument. Overall, I found it a wonderful theme to begin with. (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞


quite interesting, love that the author and mc are making a path in a world instead of depending on some ancient something or other that someone else has done before. I'm up to the latest chapter, currently 54, and can't wait for more. I really want to see where this goes.


Love the book so far. I just wish I found it later so that I could binge read it instead of having to wait for the next chapters to come out. Keep up the good work.


Everything is almost perfect! Only the world background needs a little work. Advice to author: Flesh out the world a little more. Write some more lore on it. Describe peoples clothing, food, way of living, architecture, economy, money system and other stuff. Also avoid using words like T-Rex, until and unless you want to introduce dinosaurs as canon monsters (that can be good idea). Finally, keep up the good work. I just gifted you balloon. This is my first gift to an author and you deserve it. Kudos!


Reveal spoiler


J'aime bien l'histoire jusqu'à présent. Le personnage n'est pas un idiot et l'auteur laisse place a l'erreur. Le personne est réfléchis, et les événement ne sont pas organiser de façon à ce que sa coïncide tout le temps avec les besoin du personnage. Le personne évolue a travers l'adversité et c'est effort plutôt que par chance. C'est ce qui fait que j'adore ce livre jusqu'à présent.


DISGUSTING___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________BUT I FUCKING LOVE IT


I have read many magic related novel in which humans are stronger than other beings due to the usage of mana but this is something new where they use summoning to power themselves.Honestly I have just read the 1st chapter but it has all the elements needed for a good story,and the way like mc is weak but becomes strong even with a weak monster like skelton this is just amazing.Tge mc here is a typical hardworking guy and I really love these type of characters(though I often love op heroes too).The author really deserves more praise hope the author keeps up great work.


The first three chapters are more than enough to leave you wanting for more! Really well written, go add it to your library and give it a try! It's worth it.


This is an amazing story overall! I'm always looking forward to the upcoming chapters. If anyone is scrolling or cycling through the many different varieties of books, stop here! The author is doing an amazing job throughout the entire story. Kukoro, if you read this, awesome job! I can't wait to see where the story is leading!


this book starts off pretty in your face and it just gets the whole I summoned a skeleton out of the way. it covers some details about the world but doesn't get to in depth. I am at chapter 60 (current release) and the MC is a smart MC but also because he looks at things a different way. instead of just accepting them as they are he tries something new. the downside is that the MC is never really in a difficult situation as he has perfect perception on a cellular level for his own body and extraordinary perception for everything else. I would reccomend this though as it is a good story. the character interactions while sometimes feel forced are not oppressive. the supporting characters are good and as they are more established they flow better in the interactions. just hope it doesn't turn onto a harem novel.


Really love the characters and just the whole plot of the story. Im very hyped and on the edge of my seat just wondering what different evolution paths the skeleton can take and how Char can grow as a fighter as well! Over all, if you decide to try this novel, give it a couple chapters to fully digest whats going on in the story and i promise it wont disappoint


this is a hidden treasure! it's literally is so good, and has an excellent plot, with a great mc without an excessive plot armor. the magic element is well planned out, and things are overwhelmingly thought out. the author clearly knows how to draft things out, which many authors don't do.


I´m loving this author and the development of the story. Char is a character that i have never seen, this is something that I was looking for this days. It´s so diferent and so good, and now I like skeletons a lot. Thank you Author.


I will make it short. The good point of the story: -A interesting and struggling MC who is pridefull but back it up with knowledge and hard work. -So far, all of his achievment came from his work. You won't find a MC who got the perfect ability at the perfect time. (Well, he got ONE RARE thing that make his skeleton special) -The world building is good so far Bad point (Not much): -Not enough description!!!! -The pacing is sometime weird and time skip are abrupt. Overall:


Good job to the author, this story is really really well written, i loved the mc and i would love to read more of it [img=recommend] [img=recommend]


Alright, this thing is great. The author first makes a chapter a day. The author also doesn't have any grammar mistakes from what I can tell. The characters aren't flat and they have personalities to them. The world background however could get a bit more exposure. The tiers are Common, Knight, and Baronet. The rest I just have no clue, however, except that, it's an impressive story that deserves its score.


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