The First Legendary Beast Master

Author: Aoki_Aku
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What is The First Legendary Beast Master

Read ‘The First Legendary Beast Master’ Online for Free, written by the author Aoki_Aku, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, R18 Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Born into a dirt poor mining family, Karl only had one chance to get ahead in life, the annual elite recruitment day. On...


Born into a dirt poor mining family, Karl only had one chance to get ahead in life, the annual elite recruitment day. On their final day of middle school, every student in the Golden Dragon Nation was given an experimental injection to awaken their affinity with magic. Those few who succeeded would become the Elite, the leaders and idols of the nation, blessed with incredible magical powers and respected by all. Those who did not would return to their normal lives of hard work and low wages, just doing the best they could. But with the nation surrounded by enemies, both humans and monsters, how long would these peaceful days of magical idols last? Follow the story of Karl as he awakens a unique power and strives to become the world's first Legendary Beast Master.

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Finished another title by this author and have absolute faith that it's gonna be a good one!!! already stoked to see where this goes


Reveal spoiler


Probably my most favorite beast tamer novel. I just hope it won't do the all generic overused "oh church actually evil," "this kind organization is actually super evil," then the MC will automatically go looking like some satanic worshipper and acting like a 12 year old try hard edgelord.


Review at CH162.. The beast taming aspect of the story is done really well as Karl tries to navigate the path to making his tames better. The writing and world development overall dont leave much to be desired. The pacing kind of feels like we're following a slice of life with some combat here and there. My main complaint so far would have to be the character development. A lot of the characters, to include MC, seem rather flat and dont have much of a personality. Other than being stronger, it doesnt seem like the MC has any sort of goal nor do we really get a peek at his mentality. The tamed monsters are arguably more entertaining and individualized than any of the human characters we meet so far. I really enjoy the novel and wait for my chapters daily, just hope we can get more full bodied characters


I am very happy to find a well written beast taming story that actually focuses on the beast taming and raising aspect. I am currently at chapter 90 and so far there are no major issues I can point out, no grammar mistakes, no missed used words and no strange word choice, making it easy to read. The monsters each have their own unique traits and personality, and the characters are diverse enough to keep the story interesting. The world building we have had so far is good, modern tech and architecture that sometimes has a magical twist and I can't wait to see more of the magical side and monsters that has been hinted at. Its a too early for any major character development so I can't speak on that yet. I have only read mecha warrior system from this author which was a good novel and this is shaping up to be just as good, however I do hope there is a little more romance than there was in that story. For stability of updates author seems to be updating plenty of chapters just like his other stories and isn't known to drop off the face of the earth like many other novel authors on webnovel.


I took a chance and spent more than Two Thousand Coins in one go to read this novel. The story is about a young man named Karl and his journey as a Beast Master in an Academy. The initial onset of the story is intriguing, and you give allowances for pacing, detail, and depth in the beginning of all novels as an author is just started to build the world. There are no major mistakes of writing being done in this novel, which is great news. Spelling is great, and the author never uses a larger unknown word when a simple one will suffice. The novel world building leaves you with the initial impression that the world is less advanced, but in fact, it is just geographical to the main character circumstance. The descriptions of people, places, and things is on par for a webnovel, which is to say lacking. I found it lacking in description, and that hurts world immersion. Pacing wise the story is a race to the finish but you are not quiet sure if it is actually moving fast or not because there is no overarching goal for the main character unless you count getting stronger of which Karl does very fast. Let me ask the question: Who is the antagonist? The main mystery is the System, the ancient power of the world dragon. In this Karl is unravelling the mystery faster than anyone has in hundreds of thousands of years. So yes, the story is lacking in sub-plots. Absolutely. The Magic system and Training. Arguably, one of the reasons many of us read these novels and we as an audience are hypercritical, but of course, we are a paying audience. There is a system that the character is trying to unlock, but is is only partially unlocked. Karl is only able to use some of his powers, but training is not confined by these limitations, yet the guy never really trains in any discipline. The initial experience of the academy was not enough to warrant his skills. I could go in more detail but as an audience member following along in the novel I found myself not being able to believe Karl was actually skilled. The written Style of Battle Karl as a Beast Master is endowed with skills such as Rend, and with some training and adjustment, he seems to be able to manipulate Rend and use it in different ways. I for one love this it is absolutely the greatest. You see this in the best novels written by the most creative writer on this platform. Yet the written battle style plays out like an MMO damage dealing scene...=( It is disappointing. If there was a build up of written word that showcased Karl's training dedication to some kind of martial discipline you would not be able to see it from the way the battles are written. They follow a buff, attack, shield, suprise and win format. Karl as a written character has not really grown. His rank has gone from Awakened to Commander leaving Royal, Monarch and Overlord left more if they haven't been reached or mentioned but has Karl grown? Nah, not really. At this point Karl has just reached Commander Rank. Write the character into some training give his skill set some depth and show us the ingenuity of him learning to use his skills outside the box. There are some incredible novels on here Aoki this can be one of them. That said, you're finding success as is so yeah Good luck.


Aoki, where is the romance? Where is my dragon??? I need it 🥹. All jokes aside, this is the beast tamer novel I’ve been looking for. The beasts have their own personalities—Hawk is my favorite—& Karl is not an edgy homicidal psycho. I love everyone’s reactions to Karl’s beasts and that Karl treats them like family. Great job, author. Ps: seriously, where is the romance 🧐


good story and i like hawk the mc contracted beast


Well I haven't even started but I know that it will be an awesome title none the less. With Aoki's skills it is a given that this one will be as awesome as the other ones.


Good intresting plot but the protagonist has faced 0 adversity till now no backstabbing no jealousy hate crimes I mean thats one part I like but it completely not being there makes it too smooth sailing for the mc and lack of meaningful interactions except dana further there is close to 0 world building aside from the golden dragon city there is hinted that its a big world but the concept has not been developed also there are multiple filler chapters like trial arc and the rewards that followed it took 20 chapters and then the bus incident again pointless an actual development of foreshadowing of where the story is going because there is no clear antagonist it is just the mc getting stronger and everyone is helping him


Whelp, this is my current favorite novel to the point of paying for the extra chapters lol. it's a really fun read. I'm looking forward to how it progresses and how the characters develop. I'm also loving the slow burn romance since the author isn't rushing to age up the cast despite it being easy to do with his system of power.


read up to chapter 130 entertaining at the beginning but the pace is too slow and it turned into too much "slice of life" chapters that i gave up. another complaint i have is about the verbal interactions of the main character with pretty much everyone else. it is too smooth, it's as if everyone (including the mc) just always say what they truly think and in a way where the recipients absorbs 100% of the information conveyed. that is not realistic and breaks the immersion. in real life there is a spectrum of people. i guess a way to put this kids conversations (overly simplistic, one dimensional interactions)


muy buen libro me gustó mucho se los recomiendo


so far I love this novel. I blazed through the 187 chapters currently out in less than 24 hours.


gonna have to wait a few months because daily updates is just torture


I've read every one of the author's books I've loved every single one of them and Beast taming is my favorite Power System. so between faith and the author's ability and a type of power I love I'm willing to rate this highly before it even gets started.


How boring to start with the academy, plus we have a boring mc who seems smarter than the others for no reason... This novel is more for young children without drama or suspense 😴


This story drew me in from the first chapter. I eagerly await each release.


Best work I've had the pleasure of reading


I like the Story very much. It has a nice character development, a plot that makes sense and doesn't feel forced. A nice World Background, though we don't know that much about other nations till now (chap 200), not that that's a particularly bad point, just an observation. The characters are humorous though not too clichéd and take situations appropriately serious. The plot Armour isn't too bad......if there is one point to criticize the it is the time progression and the mcs age. He is simply too mature and knowledgeable for a 14 year old, 1 year academy student. It wouldn't have hurt the plot to slow down a bit and have the mc age more. When it comes to grammar, there are very few mistakes, all said. To sum together: Nice novel with the singular flow of the age of the mc (which isn't that important to me), though should the time flow not speed xup it could get awkward.


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