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What is Dream Star

Dream Star is a popular web novel written by the author XOMatsumaeohana, covering MUSIC, IDOL, ROMANCE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.8M readers with an average rating of 4.56/5 and 158 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 803 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A mask of pain. A wall of sadness and loneliness that nobody could understand. "It's futile to explain, the moment something goes outside the norm, people instinctively push you away." Her pain and sadness is only a burden to those she cares about. He hides behind a wall, a long wall nobody can climb. Terashima Lila entire childhood revolved around staying strong for her family and friends. Music was her means of escape. A means of conveying the deep feelings and emotions in her heart that she couldn't convey normally. But when her cursed bloodline separates her from everything she built the past sixteen years of her life, and singing slowly degrades her condition further - what will Lila do? She transfers to light academy under a new name 'Kiku Ari,' and she meets him. The one person who changes her life completely. A unique music romance novel that focuses on a single girl's journey and burden behind being the top idol. Join Lila on her journey to achieve her new dream, while struggling with her hanyou lineage and getting caught up in a triangular romance. To achieve her dream, what will she sacrifice? What will change? For her, the two of them were both equally important. Which hand will she take? ___________________ ------------- *CURRENT COVER - [Cover by: Zushidraws] Join me on discord: https://discord.gg/9Cwt9Jz Updates: 2-3 Chapters every day the first 80-95 chapters are old content which I'm still going through and re-editing. - A side note regarding the story: the first half of the story will focus on the second ML Karashima Haruka and the female lead Terashima Lila story. Then the second half will move back to the first ML Austin Kiryu ---- Genre: Music, Romance, Fantasy. Supernatural


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So I'm going to warn everyone first. The first chapter is 10K, it's really long. Around 80 or so pages on the mobile version. It's much easier to read the 1st chapter on the web version. 😅 I'm really sorry about the length of the first chapter, I wasn't aware of the length of chapters posted on WN and I haven't posted any of my stories online in so many years. Pretty nervous about this too 🤔 so it's a test run. If people do like it, I'll continue. I hope you all enjoy and don't hesitate to point out mistakes in my clumsy writing.


I finally read some chapter! My bored and sick mind cannot stay still so I read this piece of masterpiece. Writing Quality is great for an ******* writer. I gave it 4.8 only because you need to have room for growth. Heck, I'll give J.K. Rowling a 4.8 so she can also improve... not like she needs more improvement but you get my point, right? Stability of Updates is great. I always receive notifications where ever there is one, and I saw it happening every day so you can expect the author will deliver. Story Development is best. Someone called the author a person with the second male lead syndrome and I can see why now. LOL. There is more to the story than your first expectation. Character Design is a fun part of every novel. I like Lila's character best and not because she is the main character, but because she is relatable. For world background, I gave 5 stars because I love the story all in all. I will read the rest soon. Gambatte, Author-san!


The legendary, level six sensei that I see everywhere in the comments has a book? I’m *shook* 😜 No worries sensei. Added to my library and will do a proper review very soon 💖💖💖


Oh wow! Queen has a novel now? Definitely will take a look! .................................................................................................................................


A great novel. Update stability is great, already so many chapters in the first week. The storyline is very interesting, there's a mixture of several genres in the novel and the characters thoughts are well expressed. The authors writing style keeps getting better too, and I can tell that she puts in effort with her editing. Keep up the good work.


As Original stories on WN go, this one is quite unique. It's set in Japan, 2035. While there are areas in the prologue that may confuse readers, don't let that stop you from reading further. The chapters get better and better, and everything is gradually explained. I can tell the author spends a lot of effort in her writing and editing. And I'm glad to see the writing style gradually getting better. The update stability is very good. While she changed her 5 updates to 3, she sticks to her schedule and informs the readers of any changes. The characters relationships with each other a very complicated, it's not your average romance novel. But I like how it reflects relationships in real life. Fellow readers give this a try, the author really describes the thoughts and emotions of her characters very well and the plot keeps you more and more interested per chapter.


This can and will definitely be a good novel since there are already loyal readers since it just started. Trust me, it gets better with each chapter. Good job author. Once this novel is edited it will become a gem. Getting lost in the first chapter of a novel confuses a reader. There is so much going on and I couldn't keep up. The writing format was tough to follow and there are a few grammatical errors. However, you're doing good with each chapter. Keep writing dear writer. Perfect practice makes perfect. Good read!


Not good at reviews, so I'll make this quick √ Good plotline √ Stable updates (5 everyday, and we got a random 8 chapters earlier the week) √ A writer who asks for a lot of feedback to help improve her story. √ Character development, so far I'm very satisfied with not just the main characters development but the side characters too.


Review Valid Till Chapter 117 Writing Quality: I'm impressed how much better it's gotten since she first started. Could still use some work but the errors are less frequent now. The author is really trying hard. Stability of Updates: If your tired of a slow updates then I recommend you read this, the update time is everyday, more than one chapter too. Character design and story development: While some may think the beginning is puzzling, it's quite easy to see where the story is going from prologue 1 and the synopsis. The characters are very well developed, we get a insight into the key characters thoughts a lot and their background stories are slowly unveiled during the course of the story. I like how the author doesn't solely emphasis the ML. The focus on the second ML is really interesting. I've never seen a novel that does it and it works quite well with the current pace, events of the story. Overall, I'm really looking forward to seeing where the rest of the story ends up. Keep up the good work.


Are you tired of novels with unstable releases? Do you just want something refreshing to read? Do you want a novel that has proper grammar? Well, look no further, because you have found your perfect novel. Join Lila in her adventure to achieve her dream. Also, if anyone reads this review, please tell me how you found this novel. I'm curious since I know tons of people have found this novel after clicking on the extremely well-known, webnovel famous XOMatsumeaohana's profile. Hehehe.


Love it love it love it! Just love how this book moved me. 😍😍😍Will continue to read it no matter how long it takes!😍😍😍 Amazing characters with superpowers. The plot is just amazing, even though I was already heartbroken by some situations, but it did not stop me from reading! Looking forward to more amazing chapters!


I'm not really good at giving reviews although I've been here in WN for quiet a long time now this is just my 3rd time giving reviews along side of queen Lyn and the rest of my life is for you . so hope u like it . All I can say is I really like the plot line , its new and refreshing . not like those some other novel that is all about CEO so find it quiet unique . 😍 update stability is so 👌🏾👌🏾 . although there is still need some improvement over all I really like it . 😊 I wish you good luck and I hope that our support for you is enough to keep you motivated in your writing 😍😍 we will always support you . fighting ✊✊✊ (Haruka-kun) I think I'm fallen for you even though they call you a little jerk . your still so handsome 😍😍😍.


Looking for a novel that isn't your average face slapping/CEO romance novel? Then you've come to the right place. The story line for dream star is unlike any other romance novel I've seen before. The FL lead Terashima Lila, the ML Austin Kiryu and the second ML Karashima Haruka characters are very complex. The author has written about them in great detail and she does not fail to properly introduce the side characters too.


Who says you have to limit yourself to one genre? A combination of music, romance and supernatural. This novel is filled with surprises. Like previous stated, the chapters get better and better. While there are some terms that may be unfamiliar and need clarification, there is a discord server where the author is willing to answer any questions. All in all, this is a good novel with a great potential to develop further.


I'm starting to think the author is secretly a robot with how many stories she writes and updates. While the recent updates are slow, I'm glad to see how carefully planned out the recent chapters are. Author is taking her time writing and filling in all the gaps to our knowledge.


Another chapter that can make.me.crazy again and finish all my.time waaaaa so nice to ease my boredom😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💖💞💞💞💞💖💖💖💖💖💖


Reading this book gave me goosebumps all over, its like once you start you can't stop again, every cell in my bod is jumping to read more, which I am going to do now, peace.


Okay, so read 26 chapters. I typically read about 20 for reviews. The prologue didn’t feel like a prologue, it just felt like an extended beginning to the actual “start” of the story. The vampire theme is intriguing, and I’m a fan of it too, but I felt like this wasn’t fully utilized and could’ve been more integral in the plot. The way it’s currently being used, it feels like it could be taken out without changing the story much in any significant way. The FL is little too weak for me with all the stuttering and timidness. Her indecisiveness about the two MLs don’t bother me. However, I feel like the Kiryu love doesn’t feel... natural. It lacked sufficient background and build up to why she adored him so much. Additionally, I don’t understand why they aren’t together if they still correspond frequently, and they both say they love each other. Regardless of the circumstances, if they love each other so much, it doesn’t make sense that they’re not trying to stay together or find a means to be together. Also, why does Kiryu want her to meet other people. Out of kindness so she can see more of the world because she’s kinda shy and too centered around him? Sorry, but in a believable relationship this doesn’t make sense to push someone away for this reason to only still correspond and say you love her still. Haruta. His backstory to why Lila is so important isn’t clear either. I’m guessing you mean to explain/reveal it bit by bit, but without sufficient starting explanation, the romance and attraction just feels... forced for the sake of the story and unnatural. I am glad, however, that they didn’t jump into bed right away. Those kinds of quickie relationships are distasteful to me. Proper build up to that is preferable. Lastly, the flashbacks and changing of perspective is an interesting way of story narration, but it’s not very inductive to reading. Infrequent shifts is fine, but the story shifted so frequently that sometimes I couldn’t figure out/keep track of whether this was the past or present. Additionally, since this is written in third person, there is no need to switch pov so often. This can easily be written more fluidly in omniscient where individual characters’ thoughts and feelings can be revealed without having to completely shift to their perspective/make the reader view the story completely in their eyes. All this aside, you still have a good ML and second ML syndrome kind of romance story going on. I just pointed out the few things that I felt could’ve been improved, but otherwise, you’re doing really well. The grammar and writing is the blaring with mistakes, and even though I felt like there a few too many characters introduced with their own side romance that I couldn’t see fitting into the main plot well, those are slightly more personal reading preference issues than real errors. Compared to other romances, the pacing and prospect is good. Nice job, and keep at it! 👍


Going to do a re-review because of the current progress in the story and changes made to the prologue. The confusing parts before in the prologue were edited, thank you for this author and the flow of the story at the beginning is a lot better. As for the current progress as of Volume 3: Chapter 210. More mysterious are slowly being revealed. The pace of the story is good and I'm looking forward to more.


Not you average romance novel. Dream star is unlike your average romance novel and focuses on the tale of young teenagers in high school. As they balance romance, dreams, work and friendship - Others may say that the romance is too complicated and puzzling. However I like how the author focuses on the female leads relationship with the second ML. Something that is not usually seen on webnovel. I hope the author continues with her excellent work.


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