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What is Dragonborn Saga

Dragonborn Saga is a popular fanfic written by the author Mr_Don, covering REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, ADVENTURE, ACTION, CULTIVATION, ANTI-HERO, COMEDY, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 20.7M readers with an average rating of 4.71/5 and 1238 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 583 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Meet Jon Dare, your every day's 25 years old who one day wakes up in Honorhall Orphanage in the city of Riften in the Kingdom of Skyrim. He reincarnated in his favorite game 19 years before the start of the game’s events. Armed with knowledge about the future and full potential in Magic, Combat and Voice, the Nord kid will set out from Riften to find himself becoming a Hero way before the start of the game events. ---------- Extra Tags: Domestic Affairs, Animal Sidekick, Creative MC, Strong MC ---------- Find Extra Early Chapters and Future Novels on this link https://linktr.ee/donovel


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I am the Author, Oh mortals, readeth mine own words and obeyeth. Nay seriously, I needeth some valorous reviews to feeleth did motivate, I readeth all comments and reviews so thy words shall encourageth me. I very much feeleth fustian(proud) about this novel, it is so much joy, I shall writeth about mine own exp'riences and adventures in the world of Skyrim (Planet Nirn). I eke(also) playeth the game and readeth the wiki, so I can sticketh to the lore, I shall focus on the background-less NPCs and recreate a fitting story for those folk, the same way I didst in chapter 3. Support this novel, O pity readethers, so I bestow m're chapters upon thee. [A/N: a friend told me to write this in Shakespearean but I have a bad premonition]


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This is literally the best fan fiction I have ever read. The Skyrim idea is frickin amazing and it’s not an easy novel to do but u crushed it.


This is a perfect example of a Fan-Fic done right. I rarely find myself so eager for more chapters, I'm literally shaking in excitement after reading the first 9 chapters just waiting for the next one. To the author bravo, you have beaten writing, what a story.


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This book in my honest opinion transcends what a preconceived notion about what a fan fiction could be. A gallery of well fleshed out characters with their own unique dispositions combining seamlessly with the characters that we already know and love/hate creates this amazing dynamic that makes the story stand out on its own. With scenarios that the author creates plus the lore that the world already have makes this book worth reading in anticipation of what can and what will happen. To be honest I don't see this as a ****** fan fiction anymore at this point. If the quality stays till the book ends I won't be suprised if it can be a representative of a fiction with Elder scrolls lore and world as it's background and might push other writers in using it as an example on their own works in this platform. Great job on starting this work and I will wait in anticipation about what kind of wave you can bring on this scene. More power to you author! To other readers what are you waiting for? Read it; Own it.


I haven't read the novel, but just looking at the title saying DragonBorn within caused my mind to go blank with only filled with modded Skyrim with nude and *** mods as I thought my dragonborn shall be within. Am I the only one that thought this or am I just to horny right now after reading HentaiGod novels?


It's way too cliche and constantly breaking the fourth wall in a bad way. With that also come constant Meta references like Truck-kun that litter the pages. It just feels like pandering to the obsessive audience that loves this kind of thing. Just the mere mention of Truck-kun is enough to make them jitter with pleasure. There's also constant editor and author notes which only serve to pull you out of the story, ruining your immersion. Considering the author constantly rambles on and on about immersion in the story, it's quite shocking that he doesn't recognize this fatal flaw. On the positive side, they're mostly present in the first chapter and seem to decrease heavily from there. But first impressions are everything, and my impression is already ruined. Both sentence structure and grammar are also nothing to write home about. Unfortunately, the story is written in a (hopefully) unintentional mix of present tense and past tense. As expected, it doesn't work out very well and severely detracts from the story. I really dislike present tense, so for me, this dislike is only made stronger each time the author mixes up his tenses, switching back and forth. I want to give this novel a better chance, but the chapters are a chore to read so I don't see how I ever possibly could.


Writing quality is pretty bad. Feels like it isn't even checked by the writer. Character design is kinda flat. The good thing is that it's quite hilarious most of the time. 'What type of humour', you might ask. Well it feels written by a anime-Skyrim fan. So at least we got Truck-kun and MxR reference.




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😑 Why is this in the top 10? Don't listen to the reviews, at most this story is average. It started out interesting but the mc acts like a generic, hotblooded 16 year old with very little development in the brain section. Excluding the fact that the world seems to revolve around him, he's op in the bad way. And the 'politics' in this world seems a bit...childish. Because it's totally normal how the mc who was an average guy in his past life is so much more cunning then the seasoned, old adults. Go read Joy of life or something for better, more realistic politics. The story is not bad, but it's also not good. It's Meh.


Skyrim Good story. Hope can get more Write more Dmn 140 characters Dmn 140 charactersDmn 140 charactersDmn 140 charactersDmn 140 charactersDmn 140 charactersDmn 140 charactersDmn 140 charactersDmn 140 characters


I'd like to give this a comprehensive review of 1 star, but I can't simply for the fact that the author pumps out chapters like mad. But apart from that, this story is bad. And the sole reason is the author's nonexistent english. There are so many spelling and grammar mistakes that it quite literally gives me a headache. There are some editor notes thrown into the story from time to time but I doubt anyone has ever edited anything on this parody of a story. I do not understand how someone can read this, it is beyond me. It's not only that though, the erratic time skips and just pitifully described action scenes are just as grating. "The troll hit him, he flew away, he was hurt. We hit the troll, I hit him with magic. Troll dead.", that's a rough summary how any impactful battle scene goes. The story is bad, period.


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Bad, bad, bad, BAAAAAAAAAAD! IT IS SO BAAAAD!!!! It's so outrageously bad, what the hell? The author can't even follow original elder scrolls lore and the protagonist is a complete idiot.


To be honest... It's one of the best stories that I've read. I've hones tly only been playing The Elder Scrolls series since oblivion came out, but I've played everything from daggerfall to skyrim. This story uses a lot of really fun and interesting lore in new ways, but also uses a variety of obscure lore that unless you've looked through the wikis for hours on end or read every possible book and every possible quote, you'd never necessarily connect them this coherently. Another thing that I enjoy is that it frequently explains how the magic works, in actual scientific(or at least how scientific magic can get) terms, which I've always loved. The author seems to read every comment, and reply to many of them as well. In fact, every comment I've posted, he's replied answering any questions or theories. The update schedule is pretty consistent, every day, with a few times that has gone on a short break from writing, but he makes a stockpile for them so we can keep reading. The author seems to genuinely care about his readers opinions, and takes them into acount when writing, but still manages to keep us all on our toes. If you read this Don, thank you for this awsome book, I hope you'll continue to writing it for a long time.


Finally a Skyrim Fan-Fic, I was waiting for exactly this kind of story! I am really loving it so far. Can’t wait to read some more. Keep it up!


............A very funy and very good original novel, and it's Skyrim ..............................................................................................................


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