Dimensional Overhaul Book

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Dimensional Overhaul


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What was the gods' best creation? Was it man? Could it be the stars that we all gaze upon? Planets that hold life? Or probably the various dimensions that hold all? The answer is simple, the universe! The same universe that comprises all these wonderful creations. The food we eat, the people we look up to, and the mountains which stretch beyond the clouds are all part of one universe. And among the variety of races, one stood among them all. A race yielding the strongest type of magic, black magic. They were the Genois race. The fact that they were the strongest clouded their minds, why not unify the universe? They thought. During their rein, they forcibly made other races kneel before them and those who resisted were killed. Upon a mountain of bloodshed, a single man rose to the task of defeating the Genois race. Some called him a 'reaper', others 'a savior' while others squandered his name calling him a murderer. The single man possessed a special type of visual prowess known as Tsujigens. The five Tsujigens: Tsujigen of force, Tsujigen of space, Tsujigen of time, Tsujigen of power, and the Tsujigen illusion made him an unstoppable force. With this power, he wiped out the Genois race leaving none. Blessing other races with freedom. He was hailed as a god! Mysterious as a ghost! Yet still a lone man. Alas, not even his mortal body could handle his power causing him to erode. Before his death, he shared his Tsujigens for the next generation in hopes of his resurrection. In the present, a boy awoke in an unfamiliar world, with no memories of the past, and is left with a symbolic tattoo on his arm which possesses odd powers. In a universe where magic is the norm, Kevin travels to different worlds, unique in their way, to reclaim his lost memories.


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