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What is 漢語;

漢語; is a popular web novel written by the author Zerga3, covering ACTION, REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, NECROMANCE, ROMANCE, MODERN, WEAKTOSTRONG, REVENGE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 132.7K readers with an average rating of 4.88/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 54 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In the 21st century, a change occurred in the world. Countless amount of demons rushed in from the dark portal, embracing the entirety of the world and beginning the era of devastation. The demons had immense power, while some of them even had supernatural abilities that could destroy the whole city with one blow. Humankind was slowly but surely dying out but at the moment when it was thought to be the end of humanity, THEY appeared. People, with abilities that could rival those of the demons, stepped forth, - On the other hand, while those supernatural things have proceeded to occur for another 300 years, Kevin, a soldier of the U.S Army, has been killed and reincarnated into the future. In the new world, Kevin has thought that it would be impossible to live in peace, yet at the moment when he was about to fall into despair: [Activation of Necromancer System] . . . [Accept/Reject] ***** Chapter length - 1400+ Release - 7chaps/week unless I am sick or busy....school Note: No harem and very concise romance. ***** The cover isn't mine but didn't manage to find the owner. If it's yours and you want it away, contact me Zerga3#4004.


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Author's in-depth review of his own book. Pros: 1. Stability: I will update every day around (GMT+9). As of now, I will be posting only one chap a day, however, it may change in the future. 2. I will be answering every comment regarding my novel Cons: 1.Expect grammar mistakes, I usually mess up the tenses. However, I will try to improve myself during our journey. 2. Pacing will sometimes differ, but it's mostly a slow-paced story with a few time skips. 3. The beginning may be cliche and that's what probably forces everyone to drop this story, but I assure you that in the later chapters it takes a completely new and original way. 4. Plot holes- I do have an outline with a possible ending. However, my emotions fluctuate during writing so I can change a few things, which is the possible reasons why the plot holes may appear in this story(I will be editing if needed) 5. This story more focuses on the whole story and characters than the system. 6. No harem- I am not sure if it's bad, but I've had enough of harem stories. But it doesn't mean mc will be a loner. However, the story is based more on the action so don't expect much. ****** Note:/Please don't spam reviews/ /If you do a review of my story, please point out the reasons as to why you rated it so highly or lowly/ Also, don't forget to play some music before hopping into reading my story. Enjoy!




Hi! This story is great and had a very interesting plot. The start is also good and it is worth reading specially to those who likes a system novel. Keep up the great work Author 😊😊




I think that Necromancer always were the coolest Part of a Novel! I want you to continue this great beginning and Story! i love this novel so much, because it reminds me a lot of the Homunkuli magic in my Novel: ,,Ristics'' So please if you like this Novel ( like i do) check my Novel out! https://***.webnovel.com/book/ristics-(english-version)_19094157406376005?ticket=tt1c5a9aedb7f74324b5b8477790113a28&userid=4315617353


I love it! And i must say i love the sci-fi setting it makes me imagine things more creatively[img=update][img=coins][img=fp][img=exp][img=recommend]


Interesting read so far. It's easy to get drawn into which is always a good thing. An excellent example of an urban fantasy, really good book. Expect a bright future for you in novel writing


I thought it was a fresh take on the rebirth troupe. The plot was easy to follow and read. I like the character development. Overall, it's an interesting story and well worth a read!


I don't mind an opening begins with an action scenes, but this was a little bit too long, which make the phase a little bit slower. But overall, the grammar is perfect, the story was unique and interesting, and as an MMORPG player, necromancer is my favorite hero.




Awesome story! It is so intriguing and interesting that it makes me want to keep reading more and more of it. I like how strong the ML is and how the author developed the story.


The story is pinned out very well and the characters are awesomely made keep making the characters stronger and better this is an amazing book.


This novel got me hooked. love the action scenes at the start. five stars because it deserves. The story is so well written. it's worth reading it. keep going Author


Nice! very interesting story, please continue to update more, I added this to my library, so I hope this book gets a good rank, never give up, and keep up the good work!


The dialogues doesn't need reassuring like: he said with a scary tone. The readers are smart enough to determine what emotion is in the dialogue. So instead of reassuring, you should make the dialogues express the emotion being felt. All-in-all, I loved your MC so brave and determined. It's intriguing to read. That's all I could say basing from my level of experience and level o criticism. Good LUCK!!!


I love this, very descriptive and capturing. I read the first few paragraphs and I knew I’d love this and get into it very quickly. I love how detailed you have made it and you really get to feel what the characters are like and going through


wow your storyline is nice and the story nice too, the best place I like about the story is chapter two when you talked about the black hole , wow your pacing your writing style marveled me, sincerely it marveled me , .well I will dm you some constructive criticism on discord..👍(of course there are some)


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The characters are awesome. The flow is good, easy to follow through. This story goes straight to my library. Keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.


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