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A New World, an immersive game experience

A full dive VR game has been released, A New World. While it is not the only VR game in the world, this one has one advantage over others. Being able to play it even while sleeping. Like one would think, many people jumped to try and claim the first headsets. Mostly gamers, but some other types of people too. Our MC, Eldrian, is naturally a gamer who could not wait but to try it. Quickly he and everyone else who bought the headsets found themselves in a world, not just a game. While realism is nice and all, the amount they were given. Was just too much... Players started taken emotional tolls from playing the game, and when the company made a shocking announcement. This was amplified. Arthur note: I am new writer trying for the first time. I have this grand idea of creating the game I always dreamed would become available. A true new world, but with the benefits of being a game. - This quickly changed into more a fantasy world than just a game. This is due to the realism I want to be present, certainly will give myself more leeway next time. Now it is not really the game I would wish to play. But more a place I would wish to visit. Truly becoming a second world. Hope you give it a try and enjoy. Do comment, I try to read them all. At least all the chapter comments, miss some of the paragraph comments. -------------- Upload daily. Chapter length of more than 1500 words. Discord server: https://discord.gg/DAM4jsa Patron: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=40445903

Breuno · Video Games
165 Chs

Re: Level 100 Farmer

When Li's level 100 game character is transported to a fantasy world, he is unstoppable. But...all he wants to do is be a farmer? Watch as Li tries to maintain his peaceful daily life in a chaotic world full of magic and knights. ____ Updates: 1 a day FOREWARD/WARNING: The novel has a SLOW pace and due to updating once a day, it may feel even slower. However, I can at least guarantee that it will have very good readability and good grammar that is routinely proofread. The pace of the story will accelerate as enough chapters mount up to build things up. Also, another warning, but the novel does not focus entirely on farming and crafting. As a result, those looking for a novel that focuses solely on crafting aspects may find themselves disappointed. In any case, whether you have criticisms or enjoy the book, thanks for reading! Discord: https://discord.gg/8xUSxbH

John_Doever · Fantasy
255 Chs

Haven Online

Book 1: 07/30/2019-06/29/2020 Completed Book 1.5 (Dropped) Yin Xinya's death was such a cosmic joke that he got a second chance to do it again. In the past, his life and death was a tragic mess, but he swears this time everything will change. Watch as Xinya becomes the most coveted person in Haven Online. "Why are you learning cooking? It's just a waste of a skill point." "Your learning potions?! Are you daft there no point in doing that." "Why did you pick that trash class? You will never make it in this game." Xinya just ignored everyone, with a knowing smile he just paid them no mind because he knew they would be eating their words soon.

Momocatt · Video Games
260 Chs

Phoenix Phire

Nicholas Phire was sentenced to life in prison without any possibility of parole. Because of the mercy of a lonely prison guard, a new world is presented to him. Nix finds himself in the Virtual World of Colonial with a hundred-year assignment as Lifestyle player in the Gladis Hub. Will Nix stay in the remote village located on the polar Ice Cap? Or does adventure await for the man whose life was supposed to be over? For now, I am releasing daily chapters of 1500-2000 words. Follow us on discord! https://discord.gg/tCJXKTxCAU

BotwaCazador · Video Games
525 Chs

The Immortal Player

Being born from a rich family, Pedro Armaz was often scolded by his family because of playing VR games. Years after playing the VR game sensation "Bearth Online", He was “betrayed” by his guild members. This depressed him, which later on caused his death. To his surprise, he woke up and learned that he time-traveled 7 years back to the past! With his past experiences as an advantage, Pedro is determined to dominate the brutal and unusual game, Bearth Online, and become the strongest player in the world! ____________________________________________ The cover for this novel was made by a great friend and a fellow author of mine, Sendaline_16. She makes cool arts and book covers. In case you are interested, you can contact her through discord, Sendaline_16#8267 ____________________________________________ I would like to give everyone a heads up, this story was made and posted as the raw and first draft. There might be some inconsistencies but rest assured that the author is doing his best in editing/revising these mistakes. Regards, RDream. :D ____________________________________________

RDream · Video Games
195 Chs

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy

What happens when you combined a hidden genius with a virtual world where anything is possible? What if that world becomes real? Full Dive... A system for Virtual Reality where the person is put into a dream state that allows them to experience a virtual world. Eternal Phantasy a VRMMO produced by Eternal Games was the first of its kind as it made use of the Full Dive system to allow players to immerse themselves in a virtual MMO. Misaki Mitsu, a hidden genius whose scores were always in the top ten of her grade. She could be considered a rare genius if it was not for the fact that she would prefer to play video games all day and night instead of keeping up with her academics. Misaki slept during class and played games all night. But still was able to keep herself in the top ten of her grade. She had waited a long time since preorders were first announced to play Eternal Phantasy. A game where everything is determined by the player. "Mitsu did you start playing Eternal Phantasy yet?" "Yeah, I did." "I haven't started yet and was wondering what race to pick. Which one did you choose?" "Demon Lord." "..." Show your support and buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/invayne https://discord.gg/79yyJSD Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorInvayne Follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/invayne/ ****Cover art is not mine**** Just the text is.

invayne · Fantasy Romance
250 Chs

Spending My Retirement In A Game

Follow Benjamin Joyce, an elderly man with a passion for blacksmithing who spent his life travelling the world and learning new things. Now, after helping out the developers of the first ever real VRMMO game, he gets the chance to play said game earlier than the majority of other people. Taking this chance to do what he loves now that his real body is slowly giving in to his old age and the profession he lives for is no longer as important as it used to be, he starts his journey to become this new world's greatest Craftsman! ----- Check out my second novel, Demon's Virtue! https://www.webnovel.com/book/15238973305579305/Demon%27s-Virtue ----- Join the discord! https://discord.gg/uFRQvTe ----- Cover by: Belk (belkbelkbelk on Instagram)

DiceVR · Video Games
736 Chs

Agatha The Legendary Guild Master

It's a story about a strong bad as* ambitious young girl aiming to break all shackles of family, men, and destiny to achieve her goals and be the strongest person in the whole world; one that can decide her own fate with her own hands. ________________________________________ Important Announcement: Book 1 - Establishing A Guild - is completed. Book 1 includes Volumes from volume one to volume five. Book 2 starts from Volume 6. It goes by the name: The Rebirth of the Witch. It's a post apocalypse book with kingdom building elements and a system in it. You can start reading book 2 directly if you wish to, as I will start it as a separate beginning. ________________________________________ Book 1 synopsis: "Did you know how it felt like when you see everything crumble in front of you and you were the root of it ?" - MC said. What happens when a princess enters a VR game? No, she won't get protected by others like what you think, she will be a bloody princess that's strong enough to make herself stand out in the game. Agatha is a princess from a weak magic-based kingdom. She was forced to be marry a sex maniac, who also happens to be a crown prince of a mighty technology-based empire. To escape the fate of being part of his harem, she requested to join the training program of the empire. This training program is a VR game called Destiny. Upon entering the game, she receives an exceptional evaluation and gets the very rare rank called the Guild Master. She will start to go wild, killing everyone in sight, being a scary being in her own traits, while learning the strong mystic arts and enters the mysterious sacred lands to harvest treasures, fame, and wealth. Follow this story about Guilds and Adventure groups wars amidst love struggle between the three and the ambitions of Agatha as she try to raise her guild to be the most powerful in the game. ________________________________________ Book 2 synopsis: Coming soon, stay tuned.

ranmaro · Fantasy
405 Chs

Project Overworld

October 12, 2032, the game "Project Overworld" would release its first server to the public. Developed by the company "Advanced Simulations", this game aims to exploit the technologies behind virtual reality devices in order to simulate an entire universe. The players would all spawn on the same planet and try to survive with or against other players while building up stocks of resources and defenses. Eventually, they would be able to progress and exploit different resources to create technologies ranging from simple wooden spears to actual space rockets.

Cinerath · Video Games
122 Chs

Essential NPC with a Chicken

Bob the barn owner from Bagel village. An Essential tutorial NPC, typical of any game. One fine morning, Bob gains sentience and begins to question his immortal humanity. Immersion Online. A Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Open World Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) that took the continent of Asia by storm. In that game, nobody expected a certain tutorial NPC would dominate the meta. Follow the adventures of Bob on his journey to discover just what he really is and laugh along with his shenanigans. Just a heads-up, this is a gag novel so if you laugh you lose. If you have anything to say to me personally, send me a DM on discord at Goat#9660

SquareGoat · Video Games
188 Chs

I Reincarnated As A Stick

Under a twist of fate, Aurus was struck by a bolt of lightning, making him realize that he would never have the chance to play the game he poured most of his time and effort into ever again. Fortunately, a goddess took pity on his miserable fate and gave him two choices: the first one was to reincarnate through the Six Paths of Reincarnation, and the second one…was to reincarnate as a stick. Hearing the second choice, Aurus could not help but remember...that this was exactly the starting character of the game he used to play! Without hesitation, Aurus chose the latter, bringing a smile to the goddess’ face…which seemed to contain secrets and desires hidden to the naked eye. And so, Aurus was reborn into a world that he was familiar with, albeit this time—he was now living a life as a stick! Though that may be the case, witness the adventures of Aurus as he turns the expectations of everyone around him upside down as he gradually returns to his previous heights… and perhaps, far beyond it! Witness the birth of a supreme being...from its roots! ---------- Join me on Discord: https://discord.gg/SRaEwGE Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truedawn.uwu/ Official IRAAS Wiki: https://dawnnovels.fandom.com Cover made by jamesmikopi Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamesmikopi Follow him on Instagram: https://instagram.com/jamesmikopi -------- Due to the author not upholding his promise on the ranks, the author has decided to remove the rank reward system for now to repay the chapter debt that has accumulated all this time. 10 chapter mass release coming at a later date.

TrueDawn · Fantasy
341 Chs

The Slime Farmer

Desislaf Rimet finds that his father plotted to make him fail the Sacred Trials. He decides: if this world will not accept him, then he will leave the world! In another world full of wonders, moving forward determinedly, he becomes a farmer of slimes. *** Desislaf Rimet is the eleventh son of the Lord of Rimet, the sixteenth child. He has failed the Trials that would make his family proud and cement his station as a noble worthy of his family's name. He discovers that his father plotted to deliberately make him fail and it is the end of all he knows. He cannot be happy in his father's court, and leaves. After all, there's a World Gate conveniently in his father's territory, isn't there? He will leave to see the wonders that await him in another world! Only...the world beyond is more complicated than he imagined. Also, what is this slime? An animal, a vegetable, or some mystery being? *****

Jin_Daoran · Fantasy
131 Chs

Reset: DPS to Support?!

At the top of the food chain of the game DPS, Zayden is renowned for his mastery of it with his character 'Shinto'. He has excellent control, real-time decision making, skills in the world background, and most importantly, passion. However, dishing out top damage in Raids day after day, doing excellently in matches and PVE, the game became a walk in the park for the young man. "I'm sick of all of this," Zayden said... He might as well be free right? And that's what he got. Though who knew what happened after that would change his entire character? From a DPS to a Support?!

Tamaki_Leon · Video Games
73 Chs

Child of Destiny

Shin Kinghad is a kid that had been abducted and trained by a powerful underworld organization since he was three years old. After six years, he had been rescued by the Special Forces during their operation against that organization and was adopted by the captain of the special force group. Since then, he treated the son and daughter of the captain as his own brother and sister. Years later, he joins the greatest VRMMORPG of all time, [Destiny's Fate] online, due to repeated invitations of his brother. He creates havoc inside the game as he climbs his way from being a beginner player to a peak class expert. But as he started to grow up, he became curious about his real identity and who his biological parents were. He tried to investigate it with the help of his brother and best friend. And after discovering his real background, he decided to follow his father’s footsteps and stood at the peak of the world using his Martial-Art Skills and Mentalism Techniques. Here is our the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/7cTvYR8 Disclaimer:The cover was made by a very good fried of mine if you want to see her work you can look at at: https://vacantart.weebly.com/ or contact her at: Lance.VA#1206

ProudMonkey · Video Games
393 Chs


Doomed to die! Facing such a fate, Ian Cloud, the crippled genius, has to make a choice… Either to wait for his impending death while decaying slowly, or to run into its embrace head-first for a chance to struggle and live on! Follow Ian as he enters the astonishing world of ‘The Lost Realm’, a super realistic VR game where danger lurks everywhere and getting logged out equals death. Will he manage to survive now that he is no longer restricted by his physical flaw? Or will he lose his last chance to fix his broken reality? - Discord of 'Omni-Mastery' : https://discord.gg/E7kYDhB - For further support: paypal.me/LightningAsura ko-fi.com/lightningasura

LightningAsura · Video Games
423 Chs

D.E.M.O.N.S: Getting Summoned Weekly isn't so Bad

“Kat, you have a tail” said Lily “Look, Lily, it really isn’t that big of a concern” said Kat “You.Have.A.TAIL KAT” said Lily “How is this not a concern to you?” “Well, the dream I had was a bit weird as well, but if I’m honest, I’m mainly worried about the floating text that’s on fire” said Kat “THE What?” said Lily --------------------------------------------------- Join Kat on her dimension hopping adventures as she fullfills her demonic duty and answers the call of the summoner. Each week Kat will get involved with new strange situations and oppurtunites that await her. During the week she'll have her best friend Lily, and perhaps a little help from Sylvie to figure out what's she supposed to do with her life now that she's becoming a demon. Chapters releasing daily ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Artwork by CristianAC: https://www.deviantart.com/cristianac Story Discord: https://discord.gg/YzGgDHC

Vongrak · Fantasy Romance
282 Chs

War Online

Willard is an early side character who became a stepping stone for the world's protagonist, Bran. This average gamer real-life hidden identity is a runaway young master of the Scarlet Vultures, a powerful mafia group. One day, he gets killed by the rival gang after getting found out and woke up in the past at the time when his life changed by two events, the death of his father and the release of the world's biggest VRMMO game, War Online. "Ugh, this skill book cost 3000 gold? I only have 500 left. Boys, go and rob the players" "Oh! You are the young master of Paves Group? Boys, go and kidnap this trash and his father and lock them up" "Oh! You want to challenge me 1v1? No thanks. Boys, just round him up and kill him for me" "Did that guy used his large guild to bully you? Don't worry. Just pay us the amount in gold or real cash. We will take care of him and his so-called guild leader" Follow Williard Ravens as he becomes the "Mafia Boss" in War Online using his Mafia brothers. ------------------------------------------ Note: please do read author's review before reading the novel. ----------------------------------------- Author's other current books: My Soul card is a Reaper, Prince of Kpop Notable works: The Last Slytherin, The Sharingan Hyuga

Snowstar · Video Games
195 Chs

Age of Adventure

"Kingdoms may fall and fail, but I do not." In the virtual game Brave World, the heroes fought their wars and Kings hold their kingdom. Heroes, warriors, knight roamed the expansive vast land of Brave World. People praised the game to be realistic but is it really a game? As there is a secret in the real world that is hidden from the rest of the world, there is also secret in the virtual world. Enter Daniel. A young bright man who decided to enter the game to help his family and trying to make a living by playing game The story tells of his life, his tribulation, his failure and his triumph. It is in Brave World he began to shine. It is the story of his legend, and how he became known as the greatest strategist in Brave World. PS: I also wrote Age of Heroes, Song of Heroes and Lord Shadow.

Keikokumars · Video Games
373 Chs

The Spider Queen

In the Year 30XX...... Humans have long been discovering the wonders of the universe and exploring the great galaxies beyond the milky way. They are not alone. The universe is primal and untamed with civilisations pitted against one another in battles to decided life and death. Mankind is one of the weakest races but have discovered cultivation techniques that morph their bodies and grant them unimaginable power. Sui Meng was just an ordinary girl who woke up in the body of sixteen year old Sophie Peterlor. Sophie is the half human hybrid of a prestigious duke house but faces discrimination based on her racial heritage and apparent lack of cultivation talent. This changes when Sophie discovers a cultivation manual hidden in the necklace given by her late mother. 'Spider Whisper Art' Sometimes power comes with a price......

HopelesslyRomantic · Sci-fi Romance
212 Chs

Cultivation Online

Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering everything below his head useless. Deemed hopeless and incurable, his family quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him. In this dark and still world, his younger sister became his sole reason for living. Watch as this young man reaches for the apex as a genius in Cultivation Online, the newest VRMMORPG, becoming a legendary figure in both worlds. --------------------- Disclaimer: The MC is extremely overpowered and talented but also naive/innocent at first due to his illness. If you cannot wait for character developments and dislike OP MCs, this is not your cup of tea. Furthermore, the 'Earth' in this novel is not the same Earth we are currently living on so do not use our common sense for this novel. This is pure fantasy, after all. --------------------- Support the Author: https://paypal.me/webnovelmlb

MyLittleBrother · Video Games
84 Chs