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Be a Legend: Hyper Role

Many people say that Daylon Kenzo is the best player this world has ever seen. But actually, it's not like that. He is not the best because he has abilities and skills that no one can beat, but because his teamwork is solid, compact, and has good chemistry that gives his team victory, and makes him the best "Hyper" ever. However, now, his team members are slowly leaving him. Not because they betrayed him, but because the club, which had a new owner, suddenly fired and kicked them out of the club. He and the rest of his team were expelled, even though they had won the N2 tournament a few weeks ago. And what's worse, the new owner of the club has taken action to tell several clubs not to sign him, so that he will not be accepted anywhere to be a professional player anymore. Tragically, Daylon had to have an accident which resulted in his right hand being badly injured. They split up. Some of them became YouTubers, and some decided to find a new club. As for him, he can only accept the fact that he is no longer needed as a professional player because of that person's actions. After 1 year had passed, he finally found a job that suited him, namely being a coach for a teenager who wants to become a professional player in this MOBA-type game, Mobile Heroes. He becomes a coach, but he must be faced with the fact that the woman he once saved is in the same place as the teenager. He met the woman again after she had been looking for him for so long. Can Daylon teach the teenager as long as his right hand hasn't healed? Or maybe, because of the various misfortunes he had experienced, he would no longer be able to play the game as a professional player? "As his coach and teacher, I have to be able to make him the best he can be."

Bolcurut · Games
190 Chs