Spending My Retirement In A Game
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Spending My Retirement In A Game


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What is Spending My Retirement In A Game

Spending My Retirement In A Game is a popular web novel written by the author DiceVR, covering CRAFTING, VRMMO, MMORPG, CRAFTSMAN, LITRPG, OLD MAN, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 8.4M readers with an average rating of 4.7/5 and 414 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 726 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Follow Benjamin Joyce, an elderly man with a passion for blacksmithing who spent his life travelling the world and learning new things. Now, after helping out the developers of the first ever real VRMMO game, he gets the chance to play said game earlier than the majority of other people. Taking this chance to do what he loves now that his real body is slowly giving in to his old age and the profession he lives for is no longer as important as it used to be, he starts his journey to become this new world's greatest Craftsman! ----- Check out my second novel, Demon's Virtue! https://www.webnovel.com/book/15238973305579305/Demon%27s-Virtue ----- Join the discord! https://discord.gg/uFRQvTe ----- Cover by: Belk (belkbelkbelk on Instagram)


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So this novel takes a different twist on those litrpg crafting stories. To start it off the mc is a grandpa around 65-70 i believe. And as this mc is so old it means he is very experienced. Meaning he's not some gullible, *****, mc. Right off the back that's a big plus for me. Now I dont wanna give any spoilers but I like the way a old grandpa was introduced to the game and picked up crafting of all things. Your gonna have to read to find out, but this is easily my favorite crafting litrpg. I even like it more then Master of All.


I absolutely love this book 11/10! There's just something about the crafting and world building that makes it feel so magical and real. I can't put this book down I binged it in a day (7ish chapters as of this review) and I can't wait to read more. I've never read a book from the perspective of an old man and I have to say I prefer it to the rest now. If you're looking for a fun and magical read I'd highly recommend this!


I have been mostly enjoying the story. I have quite an ability to suspend disbelief and just go along with the flow of a story. I like the characters, the backstories and families. But the writing is killing me. Since I started reading web novels, I have gradually acquired the ability to ignore typos and poor grammar to a large extent, but since stories magically turn into three-dimensional movies or holograms in my head, I have great difficulty with behavior of characters that seems preposterous or caricaturish (if that is a word.) They kick me out of my 3D movie and remind me that this is just words. The main character laughs and chuckles every second time he opens his mouth, frequently described as "lowly"." To quote Inigo Montoya, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." Lowly = of humble or base birth. It has nothing to do with sound volume. Also people sigh, loudly, frequently. In real life people sigh because they are frustrated, disappointed, depressed or really tired, and it's considered rude or a comment. One character laughs then sighs two seconds later. Another sighs, chuckling. Try doing that. It's not possible. The worst one is the use of the word "softly" with just about every smile in the first 20 chapters. Softly implies intimacy. Smiling softly is something you would do during a touching moment with a loved one, or while looking down at your newborn baby. It's not something a stranger does to someone they meet the first time for an interview. Reading the softly smiling over and over again gave me the creeps, like I'm reading about a serial killer softly smiling at the knife he just used to slice the throat of his latest victim, or fondling the organ he removed as a trophy. Yuck!!!! Author, please learn the many different types of smiles, and that the only time people laugh so much when they interact with others is when they're nervous, flirting, or are Santa Claus, paid to say ho ho ho. If you could remove the strange emoting the characters are doing, I'm sure I could spend most of my time enjoying my 3D movie of your story. I suggest you do some people watching. For instance, you don't talk about hand gestures at all. A lot of people talk with their hands. They also fiddle with their hair, and touch things and people around them. You also don't mention body language at all. I don't mean that you have to add all of those at the same time, just sprinkling in a little of all of them at different times brings characters to life.


I say this one of a kind that I read so far It has nice and smooth start that picture the future event then back to past before the storyline begin and then go to storyline with smooth transition. That was great novel about crafting job player.


I really wanted to like this novel... Novels about blacksmithing are my favorite. But i couldn't, i had to stop at chapter 17... The crafting chapters are perfect, it shows that the author cared and researched a lot about it. But the character interactions are so stupid and irrational that makes my head hurt. I really try to ignore all of that but omg i can't. Some situations are so stupid and forced that feel this story is written by a kid. I meant no disrespect, but this had to be said..


ok. honest review here: the story is absolutely unique and interesting specially the part of the wise old man as the main character. But unfortunately it has some problems. it may not be problem, more like not my cup of tea. the story is lacking in terms of action and adventure. the first 20 chapter is all about pure craftsmanship and after some time it became boring. I mean it's good to learn about new thing. but when sewing a dress take a few chapters for the job to be done and most of the information about the process of creating the dress is forgeted by most readers and has no point in the future plot-development then the chapters will become with no purpose and you can skip them. anyway if you are that type of person who enjoys the calm novels without any cliffhanger then this is good novel for you.


This is a story of an old man who was once conceded to be the best in his crafts. However an accident occurred as a result he lost the full use of his arms and had to retire. Then came game developer giving him a chance to play a full immersed vr experience fantasy rpg. Within it he could relive making his crafts and be the best once again. It is a fun and light read with good world building and character development. There are monster fights but well not as engaging as the crafting part but hey it is what it is on the title.


Some advice for the Author. Please note that this is meant as constructive criticism, not complaining, as I love the story. You really need to get an English Thesaurus to broaden your vocabulary and help find more appropriate descriptive words. I know others have spoken to you about "lowly" being used improperly already (should word swap every instance of "lowly" with "softly"), but some other words are really out of place as well. For example; "nodding furiously in agreement". Furiously is a word normally used to describe a degree of anger. It "can" be used to describe intensity, but "nodding furiously" will throw off your readers because it implies anger (check the definition of the root word "fury" to better understand why). There are several other words that would better describe the visual you were intending, such as "vigorously", "energetically", "excitedly", or "swiftly". Another issue I've found is when you add "ity" to the end of a word instead of "ness". For example; "genuinity" is not a word, but "genuineness" is. Likewise "nervosity" is not a word, but "nervousness" is. Lastly, you occasionally use the word "light" incorrectly, and should use "slight" instead. For example; "light grin" should be "slight grin". Light in this situation is used to describe a form of measurement, but not degree of something. Such as volume or weight, but not a degree of intensity. In this case a "slight grin" would mean a partial grin or a grin to a lesser degree. To be honest, English is a very dumb language that breaks it's own rules a lot when it comes to proper grammar. You can't rely on word definitions alone to fully grasp English grammar either, so I would highly recommend seeking out a native English speaking editor to assist you in this area. All that being said, I absolutely love your story. You have a lot of creative talent and I greatly appreciate the work you have put into this novel. I'm a freelance editor and if I had the spare time right now I would offer my services to you. Perhaps at a later date I might be able to assist if you are interested and still lack an editor.


it's not too bad but a lot of the time I feel it's really cliche and moves too fast. Also when he crafts things nothing interesting happens it's kinda like "First this then this then that finally this" and it gets pretty repetitive and boring


I've got one word for this novel. WOW.seriously, how hasn't this novel topped the charts yet? I personally love the book,and think it's a masterpiece.I wouldn't be surprised if it tops all the original novels on this site. The one thing that would suck is that if it goes on hiatus (no more chapters) I would be really sad because this story rocks


Xo far i am liking tnis story . It has a unique storyline and I am finding it a relaxing read. While i hope to see some action, I hope the author will keep it in the same style that the have established. Please no outlandish acts . ThebMCis a old man don't have him doing young foolishness


I've read up to chapter 400 so far and I would say this story is ok at best. The author goes into a lot of detail with describing the things the MC is doing while crafting, which at the start I thought was good and even necessary to sort of lay the foundation and give the reader a better understanding of what was happening, as well as visualize the crating process. What I didn't like is that the author continues to write about crafting in great detail like this for the rest of the story. Now there's nothing wrong with the crafting aspects in these kind of stories, in fact I enjoy the crafting parts a lot. The problem is there is not enough action/adventure or story development taking place to balance out the crafting aspect and it gets tiresome to read. The beginning of the story was decent as the MC first enters the game prior to its official release and reaches his first town where he begins crafting in the various styles like smithing, leather working, tailoring, alchemy etc. This goes on for a few dozen chapters, and just when it's starting to get boring, the MC leaves the first town and starts traveling. Then the story picks up a bit and gets more interesting for a little while, until the MC goes to sea to reach some islands. At this point the pacing of the story takes a dramatic plunge and is almost completely focused on crafting during the voyage with only a few plot developments for about 150 chapters, and became painful to read. After the MC finally reaches the islands the story starts gets interesting again for a little while, before falling right back into monotonous crafting. As for the MC's life irl, most of it I found boring, unnecessary, and during one part, even offensive. I was holding out, hoping the story would get better after other players started entering the game, but by chapter 400 the game hasn't even been opened to the public yet, and I'm probably going to drop this. For some, this might be a good story, but it just didn't suit my tastes. If you're looking for a good story with the right balance of action/adventure, story development, and crafting, I would highly suggest reading "Overgeared" instead of this.


This book is absolutely fantastic. I love the MC Eisen so much. This book will have you laughing, crying, and cursing the shyt out of the bad guys we come across in this story. The family dynamics is touching. It shows a man who had to give up his craft because of an accident. It shows a man given a second chance to spread his craft through a game. It shows a father who never gives up on his kids no matter the struggles they have or might go through. It shows a grandfather believing and encouraging his grandkids that they can be or do anything they set their heart on. It shows Eisen spreading his wisdom of life to his in game friends and encouraging them to live their best and most awesome life.


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Not here to lie, I picked this book up to read between my main novels. Looking for something a little slower paced to relax before bed. What I found was an absolute delight to read and a true gem. The grammar and punctuation doesn’t make me want to hurl myself over a bridge and I find the plot and character interaction flows quite naturally and pleasantly. Thanks for this wonderful piece of art you have brought to us author.


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Simply amazing, i want this world to be real. It drags you in and is slightly D&D-ish but also pretty original. Im very excited for whats to come.


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This is a great book! I particularly like that the main character is a morally upstanding gentleman. Like Uncle Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender.


The most wholesome story I've ever read! Well written, doesn't go all gameplay all the time like other VRMMORPG novels. The devil is in the details and DiceVR nails the details. My #1 must read every day novel!


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