Five Frozen Centuries
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Five Frozen Centuries

Dr. Dreamer

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What is Five Frozen Centuries

Five Frozen Centuries is a popular web novel written by the author Dr. Dreamer, covering Video Games genres. It's viewed by 2.2M readers with an average rating of 4.29/5 and 365 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 331 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Wei Huo has been ignored and overlooked by almost everyone his entire life, including God. In a bid to transform the world into a more game-like one, God halted time for all humanity except for Wei Huo, leaving him to fend for himself. The teenager has no choice but to strive for survival whilst waiting for the day humanity’s clock to start ticking again. But wait a minute! What if that wait is longer than a person’s lifespan? Follow Wei Huo on his survival journey in a world infested with mutated beasts and carnivorous plants.

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Well it's somewhat like 'Everybody Else Is A Returnee'......................................................................................


The story is absurd. I am currently at chapter 110 and all I can say is this story is a waste of brain cells. Not going to suggest this story to anyone. It starts with a scenario similar to Everyone else is a returnee. But that's it. The story just goes off tangent and stops making any sense. To give you an idea I will briefly explain what the **** has me ranting about. MC is a loner invisible guy. Time stops and he is left alone. He spends 300 years acting as an idiot. Instead of training his skill or enjoying himself, all you find him is crying about his past and how he seems to forget everything. Fine. We can understand that MC is depressed and so on. But 300 years? And let's not forget all the time skips. Author just out of nowhere drops a time skip. 10 yeast passed, they practiced for 20 years...it's annoying. And then you have the author mucking about. She's trying for comedic effects, but he is trying so hard that all that comes out is depression. God Realm where the arc stops making any sense. It's so wrong....I don't even know what to say. You have mind locks, NPCs and other stuff which just DO NOT merge well into the story. And when people do come alive the story just goes bat **** insane. Do you remember how hard was it to find magic stones? Well, the story starts and you have 'The player who first entered the game.' Do you get it? Player who entered the game. You don't have people awakening and then hyperventilating because every thing is wrong. Nope. It's a game . The first player than purchases magic stones, few million magic stones mind you. WTF? Are you writing a VR game novel or are you talking about real world. You don't have anyone rioting, crying, screaming. No cults preaching Apocalypse. No military efforts to bring every thing in control. No common man trying to kill himself because he just list everything. Nope. It's just another day. Everything is normal. People immediate adapted to this whole fucking game world. You already have guild and villages. Hunters using mechas and what not. Like seriously? If all you wanted was a game world then why didn't the **** you just created a VR novel. No sense of realism. And if that wasn't enough. The same MC who was crying for his crush and his parents, didn't even think about visiting them. It's not like I wish he would. But what's with all this inconsistent character development. After chapter 100, when people awaken, the MC starts acting like an NPC. Which honestly makes no sense. If it was like they legendary Mechanic where he acted like NPC to earn benefits, I could under. But this ...rubbish. All I cay say is : Waste of time. It's just around 250 chapters long but I was already feeling drowsy 100 chapters in. The stupid change was just the final hammer. Not going to suggest this story. Ever.


This Novel give me the "Everyone is a returner" vibe, but much more interesting with lot of adventures and action...and the MC is.....really 😜....


Freaking amazing. Tho it gets sad at times it gets better and beter as time progress. And you just can't wait to read more chapters. Definitely recommend it. Progress chapter 59.


Isnt this just a bad copy of ''Everyone Else is a Returnee'' ? Chinese cultural practices at work I see .. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Like someone else said, the concept is fairly similar to Everybody Else is a Trainee. This review is based on the free chapters only. Honestly, I don't think this is that good, but it's decent enough to pass the time with if you're bored I guess. The main problem I have is with the MC. He adapts pretty quickly in the beginning, not doubting or confirming things for himself, and completely taking things in stride without seemingly any reaction a normal person would have. And he assumes a lot of things without any basis or proof, which makes the developments seem forced. The plot also goes by pretty quickly, and although that may be necessary considering that there's five hundred years of ground needing to be covered, it still feels like the time skips happen too fast and too often. Like in the first few chapters it's hey three years go by, hey ten years of travel goes by, and it just feels wayyyyyy too quick and a bit of a cop out. In general I think those are the main problems. I can get over the time skips since I guess they sort of make sense for the current point in the plot, but I really am not a fan of the MC. He honestly just doesn't feel very realistic. After living many years it makes sense, but since it started from the beginning and there are so many time skips that doesn't really allow for character development to be written out, it ends up with him still feeling like a very unrealistic character.


Oddly overy good reviews here. For me the free chapters left feeling like its bad copy of "Everyone Else is a Returnee". Unlike Returnee humans are left on Earth in protected state like statues. Only mc goes on living. Reading onward leaves me thinking that most of those statues die the moment time stop is lifted. Next I do not like the mc development. There are lot of time skips. So many development skips that writer himself forgets numbers and developments now and then. Thats why I really cant feel for the mc. Mc low presence (reason that even god left gim out) is not there in real novel development. It is just mentioned now and then when he thinks about his life before or about time during novel time skips. I may have rated this novel as ok to read if I had not read "Everyone Else is a Returnee". So if you want to enyoy this novel dont read the original beforehand.


Isnt this just a bad copy of Everyone Else is a Returnee Chinese as always being Chinese.............................................. .........................


Raw Title: 时停五百年 Status: 464 Chapters (Complete) ..... As compared to other Chinese novels, it is way shorter. ...............................


This is better then I expected. The only thing I can’t get over is how the Author keeps time skipping and summarizing the situation into a single paragraph. The Author could have easily made us emotionally invested. But instead, too many info jumps! Author needs to learn 'show not tell'. It is uncertain if MC is smart or not. Only time will tell if this is good. But honestly, though I hate to say it, this might be better then EER in terms of plot and organization. Though I think EER is better in terms of beginning. Romance?: I won’t spoil names but I love her. However, I dislike how MC “crush” is mentioned often as it feels forced. A character with no significance in the story and isn't even aware of his existence. Yet MC can’t forget about her all these years. He didn’t even remember her name after a decade, so wtf? It was 'deep love' for just a small crush and you’d think his mindset would change after all these years. It’s to soon to judge as we don’t know what path MC will take once he enters society. Hopefully, it’ll be like One-Punch Man.


If you like Everyone is a Returnee just read this it's like that except for more game mechanics and a little more in-depth analysis about the world. So far only one possible romantic encounter hopefully it's not a harem since CN writers suck at making good harems and finally to Noobs that dont know Everyone is a Returnee, so far This Is A Great novel that has some good world building and Adventure Mc isnt some edgelord, he is a little more luke Lu Ze from pocket hunter dimension. If you're interested after reading the first 39 or 60 chapters go check out Everyone else is a Returnee(a Korean Novel) it has the same premis but less game mechanics and finally VOTE DO NOT LET THIS GEM GO TO WASTE LIKE SOME OTHERS ON TRIAL READ.


I keep seeing the comparison that everyone else is a returner. Yes, the MC is abandoned by god too, but he is left to struggle and survive. It is a bit slow at the beginning, but it showcases the MC growth and emotional state. A recommended must read.


BS this didn't make it. Pissing me off, male section needs to have option to pick as much as female section...what the hell. Sexism!


Was honestly very skeptical of the novel at first because I assumed it was a 'Everybody Else is a Returnee' clone. Was happy to find out that only the beginning of the novel is somewhat similar and the rest of the novel (so far) is quite different. Honestly this novel is very strange to me some times, the game elements almost seem randomly thrown in and out of place in this evolution style novel giving it a "broken world" feel (which makes sense as you read the novel). Most surprising thing about novel though is that it does actually deal with some emotional topics such as immortality, loneliness, death, companionship, etc. Very surprising for this kind of novel as you would expect most of it to be fighting and whatnot while actually a lot of it is about exploration and going though the motions of life. Anyways I recommend checking this novel out I quite like it.


I really like this story, it’s interesting and intriguing. Am looking forward for this to get chosen, it’s a story not long by chinese Webnovel standards but that’s alright. So far it has action, comedy and some sadness mixed in it. It’s all of this that I recommend to trial readers, I hope those with coin can help get this chosen because I sure can’t due to my *ahem* poorness. Overall I recommend this story although the beginning might put off some people, please bare with it.


It's chosen!!! let's go!!! finaly! I am so happy right now 😁


............................................... ............... .................... ...................................... ..... ..........


This story is great. Why hasn't it been picked yet? The main character isn't stupid. The plot is excellent. There may be a little plagiarism in plot but not in substance. Lots of time jumps though. By chapter 60 we are over 300 years into the 500 so I want to know what happens next. Can the powers that be pick this story please.


I cant belive that they removed this... suck it quindian. Its a great read, i bet that they have also licenced it so noone can translate it now. If you liked everyone else is a returnee you will like this.


I would say give the novel a chance. At first, it gave feelings of ‘Everyone Else is a Returnee’ but it starts to deviate from it and slowly builds its own world.


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