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I Reincarnated As A Stick


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What is I Reincarnated As A Stick

I Reincarnated As A Stick is a popular web novel written by the author TrueDawn, covering REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, FANTASY, ADVENTURE, ISEKAI, ACTION, WEAK TO STRONG, GAME ELEMENTS, NON-HUMAN MC, SWORD AND MAGIC, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 5.1M readers with an average rating of 4.44/5 and 226 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 350 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Under a twist of fate, Aurus was struck by a bolt of lightning, making him realize that he would never have the chance to play the game he poured most of his time and effort into ever again. Fortunately, a goddess took pity on his miserable fate and gave him two choices: the first one was to reincarnate through the Six Paths of Reincarnation, and the second one…was to reincarnate as a stick. Hearing the second choice, Aurus could not help but remember...that this was exactly the starting character of the game he used to play! Without hesitation, Aurus chose the latter, bringing a smile to the goddess’ face…which seemed to contain secrets and desires hidden to the naked eye. And so, Aurus was reborn into a world that he was familiar with, albeit this time—he was now living a life as a stick! Though that may be the case, witness the adventures of Aurus as he turns the expectations of everyone around him upside down as he gradually returns to his previous heights… and perhaps, far beyond it! Witness the birth of a supreme being...from its roots! ---------- Join me on Discord: https://discord.gg/SRaEwGE Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truedawn.uwu/ Official IRAAS Wiki: https://dawnnovels.fandom.com Cover made by jamesmikopi Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamesmikopi Follow him on Instagram: https://instagram.com/jamesmikopi -------- Due to the author not upholding his promise on the ranks, the author has decided to remove the rank reward system for now to repay the chapter debt that has accumulated all this time. 10 chapter mass release coming at a later date.

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It has been a year since I made my first review of this novel, and I just realized that I didn't talk about the plot of the novel at all. Here's an updated review just for that sole reason. Aurus used to be a God-level player of ISE, who was chosen by Kurohana, the Greater Goddess of Reincarnation, to become the main part of her masterwork weapon. He dies, Kurohana reincarnates him, and he becomes a stick. Of course, he doesn't just become an ordinary stick. He becomes a stick...with a system! With this system, he actually becomes...a stronger stick! ...what? You were expecting some powerful being instead? He does become incredibly powerful, but I suggest you read the novel. Have fun!


I must say(since everyone starts out thinking the same way with this novel due to the uniqueness of it), I didn't expect this novel to be as grand as it is becoming. It is truly a well thought out concept, and it wonderfully encompasses the idea of an isekai in the most rediculous and tasteful of fashions. Before I begin my review, my rating is completely accurate. When I started out reading, I was like... "What is this stick going to do, roll over its enemies? ", and behold, that was legit the first thing the MC did!! I was like, "Well, my expectations have been met. Add to favorites." Within 15 days, I got to current and I am excited for each new release. The character development for this novel is a bit confusing to get at first, but soon you will fall in love with the sayings and quirks of the characters. One might even begin to "ship sticks", and that thought is just freaking wild lol. Overall, you will love and hate certain characters at different times, and maybe even disagree with how the MC does certain things; however, this only adds to the reading experience, let me assure you. The story development is far from being a finished product, even at its current point(272). Even so, while some may see this story as slow, it is all leading to a larger, more grand and more defined picture. This novel, currently, is in Volume 4, so finding out there are story arcs... It blew my mind to think a "stick story" could get so far, AND IT'S NOT STOPPING! With consistent and daily updates, along with an author who listens to the comments and consistently improves upon the work as a whole, it is very encouraging to see a story and the world develop more and more, day by day. I have found myself laughing over certain scenarios, amazed by the world building and descriptions of locations, and even enticed by the battles between sticks lol. (trust me, rolling is just the start...) If you have the opportunity to get as far as me, I recommend joining the discord. It's one fun time in there, for sure. Tldr; if you enjoy a captivating and wild, but a completely unexpected story filled with adventure, looming danger, phenomenal character development, and modernized humor for those relief moments- - Please, check out this novel. You won't regret it :)


ANNOUNCEMENT Who knew I'd be using the review feature of this thing to make an announcement. In any case, I should have done this way earlier (though I'm 50% confident that most of you have read the beginning of the synopsis), but for those who haven't, here's a TL;DR of what happened from the day I stopped writing up to now. Life. Life happened. At first, I was still able to find time to write a chapter or two for the novel while focusing on my studies (as a scholar, I need to maintain high grades or else dishonor to my family will happen). But as time went on, especially since all of the classes were now online, it became more and more strenuous to complete the tasks given to us by the professors where by the end of the day, rather than write one chapter, I'd be so mentally drained and well...you know what happened next. Fortunately, the end of my first semester is nearing, which means that I can go back to daily updates pretty soon. At the very least, it would be 2 more days after this review has been posted when the first new chapter after what seems to be forever to go up, and at most, 4 days. I really feel guilty for ghosting all of you, and well...it seems that I can't even announce when I go on breaks/temporary hiatuses properly. I'm a failure, but I want to make it up to you guys (and gals, and people of all gender). Mark my words. On December 24, 23:55 GMT+8, I'll be doing a mass release. Now why did I say this? One, I want to feel pressured to write since I need to rekindle the writing flame. And two, well...other than this being my way of apologizing, I have only one other reason for the announcement really. With that, I hope all of you are safe within the comforts of your own home, and if you're still working outside during the pandemic, make sure to wear your mask. Let's see each other again in a few days.


I'm giving this a 5 since I wrote it. And also, people like it for some reason. To those that like it, thanks and I hope you stay tuned for more. For those who just discovered this novel, it is what it is but it's not exactly what you think it is. It's better if you just read it to be honest.


Oh ho. Welcome children. As you enter, you will read of a world full of, well, sticks. Beware, you will enjoy this story so much that, you yourself, will want to become a stick as well. (°∀°)b Best of luck.


As of right now one of my top ten system novels even tough it doesn't have many chapters yet this novel is truly great i totally expect him becoming a tree and having druids taking care of him and **** i mean i dont like harem but i think this is one of the few instances where it could work!!!


Story starts off very good, but gets really bad and really forced afterwards. So I don’t recommend to this to anyone who was planning on reading it.


This novel reminded me of a game called 'i am bread' and lemme tell you this: if you never saw a sentient slice of bread crawling up the walls and riding a skateboard in a jorney to use unortodox metods to become delicious wile a man tries to prove your sentiency... ...then you're more sane then the game's devs are


It's like the author took out all the joy and fun in a reincarnated system novel, leaving only the level up stuff. There's a bit of humor here, but the joke goes on too long without developing any meat to the story to keep things moving.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


If you’re just reading the plot, you can skim the chapters and possibly enjoy. If you’re looking for a semi-intelligent mc, this is not for you. If you’re looking for original characters, this is not for you. If you’re looking for immersion, this is not for you. The mc will plan out what he’s going to do, then act surprised when it actually happens. The higher beings are generally stereotypical bad guys, callously looking at mortals as possessions (which is already found in a myriad of xianxia so not something that affected my rating) The amount of breaking-the-wall that happens takes you out of the story, and loses any seriousness it may have had. (Personally not a fan) In summary, a lot of aspects, especially character creation, are subpar. However the plot has its merits and could later progress into something quite significant.


This story had so much potential and plot to it..but the came the MC. Now I don't know if the MC is just dumb or if the author is 4. The MC told another stick that he was blessed by a god (his trump card) and that he use to be a human! He willingly does it! The author makes some BS like nobody's perfect, well clearly not. The author Is so awful with common sense that I instantly dropped the novel.


This author is insane. It is a contagious insanity. He wrote a book about a stick. I read his book about a stick. A STICK. HE IS A MADMAN, RUN BEFORE YPU ARE INFECTED


Dunno how i got so far. Anyway 1st few chapter wallbreaking is ultra retarded - RETARDED The system apparently has a lot of options and they are only visible when MC DECIDES TO ENABLE THEM, and he only does so when he feels like or "he remembered"... As story progresses he keeps enabling more options that display rank and some other shit. why not enable everything? - pretty retarded MC is hunting sticks nonstop. All of a sudden 2 sticks appear, guess what MC does? HE SPEAKS TO THEM "Who are you?" LIKE WTF? DUDE u have been hunting sticks nonstop for so long and all of a sudden YOU FUCKIGN randomly decide to talk to them? (Reason he talked was because of the plot, he obv needed to talk to them...) - Retarded MC has like 10-20 skills. Right before "dying" HE REMEMBERED he had an OP skill that transforms all dmg taken to 1 hp. Yeah... he just remembered at the crucial time, and guess what, all the other skills were explained, but when this1 was mentioned, we never got to see what it does, and behold a couple of chapters later, HE REMEMBERS it and uses it in a crucial moment and readers go "WOOW, HE HAD SUCH A SKILL" well done author, that was retarded suspense. - RETARDED MC sees an S grade (that should have -500 ish hp, but apparently still had a couple of hp somehow left) stick being killed by a stronger stick and he goes "w-w-w-who are you?" ... - RETARDED MC meet Hiersomething, 10 minutes later blabs his secrets to her, how he is reincarnated etc - RETARDED When MC decides to blabber his secret about being blessed by the goddess, mc asks the question back and then MC SAYS- "Lets say our answers at the same time" LIKE FUCKING little kids, god i cringed so hard while reading that. MC has major brain problems, constantly forgetting stuff, making irrational choices. The goddess brainfucking and changing things however she likes doesn't help the plot or the MC, he is retarded and stays retarded for as long as i have read - RETARDED MC fights in a trial, 1st trial-10 rounds, half the them finished in one shot, the other half is explained as them all attacking using this and that, MC dodges! Use abilities and beats them. blah blah blah. 1st trial finished in 4 HOURS! 4 HOURS? THAT was maximum 30min. Apparently somewhere it was explained that sticks fight at a slower pace, but when the fights happen u CANT fucking tell that, fights are explained as all enemies can attack MC at the same time which means they are close or can move closer fast. anyway, it took 4hours apparently, insanity. -RETARDED INHERITANCE obtained, MC has a full room of skills to BROWSE THROUGH, what does he do? takes the 2 skills he was there for originally and HE EXITS THE INHERITANCE and goes with the leader back to the alliance. EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE WHO KNOWS HOW MANY GOOD SKILLS. AAAND DOESN'T GO back there for a LONG time, and when he DOES, its again to LOOK FOR SPECIFIC SKILLS, he doesnt fucking look at all the skills and think if they are usefull, HE DOESNT even pick the passive skills that he shouldnt even worry about -RETARDED From now on i guess spoiler warning? MC gets a skill fusion option from his system. STILL DOESNT GO TO INHERITANCE TO LEARN ALL THE SKILLS AND FUSE AND FUSE THEM FOR OP RESULTS. - RETARDED Oh right MC makes a clone. Makes it look like his old life... (yeah, he made him look the same as how he was instead of making him more handsome, or ANYTHING. EXCEPT. He increased his "drill" size. . . Yeah, author called his dick a drill and some other retarded name, my brain thankfully decided to erase at least 1 of them from my brain... But yeah, gotta increase dicks size but the rest stays the same. I mean how fucking boring is that, when u get a new life why tf would u want to look the same as you did., then again compared to all the other shit this is more just in my opinion. The big fight against the wolf stick. Oh god, it was written so badly, so cringe. the tactics so cringe, i couldn't bear to read them so i was skipping and skimming chapters. Dropped it at the point MC was showing off his awesomeness to EVERYONE around, yeah that's supposed to be the "climax", but to me it was just retarded because of the way that everything led to him needing to show off or the alliance gets destroyed... Oh right, shitton of chapters about goddess and some random mages POV too, for now 170ish chapters they got almost nothing to do with MC. Just the goddess apparently influencing the retarded MC do things she wants him to do, yeah making MC even more retarded. Conclusion? Retarded novel. Did i still read it like a sucker? Yea i did. If you don't care about logic, or having a not Retarded mc whose brain is also getting ****ed by a goddess to make him even more retarded, then you might be able to enjoy this (reincarnation, system, op, prior knowledge to secrets).


I tried to read this. I got up to chapter 20 before I couldn't do it any more. The ideas are interesting and has potential. But the writing... and inconsistencies.


I have read 260/270 chapters by the time I made this review. Absurb power ranking from dead object to dozen universe destroying God (not sure why the need to destroy multiple universes just to test their power, it is such nonsense like how many trillions creatures they killed for that). Super slow story development, like my god it was slower than a sloth. Most chapter only filled with skills grinding nonsense and some random dimwit moments. Characters are outright retard, like even the God are no exception. So much slow connection, confusion, and blank mind like you will wonder if anyone even have any normal working brain. Little to none world building, 260 chapters in and the story still in 1 kingdom (no detail explanation), few locations (no detail explanation) and few retarded so called inheritances (a bit more detail). The world is barren except for living stick, stone, some slimes, some humans and some energy beings. Like the author did not bother to add any animals, let alone proper ecosystem. Overall 2/10 for me.


This is definitely an unusual story, but it does have a pretty amusing start. Honestly, it's easy to have a lot of fun starting this novel and going along for the ride until about 1/4th of the way into the story. Silly as it is, you can see a lot of effort was put into the "System" and it can be fun to watch his growth at the start. There are a lot of 4th wall breaks, but this is really only at the beginning and this (mostly) stops after the 5th chapter or so. The story starts off pretty good but slowly gets worse as time goes on. As the title might imply, the MC is reincarnated as a stick. Which is funny at first, but stops being funny later and the story honestly doesn't have a lot to fall back on. The MC himself is kinda bland a lot of the time, and the other characters he interacts with are usually just as bad. The first recurring character he meets is introduced in a somewhat forced way and just decides to tag along with him regardless of how he feels. Aside from her initial meeting, she's not THAT bad, but isn't anything special personality-wise. The other characters he meets, end up disappearing and taking a backseat 80% of the time. When they do appear, they're pretty forgettable. Speaking of forgetting, the MC does this...a LOT. He ends up forgetting many things and sometimes making the most ridiculous errors anyone with common sense would notice. It's implied the villain is behind this, but it's hard to tell where the villain's manipulation starts and his own ignorance begins. If it is the villain's doing it is somewhat poorly explained and repeated way too often. While we're on the topic of antagonists, this story handles them even worse than their MC. The wizard wants to capture him and use him to make a weapon! ...Until he doesn't. Yeah, he ends up never meeting the MC, using something else, and it works out fine. All that buildup and background went nowhere. Until a wolf notices the MC and wants to use him to make himself stronger! ...Until he doesn't. Yep, antagonist ends up never meeting the MC when looking for him, uses something else, and it works out fine. But we can't forget the main villain who wants to turn the MC into a weapon... Wow, what exciting and compelling antagonists with such DIFFERING goals. Tldr: You might enjoy this story if it's not too silly for you. Read it about 1/4th of the way, then drop it while you still have any good memories of it.


This novel as can already be seen through the title is an easy going casual and funny read. The summary is pretty good so I'll just skip adding one. But to answer some doubts, yes the stick can move and MC wants to become a Mage. Also, unlike other novels the goddess has a sinister goal which has been revealed, but not to the MC. Though the writing is of the casual ish style, there is plenty of growth through system and hence OPness. Still not OP enough to fight a goddess. The comedy is pretty fun and brings a smile to the face. It is of the witty and punny kind. The part of the story that surprised me was the background. The background is pretty well built, despite the casual writing. It's much much better than the norm and hence my expectations. In fact, for me this is such a different read that I really don't mind if the author takes his own sweet time for writing the novel and maintaining the humour across the novel ( I'm sure fellow readers would beg to differ ). Overall it's a good read. I would recommend this if you want a fulfilling read which is lately not to be found in cultivation novels. Such fresh reads in my opinion are really relevant to the development of this platform.


Mc is stupid, i read 4 chapters and he didnt show any intelligence, he has memories from past life so he should be able to conect lightning with girl Why author changed very basic, common and understandable terminology is unknown. I read the chapter where it explained what each is, by next chapter i forgot which was attack and defense. Why author keeps shifting to the girl explaining every little fucking thing i dont know but its annoying as hell, most authors assume their readers have common sense but this one doesnt I dropped novel due to these ridiculous mistakes


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