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Lucid Dream Server


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What is Lucid Dream Server

Read Lucid Dream Server novel written by the author DaisukiDayoSenpai on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, adventure, system, fantasy, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Spirity 2021 Contestant. lucid dreams- dreams where you can do anything and be anyone! It's a dream come true for most people who wants to experience life in the realm of fantasy. But in 2044, Lucid Dreams became another fabric of reality when a famous VR game developer invents what's called the Lucid Dream Server— a Server that can tap into anyone's head and enable them to play a VRMMORPG in their lucid dreams! Sakurai Yuuta, who has been blind for two years, was given a chance to be a beta tester of the game. But when 'game bugs' started to appear and mess with the game and the real world, The fine line between dreams and reality became muddled, and it's up to him to discover the secrets that lies behind the Lucid Dream Server. Disclaimer: Photo used in the cover is a no royalty photo, I do not own the photo whatsoever but all edits are mine.


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Another book from the same author who wrote Runners Survivors and the Strongest Zombie Cultivator. Author-san, you're working way too hard, you should get some rest. I don't spend any coins on your works but I always read them. Ever since you wrote Runners Survivors, I've been your fan. Thank you for publishing your third book! Hope you're doing well, author-san.


I have no problem with the story quality. It is interesting for me and I can see the passion of the writer. My advice are to not overly use commas in one sentence. Maybe lessen them by making it to another sentence. I also want to suggest to change your dialogues into this "You are amazing," He said in a low voice. (if it was an active convo) but use "You are amazing." He said in a low voice. (If it is the end of convo). Well, good luck! Your novel will reach its success as I see the potential! Kudos! 👍 peace ✌️ I don't want to be critical though......Have a nice day!


I've read until the latest chapter and this is actually pretty good! Spoilers Ahead.... The plot twist on the first test of the Lucid Dream Server was actually what I wasn't expecting and also, this book is not what I was expecting when it comes to a virtual reality novel. Also, I didn't expect that the main character is literally blind. But although he was blind, the story was not boring. You've outdone yourself, author-san! Thank you so much for your third book and congratulations on getting the contract!


What shamelessness! An author reviewing his own work? —some reader probably. Well, this may be a biased review but I hope you stick with me on this one. This book is a spirit contestant in the virtual reality section... and what better way to depict virtual reality than showing something that we humans know and have?! That's right, dreams... lucid dreams. A dream where you can bend the wills of reality and you can be whatever you want. That's what a lucid dream is. If you have experienced it, then you're one of the chosen ones! I'm kidding ahaha. I remember, the first thing I did when I had a lucid dream was master the ability of flight and remodeled the world by filling it with zombies and having a fight to the death with them. What are your lucid dream experiences? Share them in the comments and I'll gladly talk about lucid dreams with you hehe :) This book is a representation of my wish to the future. I know that games are advancing too much these days we typically already have the means to have a VRMMORPG, but accessing lucid dreams is still a far-fetched idea. However! That' what novels are for, and that's why I'm writing this book where everything can be a reality— in your lucid dreams of course. To explain the concept, here are some pointers. — Character building at the first few chapters so no catchy fight scenes yet — It may be confusing and may seem like a mishmash of genres but they all vortex to a single point in the story. In other words, everything in this book is connected so there will be no plot holes left unturned. — Backstories wouldn't be shown just yet! — And the last selling point... IT'S LUCID DREAMS! Who doesn't want that? And that's all for my shameless review. I hope you give this novel a try and I hope you enjoy your stay in the Lucid Dream Server :)



At first it may seem like this is like SAO but it is lot more different. The MC is genius in his own right. The story so far is mind blowing, combined with the excellent writing, this book is literal immersive. Hope to see more chapters!!!!


Wow, this story is amazing. I have only read a few chapters but I am definitely drawn to the story. My curiosity peek. I have a feeling that the story will definitely worth my time.


Ahh... I like that you started with a family and the protagonist being extraordinary, better than the stereotype loses. The writing was fair and easy to hook into...while the character tone looked a bit unnatural. might work on that. There's not may error I can found throughout the first six chapters, the author has worked his muscle on that. Overall it has potential, like most other vrrpg novels, though its seemed a bit different than those. Good luck Author for the sprity...


Honestly, a very well written start for a Virtual Reality story. I 100% look forward to this book. Better than 95% of the novel on webnovel just based on the first few chapters. The story has a unique MC, Side-Characters, and plot. Truly see great possiblities from this book. Just make sure to update more ;)


Great novel! I love the narration, the main character feels really interesting and I like the way he thinks/acts. It's a very captivating read and I definitely suggest it!


looks promising hope he doesnt become demon lord prince or something. anyway i read up to chap 5 i cant say its good but the grammar can still be improve let see if this novel will drop.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


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