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What is Omni-Mastery

Omni-Mastery is a popular web novel written by the author LightningAsura, covering GAMEELEMENTS, VIRTUALREALITY, LEVELSYSTEM, WEAKTOSTRONG, NOHAREM, FANTASY, ACTION, LITRPG, EIDETICMEMORY, DRAGONICMC, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 5.2M readers with an average rating of 4.55/5 and 137 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 448 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Doomed to die! Facing such a fate, Ian Cloud, the crippled genius, has to make a choice… Either to wait for his impending death while decaying slowly, or to run into its embrace head-first for a chance to struggle and live on! Follow Ian as he enters the astonishing world of ‘The Lost Realm’, a super realistic VR game where danger lurks everywhere and getting logged out equals death. Will he manage to survive now that he is no longer restricted by his physical flaw? Or will he lose his last chance to fix his broken reality? - Discord of 'Omni-Mastery' : https://discord.gg/E7kYDhB - For further support: paypal.me/LightningAsura ko-fi.com/lightningasura

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As the author of this novel, I will leave a review to summarize what is this novel about (since the synopsis doesn't tell much :") This is the story of a person who is in despair of his disability and his awaiting death, who gets the chance to enter a revolutionary VR game for a chance to get cured. But he starts with 9 other testers, as the only players within the whole game world, with different innate abilities that differentiates them from the common folk. Starting as a game native, and building up his strength in this game where getting logged out equals death **: this is my first novel here, I wish you enjoy it, power stones & feedback would be appreciated.


Aside from the Main Character's RL background (in which I have a few conjectures on how it will play in the much later chapters like those who've read novels like evil dragon and shura's wrath of the same genre), the current plot setting is very well thought off and chapters consists of elements important for building up the MC and the scenarios relating for future chapters (unlike others that just make chapters to add as a fodder to keep up with word count which containing something that is completely obvious and wastes time and SS). For those who like VRMMO Novels, this is a gem in the dust that should be added in your "Must Read" lists.


The writing quality is something very hard to find on this app in my personal opinion, and to somehow prove me wrong is this author who does an outstanding job. More frequent updates is what makes understanding the story way easier, not re-reading a chapter to recap, honestly as close to leisurely reading as possible. The story has a great starting point, and currently I'm only at 169 out of 260 something chapters at the moment and I think the author doesn't get as much credit for the way they manage to develop the story at reasonable pace without crazily jumping up all the time. I will say the only downside is that the world background is very in depth for the purpose of understanding, but only to the extent of the MC's understanding. If you've read to the end of this review, I recommend you read this novel because it is like a luminescent sapphire, absolute gem. 💯💯💯


The start of the book/ the MCs journey is kinda slow, or more his abilities grow very fast and some chapters are just about his skill merging or leveling up. But late on his growth takes a stop(not stop stop but it slows down considerably). But there is where the story rilly takes of and goes from good to rilly f###ing good. The authors writing skills noticeably goes up along with the story and you can see it improving every 10 ch~ Over all! This is a amazing book that is worth checking out!(read past ch 100)(the chapters are short in the early stages so it won’t take long) Some negatives but most of my complaints are negotiable or have been fixed in the later chapters. Good day! Author! Continue the story! It’s amazing!👌


5 stars cuz the author actually cares about readers opinion, and bother to reply to the comments. Now I just have to fill about 10 characters of nonsense to leave this review.


If you drop this novel i will hunt you till the end of the word. =] Tks I love this story, The mc is such deep character for a Cultivaton/vrmmo novel,amazing. Bring the thunder!


I genuinely don't understand all the hype around this novel. I've only completely read through chapter 22 but I randomly unlocked and read further chapters to make sure I was only right about the early chapters. This book is a mess. Its background is completely unoriginal as is the world. The characters in the starting village are completely flat and lack reasonable personalities. In addition to the poor character writing the story is basically just a list in chronological order of what the mc does. The killer for me is that it is genuinely unreadable as the author makes mistakes every sentence and nothing flows correctly making the experience jarring and unpleasant.


Very flat story, mc, world building, storytelling. The beginning chapters are so boring they being too short is actually good thing. It's the high rating that makes me started reading this novel, and so with high expectation this novel has become a disappointment. The lack of details in world building made me wondered, is this the author's counter action from reading too many Chinese novels' info-dumping, or the author felt just typical generic setting is enough. On the other hand, the info about skills are very frustrating to read. There are too many skills to remember, and because the story lacks meat and bone (Actual progression, character depth), I can't endure and decide to drop. All of these being said, I recognize and appreciate both the author's effort and his courage to publish his work. I think rewriting is required if the author wants to write a good story.


Overall a good storry, but it has it´s faults as well. First of all the characters, the main character is the only one who we get to know really, the rest just apear for a couple of chapters and become irelevant rather quickly. He rarely has conversations with people that last more than a couple of sentences, it would be nice to increase his relations and interactions with the people arround him. (Idon´t know your future plans so maybe this is already planed) furthermore the mc is becoming more and more powerful physically but he doesn´t show much emotion other than his strict planing. I mean he has crazy high iteligence but everybody has his faults, there are no perfect people. The story development is solely focused on the mc and where he goes, there are some mentions and short pov´s of the villains but nothing major yet. It would be nice to learn more about the backhround and everthing that is going on arround him. The aspect of world background is in my opinion pretty good overall. The only problem I have is that we know where he is, what he does but not much more. We rarely get decriptions of his suroundings or other stuff like this. As a final note, this is my first review of any kind of storry I´v read. So this it probably rather subjective and partly wrong so read it yourself. It is a great story if you like story with an insanely powerful mc who gets stronger and strong in short period of time. Finaly to the author: please try to increase the chapter length, your story is great but it would be even better with longer chapters, this way we as readers can imerse ourselfes more and not just read 5 minutes or so each day and forget what happened the next. P.S. English isn´t my first language so go easy on my gramar


It's definitely a quick with less clutter. No nonsense what so ever. Addictive and no lousy side characters. Including no filler also. It's a bonus for me


Really good story so far, the character development is great and the game system is consistent. The author doesn't forget about what abilities the MC has which is great.


Great story. Everything is well thought without major flaws. Apart from the beginning when the game is introduced, all the story is online at chapter 101. The only weakness of the author is the lack of narration of combat scenes. The MC is actually smart and not an average Joe described as a genius only to make dumb decisions later. The fact that being strong in the game is needed for survival is a nice addition. It is an awesome plot and I can't wait to read more.


Great story read daily. Great overall potential for character and world.


Im disappointed, after one evening and 200 chapters: -ultra short chapters thats filled with 1/3 of stats spam, some parts ive skipped bcs of bore content - this game is more like cultivation novel than vr game -side characters are like not existant -as i see lates uploads dates (chap 330) not very stable -i see you shadow hack


Thanks for this amazing story. I finished it in like 3 days. It was amazing. Can't wait for future development. Author keep up the good work.


It's a very good novel and perfect for me.... Thanks author and editor (if any).... I have only read first 💯 chapters hopefully... It remains as interesting as it is now....


Underrated novel. Definitely deserves more popularity than most of the novels here. Highly recommend reading this to everyone. Trust me it’s worth it💯👍👌


one of the best novel i've read so far. the only thing is that the novel update is slow. the story development is clear, the world background is clear too.


I love the story the protagonist is involved in the world and is not really dumb or overly heroic or easily falling for and doing everything for women kbecause their women and he should’ the world gets a basic explanation at the start which gets more developed as the book goes on. Have not finished it yet but this is definitely e of my favourites!


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