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A New World, an immersive game experience


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What is A New World, an immersive game experience

Read A New World, an immersive game experience novel written by the author Breuno on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, adventure, weaktostrong, videogame, nocheats. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A full dive VR game has been released, A New World. While it is not the only VR game in the world, this one has one advantage over others: Being able to play it even while sleeping. Like one would think, many people jumped to try and claim the first headsets. Mostly gamers, but some other types of people too. Our MC, Eldrian, is naturally a gamer who could not wait but to try it. Quickly he and everyone else who bought the headsets found themselves in a world, not just a game. While realism is nice and all, the amount they were given was just too much... Players started taking emotional tolls from playing the game, and when the company made a shocking announcement. This was amplified. -------------------------- AN: I started this(July2020) just about a year ago now(June2021) as a newbie writer, and am proud with what it has become. I will warn people that the game and real-world is truly integrated, as well that the story is slow. Things don't magically happen for the sake of the story, I always try to figure out what would happen if this was reality. (Though I might fail sometimes in achieving this.) I also try to be interactive with my readers, maybe too much... So do comment, I read all the chapter comments and most of the paragraph ones. -------------------------- Chapter Length: 1500-2000 words (Chapters 1-390ish) Chapter Length: 2 chapters of 1200-1400 words (Chapters 390-?) -------------------------- Support the Author: patr eon.com/Breuno (Naturally ignore the space) https://ko-fi.com/breuno https://paypal.me/Breuno -------------------------- Discord server: https://discord.gg/DAM4jsa


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Hello. The author here. Going to give myself full 5 just because I can't truly judge myself correctly, as what I am posting is my current best. So just want to give a bit about myself. I am currently, at the time of this review still a university student. And studying is hard, surprisingly writing too. But I really like writing, or sop far I do. In any case i hope you enjoy the story as it goes. BTW I am a discovery writer, so I will always try to be a minimum of 15 chapters ahead of what has been released, to help me in making a nice sensible story.


Hello there 👋 ( be aware this review contain some slight spoiler but no major ) Okay so normally, I don’t write review very often, it’s my first to be exact Why could you expect from this book ? Pros : World backgroung : -Your typical western fantasy world with goblin, dwarfs, elves, but with many different races in the same species ( moon elves, sun elves, wood elves... ) Also the map is massive with tons of empire containig even more kingdom, at a point I loose myself sometimes. The lore of the world has not been fully explored but it will come in time... Character development : -First our MC is one of the most human like I’ve ever read, he has anger, embarrassment and all the emotions which define who we are. He is also a lamba human, not some son of mafia gang and all. He will passe several ordeals which will make him mature and affirm his will as well as his goal. He is a 19 man, little bit introvert and clueless in relationships but definitely not your typical nerd who is more dense than mercury. He will open more to others with the game and even through there is no romance until now, there is one main ship which is only waiting to sail. Story development : -*Spoiler* Our MC arrive in a world where a beast tide is about to rase every empire, estimed in the next couple of years if not months, so it’s a rush to becoming strong with a player community completely disorganised. * End of Spoiler* Character design : -There are several others side characters well made, they didn’t feel bland like i’ve seen in some other novel. *Spoiler* Some will die, some will lives, and the despair of the MC will be fully felt.* End of Spoiler* Plot armour : ( what i’m considering plot armour is heaven sent opportunity, like he has nothing to do. Because he will have oppotunity but at a cost he is not willing to shoulder if he was to have a redo) -There is little to no plot armor in this story, the first one will be he met a powerful guy ( at the start ) but this guy will train him like a normal soldier, not like a family heirloom and giving him all the secret techniques he don’t even has. The guy is powerful but only in the city he is. Also the path of the MC will not be a smooth one *Spoiler* , he will choose a very difficult race which magic is blocked so he will experiment many way to unseal it, also he will use every advantage his race talent give him, so if you kinda like jack of all trades it’s for you. Also regarding how he can use magic, he will not have the final solution from the beginning, he will experiment many different way, some wrong, some half-wrong and he is still not accustomed to his final form Also with these experiment, he will become quite special, not overpowered but he has the potential to be* End of spoiler*. Cons : -The pacing of the novel may be boring for some people, it’s a day to day pacing with IRL elements ( not massive but good enough to understand he is not only playing). Also,he will not become OP in tens of chapter. I’m currently at chapter 196 and he is still at the bottom of the barrel, just slightly stonger than normal player and normal soldier. Also the strength mesurement can be quit confusing for beast and human alike: There is your typical level which you gain by killing ennmies and it give you stat. There is also the job (like swordsman and magician) wich are in Tier ( from 1 to 10, each more difficult to pass with a qualitative change at Tier 5) it also give stats And beast have an other factor( player also has it if they choose a difficult race, powerful advantage but the sytem give no help ), the strength of their body : normal animal->magical beast->demonic beast->bloodline beast->ancient beast-> mythical beast So you have to understand strength is like : body strength*job*level with each less important tha the other : body strength>job>level for example a human tier 7 mage level 50 will be completely destroy by a mythical beast Tier 4 level 30 ( also beast don’t have job just tier) ( maybe not but i’m giving an example ) And finnaly the biggest problem this novel has for me is..... NOT ENOUGH CHAPTERS 🤬😡 (Even through the chapter are really lenghty)


In short, this novel follows a in the beginning mostly average person in his adventure into the VR-game A New World (ANW). The story includes several deep topics, from AI over what is life to psychological topics. It also has a slow progress in the overarching story progression. Many different things happen and there is a good mix of action, adventure and training both in-game and out-of-game with an in-depth magic system. The MC does really not get any rest. ––– detailed with mild spoilers ––– Writing Quality: Some minor errors which do not hamper comprehension. Action scenes are exciting and even the complex topics are understandable (if you do not rush read through the chapters). Story Development: The MC and the whole story makes slow but constant progress, which I find a much more realistic flow for a VR Novel. There was only one big timeskip in about 500 chapters, but I did not miss any. Where would they come from? Games are designed to be exciting and the MC does more than what the average player would. This novel also developes the real life story, which is rare. Real life does not stop just because there is an in-game event and it is the same the other way arround. The different encounters and events/quest are always exciting and the whole feel of the VR-Game which is too real for what a game is supposed to be is integrated well. New storylines are always introduced in a sensible way and up till now none of them were abandoned. Character Design: All characters have depth to them but backgrounds are not just dumped on the reader and thus only told, when a character asks or feels the need to give info. This means, that the reader has to think about how characters act and interact to get a comprehensive picture of the characters. Update Stability: Very good. One to two chapters a day with even length. Small pauses only when significant problems occur. Direct reader interaction from small backlog. World Background: The most realistic VR novel I have seen. Both real life and the game world are resonable and thought out. Cool and interesting magic system which does require thinking by the reader and rereading of past chapters after long pauses in reading. Compared to go "Mages are too op": Magic system keeps this detailed description which was only present in the early chapters of MATO. 500 chapters in this novel might be about at 100 chapters of MATO by developement of MC.


As of chapter 47 Writing Quality: 4/5 Some spelling and grammer mistakes throughout the story. However this does not spoil the story and can be easily understood despite the minor mistakes. Story Development: 5/5 Despite only being 47 chapters so far, the story development is interesting. The fact that the author plays the role of VR extremely prominently is nice, but it would be more interesting if the MC backstory was shown as well. The battle scenes are done really well in this novel. The fact that the intro of the game (trailer) gave the storyline a strong foothold is interesting as other authors tend to not use such things. This is very unique to this story so i give the author props for implementing this unique dynamic. Character Design: 4/5 This takes into account that the novel is only 47 chapters long so far. There is little background information on the MC. How well to do his family is, etc. (there is some information but not alot). The side characters are not really evident at this point besides the female lead (potential love interest). Only some names are being thrown around here and there without any interesting or distinct facts about them. Updating Stability: 5/5 I do not know the stability of the update as I read all 47 chapters in a day. I just place 5/5 as I consider it stable until further notice. World Background: 5/5 The trialer of the game provided a good base for the VR world background. This is done better than most other novels. However, since this is a relatively new novel, there is a lot of room for world background expansion. I hooe the author can continue on this path as the expanaion of the world's background is exoanding at a nice pace. Overall: 4.6/5 The story is really interesting and one that I will continue to follow. This is one of the better newer novels on this site. I think people should pick this up to read at least until this point. The MC can be considered overpowered in some manner (compared to other players), but the content is still really interesting. Hope the author continues to work hard on this novel 👍


I rarely write a review and I can say confidently that I’ve never written more than 5 reviews. But I will write one for this story ‘cause I really like it. So far, there’s no problem with the grammar. The story itself is very good and I really like how the story is progressing. Not too fast but also not too slow. I see a lot of potential but I’m also afraid that this story might not last long. After all, very well written stories are, most of the times, hard to continue. The author has to keep the expected quality consistent and most of the times. And if he couldn’t do it, the story would, of course, lose viewers. Anyways, I’m just saying that this novel is really good. I hope the author would keep on working to make this story better.


The idea is good, but it has critical flaws: To begin : -in this perfect world there is no industrial espionage, a company can maintain a research monopoly for decades without the government or another company having knowledge. -Even having knowledge of technology, the government does not move to acquire or apply pressure, even though it would have popular support. -In that world contracts are perfect and can even annul human rights or law. These are just a few of the points.


Great story with a realistic take on a “realistic VR game” book. The MC, Eldrian, starts his journey slowly by training and adapting to the new world in the game. Battle scenes are gruesome and, due to the realism of the game, cause players problems seen in real life battles like PTSD and trauma. Alternatively, the realism in the game causes the MC problems in his non-virtual life as well, like forgetting he can’t regenerate stamina after overworking his body. The story develops well and the MC isn’t immediately overpowered. The NPCs have clear personalities and aren’t just background noise to the players. Overall, this is one of the best VR-game novels I’ve read on Webnovel (and trust me, I’ve read A LOT of them.) This novel is one of the ones that feels most true to what might happen should we actually manage to develop highly realistic VR games in the future. I can’t wait to see where the author takes this story!


One of the best books on this app. MC isn't an overpowered monster. Great character development. It really reminds me of when I first started playing MMORPGS .


Up to: Chapter 470 This is, by far, one of the best-written novels on this site, and it’s hard for me to find things I dislike about it, excluding two decisions Eldrian made that I found highly disagreeable, but I won’t go over that since I don’t want to dissuade you from trying this amazing novel for yourself and it’s not a huge deal at the end of the day. The MC is overall very competently written, and has a distinct personality not found in many of the bland OP protagonists that litter the site. Sometimes he messes up, but I prefer it that way as it shows he isn’t a mindless perfection robot. This is doubly so since the author made sure to give him some real, actual flaws that hinder him in ways he doesn’t realize and that the author doesn’t specially highlight. Even if it isn’t especially common that it happens explicity, his flaws are pervasive in all the ways he acts and he acts in character very consistently, though he does change over time. The only other novels on this site I’ve read that share similarly well-written MCs would be Supreme Magus and The Oracle Paths, and it’s a huge breath of fresh air. Other than the MC, the world and magic system in particular is super well thought-out, and most of the time unanswered questions are not left as loose ends. The novel is a bit of a slow burn, but it’s superbly executed; that extra time between improvement isn’t filler, but instead juicy bits of lore, IRL stuff, third-person tidbits, training, and tasks, with only a couple of minor timeskips. We’re almost at 500 chapters, and not even half a year has passed because we’re pretty much following everything Eldrian does in its entirety (again, minus a few time skips). This is a huge plus for me, as I really hate a majority of mid-story time skips even if they’re really well done and a one-time thing like in One Piece. Either way, I strongly recommend that you at least try to trad this hidden gem, I highly doubt you’ll regret it.


I very much enjoy the world and the mystery of magic and the MC trying to figure out how it works, but I find myself frequently frustrated by the stupidity of the MC. Also his simping and beta willingness to always take a back seat is not my cup of tea. He falls in love with an NPC. what does this actually mean? it means he doesn't try in sparring matches. He lets her use magic and skills while he doesn't so this love is really him just allowing himself to get beat up and her enjoying beating him up. He never seems to try in matches, which is another reason why the tournament arc killed the novel for me. Tournament arcs are normally bad, but here he takes a back seat for buddies, avoids what he's best at in individual, and then doesn't even try in his matches cause he wants to know what dying feels like. He's just too pathetic to be likable to me. all his greatest moments are just different ways of hating himself and committing suicide for others he cares about more than himself. He's got issues. He even refuses to properly equip himself because he's too busy equipping everyone else because he's not as important as others.


Another full immersive online game where the character gets progressively stronger in his own way. However, the way it tackles mental pain and the idea of an NPC dying is much better than many novels. Currently looking forward to where the author takes Eldrian/Haru in the future. By 20 chapters in the novel picks up really well and can make you invested into the characters. I wish there was more than one chapter daily


Really good writing and story development, the characters are interesting and intriguing and the world design is pretty good. Main complaints (or warnings to new reader's) DONT binge read this, its too complicated to binge read and need to have breaks to enjoy fully (unfortunately i didnt do this and paid for it as i got kind of fed up with it.) The story is slow paced so if ur expecting action upon action then this isnt the story for you. The story is more about introspection and wisdom than it is cultivation and action which for some is great but if ur looking for a light hearted novel this isn't it. Plays on some fairly complicated topics such as AI, Lifestyle, Relationships, Family, Loss and a lot of introspective themes.


first time doing one of these so here we go. story overall is great things are all explained well and I haven't run into any problems with missing information. the way skills work is pretty interesting to say the least. world building is also fleshed out very well.biggest issue for me is the plot development is pretty slow for this type of novel. this is my personal opinion so for those who think otherwise agree to disagree. what I mean by this is how slow the progression is for the MCs growth. all in all its a great read so if you enjoy a more slow paced novel with a mmorpg genre this one will hit home for you.


Interesting and captivating Story. The only thing annoying me with this story is that it isn't finished already so I can keep binge-reading it xD Well written author.


A great story, if you like video games taking over your life, explaining feelings and worldbuilding is awesome. Sometimes it seems the story is slow, but that's because you get a lot of details, which I really enjoy. so overall excellent read if you want a slower, but great story.


This book is a work of sublime genius. The magic system is the most in-depth and best thought out I've ever seen, it hasn't been revealed in it's entirety yet as of chapter 283 but the author clearly put ridiculous amounts of work into it. This book is one of a kind.


The fact that I was just searching for VR novels, and this came rushing just at the right time. And I love how it is super realistic, and also the main character has a stable mind and doesnt rush immediately to kill mobs is 5 stars for me :>>


I haven't read such a good "Hidden Gem" for a long time, the last time was with Supreme Magus. Thank you author. Tem muito tempo que eu não leio uma "Joia escondida" tão boa, a ultima vez foi com o Supreme Magus. Autor obrigado.


i like this novel While i was browsing what i can read, i stumble upon thi diamond. I applaud you author. This is a great story. Its slow but detailed. The emotion of character and the NPC(?) Is described best. Not to mention the fight is more detail and the MC was not an OP one... i waiting for the next update..


This is my first review and i have to say that i do really enjoy the book and the writing. it feels way less rushed than most books and Is a great read.


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