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My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

This is a world where technology and the supernatural exist. There are demonic beasts, wars between species, evolution, and danger everywhere. Fortunately, humans aged between 16 to 18 will have the chance to activate certain genes and become gene warriors. Gene warriors will enter a wonderous World of Origination and begin their adventure there. They will seek treasure and copy extraordinary genes to gain wondrous strength, becoming the main power against danger. Lu Yuan transmigrated to this world, bringing with him a cube that can evolve genes without limits. I woke up with a start. I have transmigrated, am handsome, and have the golden touch. I am going to win at this! Am I going to be the protagonist?! I, Lu Yuan, am definitely going to become the pillar of the human race!

Blue Sky Washing Rain · Eastern
780 Chs

Reincarnated as an Imperial Prince

A scientific genius named Thomas Harrier was transmigrated to an imperial prince body after a car accident that took his life. He found out that he is in a world similar to our own with a timeline akin to early twentieth century. The body that he is occupying was the imperial prince of a failing empire who suddenly rose to power after a successful assassination attempt of his father. Unaware that the attack is just the beginning of what is to come. He faces many challenges throughout. Will Thomas Harrier be able to live his second life in peace while running an empire and getting it back to its former glory? Or will he succumb into a conspiracy lurking within the country's borders? Expect some: Cold war era techs. Super battleship with advanced electronics, propulsion, and fire control systems? Helicopters? Missiles? Modern medicines and equipment? AC-130? A nuke? Challenger or Abrams or Leopard? F-4 Phantom or MIG-21? Colored TV's. Everything!!! Donation link: https://ko-fi.com/sorryimjustdiamond PS. Cover not mine, I just found it on google. If you are the owner and want me to take it down, then you can reach me in the comment section.

SorryImJustDiamond · History
441 Chs

Never Judge

Cedric Reyes has a secret, he is the heir and eldest son of the rich and powerful Reyes clan. As tradition all heirs of their family have to go through a form of poverty training at the age of fifteen. They are left to fend for themselves with no contact and barely any money. Since leaving, he's gotten married to Adrianna Herandez, the Treasure of the Hernandez clan. Adrianna's family had always looked down at him due to his humble origins, but Adrianna has always stuck by him. Treated badly by his classmates in the past, and his in law in the present. They are about to encounter the shock of their lives. The Reyes Heir rules the country with his friends, the four princes, who are each from powerful and well respected families. Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/PXnT6AcQWH Follow me: @wounded_warriorauthor on Instagram

wounded_warrior · Realistic
1120 Chs

Creating an Industrial Empire in 19th Century Parallel World

In a tragic accident, mechanical engineer Poul Nielsen and his best friend, civil engineer Jonathan Axelsen, are killed when a truck crashes into the coffee shop where they were hanging out. Suddenly, they find themselves transmigrated to a parallel world in the late 19th-century country of Avalonia. In this world, they'll need to work tirelessly to earn enough pennies to survive. But they won't settle for just getting by - they want to become the Edison, the Chrysler, the Rockefeller, the Carnegie, the Ford, and the Westinghouse of this new world. In a world without electricity, Poul and Jonathan decide to start an electric power distribution company. But that's not enough - they also want to build appliances and motors to make their business profitable. They see the opportunity to revolutionize ground transportation, and they start an automotive manufacturing company. They tackle huge infrastructure projects such as metro stations, skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels, and dams by starting their own civil engineering firm. They even invest in the arms manufacturing industry. But the road to success won't be easy. Fierce competition awaits them, as robber barons are willing to do everything to crush their competitors. Predator against predator, and government intervention. Poul and Jonathan must use all their engineering expertise and business acumen to navigate this treacherous landscape. Join Poul and Jonathan on their journey to become the wealthiest men in the world in a parallel universe where anything is possible.

SorryImJustDiamond · History
316 Chs

A New World, an immersive game experience

A full dive VR game has been released, A New World. While it is not the only VR game in the world, this one has one advantage over others: Being able to play it even while sleeping. Like one would think, many people jumped to try and claim the first headsets. Mostly gamers, but some other types of people too. Our MC, Eldrian, is naturally a gamer who could not wait but to try it. Quickly he and everyone else who bought the headsets found themselves in a world, not just a game. While realism is nice and all, the amount they were given was just too much... Players started taking emotional tolls from playing the game, and when the company made a shocking announcement. This was amplified. -------------------------- Chapter Length: 1500-2000 words (Chapters 1-390ish) Chapter Length: 1200-1400 words (Chapters 390-?) --------------------------

Breuno · Games
1045 Chs


"Kothar had left fear behind long ago, he knew that to become truly powerful, he would have to walk into the very jaws of death, again and again, until either he died, or overcame the limits of mortality. " A struggle through endless planes, obliterated by the Devourer. Kothar, a cyborg reincarnated into a world of magic, embarks on a journey of new knowledge, fierce battles and an ever-increasing need to become stronger. Combining the technology of his past with the magic he learns, Kothar seeks to become powerful beyond comprehension, to exact revenge on the Devourer. Follow Kothar as he fights against all manner of strange beings, explores exotic worlds and meets the oddest characters as he journeys through the myriad planes, hoping to find his way back to the Galactic Alliance, or whatever remains of it. Updates twice daily! Discord: https://discord.gg/9V7Umgvy3p Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/very_yellow_newt

Very_yellow_Newt · Fantasy
279 Chs


The last thing he remembered before waking up in bed with a waiting maid was Cyril throwing down his cell phone and calling the story he was reading trash. He couldn't believe he was trapped in a story he called trash as a character who would be beheaded after trying to kill the Crown Prince on his wedding day. I am doomed to die? Is that true?

ArgaNov01 · Fantasy
292 Chs

The Duel Of Knighthood

Lowly peasants falling in love with the divine princess is a story we've heard too often, but what if the princess loves him back? Unbeknownst to his family and friends, Theodore Preston, the son of a failing noble house, is in a relationship with the secret first princess of his kingdom. Because of his low social status, the two lovers will have to face great adversities in their love story. What's worse is that the princess will be soon married off to a rich noble, ripping her away from Theodore. When all hope seems to be lost, Theodore stumbles upon the Nation Duel Tournament, the winner of which will receive the title of Knight, enough to make Theodore suitable for his lover. However, Theodore is not the most experienced in combat, yet he will have to face off with the nation's finest. Will the power of love drive him to his improbable victory?

A9C · Action
72 Chs