The Supernatural Hunter System Book

novel - Fantasy

The Supernatural Hunter System


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Werewolf and Vampire are two of the most powerful supernatural races in the Argenti Kingdom. They have the power to rule other supernaturals such as Ghoul, Wendigo, Undead, and others. With the power called magic, their era of power can be stopped. However, the power immediately disappeared after mankind won the war three thousand years ago. Rainn is a poor seventeen years old boy. And his intelligence is only at an average level. Because of this condition, Rainn only had a job he could do as a high school student. Wich is a supernatural hunter. Unfortunately, when a hunting mission that he is in does not run as well as it is supposed to be, Rainn as the weakest hunter is sacrificed and discarded like garbage. But because of that, Rainn found a hidden power. A power called "Systema" came to him. An ancient power was once used by the heroes to save the kingdom. That makes Rainn can be the strongest supernatural hunter in the Argenti Kingdom. "So this is what is like to have power," Rainn said to himself. Accompanied by the smirk that makes him look like the monsters he hunts. ( THE PICTURE FOR COVER OF THIS NOVEL IS NOT MINE. IF ANYONE WHO CLAIM TO HAVE IT WANT IT TO BE REMOVED, PLEASE JUST SAY IN THE COMMENT SECTION )