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It’s a great novel. If you like novels such as, solo leveling, everyone else is a returnee, Seoul station’s necromancer, or evolution theory of a hunter, you’ll like this one too.


This... This story is fvcking fantastic. The characters are multi-dimensional, MC has a sensible head on his shoulders. This is one of those few fantasies where the MC feels human. He is not a personification of the smartest people on earth that would always make the best decision in pressured, sensitive and often difficult situations. He is not the personification of the japanese ideal MC who has females falling for him for no real reason left and right all the while being clueless or having a stupid justification for not engaging with them romantically. He is not even a Western Camelot or King Arthur that holds himself to unrealistic moral codes and rises above human failings. No, no. He is a real, imperfect human who would make the same mistakes or have the same quirks as any reader. Being able to accurately depict that in an MC is something unprecedented in fantasy. The world building and pacing are steady, the work feels grounded, the writing is fluid but vivid and there is the right amount of suspense. The only thing stopping me from giving this work 5 stars is that I wish the author would update more. It is an unrealistic wish as they update daily and steadily, but the wait every day kills me.


Wow!Just wow! For three days I kept reading this piece of art, and now I'm sad as it ended, or waiting for new chapter to be released. After Reincarnation of the sword god, no game novel captured my attention, no one except this novel. I loved it, greatly and highly appreciating the work and imagination you got there! Twists are perfectly done, the narration is just smooth and fluent, without any unneeded details or excess fillers. MC is well balanced OP, and even his progress is well tuned and perfectly matched. The system is there, but the perfect thing is it doesn't affect the nature of this novel, the game elements has the upper hand here, and that's something good. Keep the good work, try to write more, and I will keep coming every now and then.


The story is decent but the Mc is just stupid. He goes full xianxia or chinese mode. You can enjoy the story if you ignore the occasional chinese outbursts of mc. Good luck


Without shamelessly reviewing himself. I just want you all to know about what I'm planning with the novel. Originally I was planning to update 1 chapter per 20 powerstone the story received the limit has been increased to 25 powerstones/per chapter. Secondly, there will be regular polls where you guys will decide the direction the story will progress and few other elements as well. So if you like the story then please don't forget to vote for the novel!


Review as of chapter 65. I tried. I truly tried this to give the novel a chance. The MC is just not interesting to follow. I understand that the author said it will change around chapter 100 or so but I could not get there. The MC was just too stupid, too arrogant, too boring. Thank you for the attempt Mr. Author. I just could not stick around.


Eh, I feel like all the needless cruelty toward the MC doesn’t have great reasons behind it. What’s up with the accountability system? Really good conflict would have an accountability system that’s realistic, and would have the antagonists subvert it. The enemies are kind of one-dimensional, although that’ll probably change soon!


Good writing quality, standard level-up weak to strong premise. It's fun to read despite cliche world development used. If you like to read something light and straight while also being interesting enough to draw you into mc's world you should definitely give this novel a read.


Good story, kinda predictable. Reminds me of solo leveling. Lots of potential, could use more character development on the sister, maybe a chapter or two from her pov.


I don't care about what anyone says....... I luv this darn book. Am not even a fan of fantasy but I luvvvv it. It has even motivated me to wanna write fantasy. Dab on those haters and keep writingggg!!! xoxoxo to u! Keep on writingg!!!


it's a unique story that seems inspired by solo leveling. I read it all in one go actually and i was immersed in it, i enjoyed how the author operates and how everything seems to fit together. you'll regert not reading it and i sincerely recommend it


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I love this story. This story has great character development it show the mc growing and learning. It dosent make the mc grow by himself it shows that even when you have been alone all your life there are people that do care and the even random people have good character and that family is all that matters


Author did a splendid job, i just couldnt stop reading making me wait for the next chapter to come out. I really do love yhis novel 😏😏😏😏🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰


Love the story and characters. Wish updated faster. You will love this story if you like d&d and other roll play games will dungeon diving.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


I met author in year 2017 then he use to write for Instagram and Facebook page he was not so good writer then he joined a grp boy's locker room where professor piyush singh an Swapnil Singh taught him about writing now see here he is one of the finest writer .And my contribution was just to motivate him to write he use yo write my assignment too😂 now he is writing books this is success.


So far so good.


Finally a new novel I can enjoy. The chapters feel a little fast paced, like I am watching a video at 2x speed, but apart from that the story development is awesome, characters are not one dimensional, looking forward to more chapters. Giving you all my votes from now on.


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It's a good book, I love the plot and stuff, but one thing I don't like is that he chose a divination class and not necromancer or battle mage, it makes no sense what's he gonna do whip out a bunch of offerings and do a divination to find out how the battle is going to end. Because divination classes are useless in battle because what you change from the future you see will cause disturbances in time and cause the butterfly effect everything you change from foresight will change the future from its course. And he chose it also because of the forging abilities you're a divination class and your now deciding I'll fucking become a magic swordman I would have gone with battle Mage safest option and itd boost my overall strength