The Rise Of A PorterThe Rise Of A Porter

The Rise Of A Porter

by AkshatArpit

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Gold tier award winning novel of WPC#130. Discord link : https://discord.gg/hKWHxp synopsis begins : The novel follows the story of Arnold, a porter, who accompanies warriors and superhumans inside dangerous dungeons, which are distinguished by their colors. The porters were always mistreated by the modern human civilization and even though their job was riskier than that of warriors and superhumans, their existence was never appreciated nor were they paid well. No one knows why these dungeons started to appear all over the world. The only thing they know was the dangers that would find their way into the world if they didn't kill the monsters. But only a selected few actually cared about the calamity, because for the rest it was all about earning money and gaining power. But nothing in this new world is constant and everything keeps changing, and this time the change would find its way towards an ordinary Porter. Follow me on the journey of the rise of this ordinary Porter to become the world's strongest. Cover art by : Jamin Lin (if anyone has any problems with it please let me know. All rights belong to the artist)

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