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What is The Achievement Junkie

Read The Achievement Junkie novel written by the author TheSilverQuill on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, system, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


**SEQUEL is live and updating!!** "Outclassing the Achievement Junkie" ***COMPLETED!!!*** ---Book 1 of 10 in the Quillverse--- Jack, the “Achievement Junkie”, is the greatest menace known to all servers! His merits have no end, and neither does his shamelessness. If it will earn him an achievement, then he’s more than willing to commit the deed. But after earning every achievement inside his favorite MMORPG, Jack earns the ultimate bonus quest and is summoned into the game’s world. Only, it’s no longer a game. And it’s 1,000 years later than the in-game timeline Jack is familiar with. Armed with what the locals consider ancient knowledge, Jack starts his journey from lv. 1 in a class he never knew existed. He must hurry to uncover the secrets behind the apocalyptic Godly War from 500 years ago, and do everything he can to prevent it from happening again. But after learning those secrets, Jack soon decides that a war is exactly what the gods need, so long as he’s the one in charge! --------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/akzn9SM5k9 **Note: You do NOT need to read my "Quillverse" series in order, but some books will have tie-ins or shared characters further back or further forward on the cosmic timeline.

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Consciously or subconsciously, life is a force that drags us in, deep into dimensions. We are married from birth to our purpose in life in one way or the other even without knowing, but faith in God will bring us face to face with this reality. Even if we do whatever to run away from this reality, it will somehow find us and drag us into aligning to who we truly are beyond the knowledge impressed us by the mind rebranding system in the form of secular and religious education, and we now think, we are what they told us we are. This is the reason for misplacement of our true identity in God and that is why we often struggle for recognition instead of staying to whom God has created us to be. You are uniquely unique, independent, but dependent on your programmer, who is a higher force beyond the confines of your thought grasp. Journey into the deep! I grew up to know myself as an alien in this world of some certain happenings around my life, which gave me a course of concern. It seems as if I think differently and see things from a different dimension and I could not just understand why then, while I was growing as a child, but now I know and understand better. This book is spirit breathed revealing a journey into great awareness, pointing to the realization of self beyond self-designed ideologies. A lot of things that was happening in my life while I was advancing from the cradle that I could not just explain, because it was my days of ignorance, evolving into the more complex world that threw me into chaotic state of thoughts, not knowing exactly what to hinge on as reality. There were things that kept recurring and calling my attention deeper and these things were never letting me be. One of the notable experiences I had, that I will never forget, was the experience of recurring convulsion that almost ruined my life. God can never let you be when you have His Divine seal, you are not your own, you are His very own, the earlier you know this, the sweeter will life become for you, and the swifter things will answer to you and work in your favor even when it seems working against others. This is why He cannot leave, nor forsake you, because you are His project program #Reality reached from my personal experience#. discord link:https://discord.gg/JQCAZ3

Patty_Egah_Ikwue · Realistic
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Volume 5 :Aiding Trodar
Volume 6 :Rise of Trodar
Volume 7 :Kingdoms Fall, Empires Rise
Volume 8 :A New Dungeon To End It All...


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This novel is one of the best original novels on here, don't get throw of by jacks arrogance at the beginning since he has a good reason for it, if you haven't started reading it, do it now. The novel's at it's last arc so you won't have to wait for the story once you caught up since it'll be finished then. Enjoy.


Good read. Long but worth it. The characters are well written, with very little to no plot armor. Characters have flaws which is important, as flawless characters are boring. Can’t wait to read more of your work in the shared universe.


The SEQUEL is out now!! "Outclassing the Achievement Junkie"!!! Join the new adventure following one of Jack's latest schemes involving a fresh achievement junkie MC, including a prologue with Jack and Bowzer in a dungeon crawl. Check it out if you want a fresh take on the Achievement System, new worlds to explore, tons of gods to meet/fight, and more AJ vibes than ever! ;)


Bad mc attitude. Very arrogant King: “Can you really help us?” Tries to clarify if the legends are true and if he’s really worth it. Mc: “Wtf man, I just need all this stuff and I’ll solve your problems ok?” Doesn’t provide any info at all and leaves once the king showed hesitation.


This story is so bad. The MC is a useless idiot who gets bullied by a guild leader in to joining after making an enemy of the king for a stupid reason and not working for him. I could not read many chapters before having to give up.


Just read chapter 2 and it is like the author had decided to put the most dumb and stupid things an mc can do in an isekai novel into 1 person. First of all openly declaring that he is not going to an ally would usually mean voluntary giving up your life because they have spent a lot of resources to summon you and the first you do is say that you're not an ally, if this isn't dumb than I don't know what is smart. Than even before the king can finish speaking he interrupts the king and in a disrespectful way says who are you and why am I here? Any culture on earth that has kings, future or present, has lesse mayeste rules to define what happens when someone is disrespectful to the throne and this mc just acts like it is normal to be direct and disrespectful while what is normal is that he would have been beheaded for his behavior. If this novel is full of these kind of illogical inconsistencies than I will quit reading this novel very quickly


After writing 600+ chapters, I'm writing a second and final review. By then, the characters and readers understand that Achievement Junkie is simply one world within a multiverse. Yes, I said MULTIVERSE. All stories that I write will be from different worlds in different parts of the audience-dubbed "Quillverse". Some characters and intergalactic knowledge may be hinted at or shared within the many stories, but each world and plot is completely different from the others. So, if you like an unpredictable, ever-growing world and universe where characters across various stories will meet and "cross-over" to work together and/or face each other, then you're in the right place. And no, you won't technically need to read them in order. You'll be able to read the final culminating story that connects everything without reading any other stories. But you'll be missing out on many hints or call backs, as well the satisfaction of seeing all the other worlds' characters grow and join the intergalactic battle. At the moment, there are 6 stories guaranteed slots in the Quillverse, with 5 leading up to the giant, final journey to connect everything. I may add more stories to the list leading up to the finale story, but I'm not promising anything apart from the 6 stories that I've already outlined and plotted at the time of writing this review. Thank you for considering my story, and I hope you find the entertainment you're looking for. Have a high-five. ヘ( ^o^)ノ\(^_^ )


A fun adventure that reaches the hearts of both video game and fantasy lovers. Following the story of Jack and his growth feels real yet fantastic, giving a unique vibe and read. There's comedy and emotion laced in every part of the story so that you can better understand the characters and the events taking place.


grammer is fine, but the story, its just another chuunibyou author writing his wet dreams without much thought of how social life really works


The grammar is perfect so you don't have to worry about loses brain cells. The world building and characters are also really good; the MC's connection to the world he gets put in and how its handled makes everything more interesting. Not only is the story good but the author pumps out chapters like crazy and that enthusiasm is pretty good for writing a story, as it can be pretty easy to lose motivation if something comes up.


Great story with a nice writing style as well as good language use, enjoying every bit of it. Highly recommended. Chapter lengths are good and flows well. Wishing all the best to the author and keep up the good work


so far I'm up to chapter 97 and I have to say this is an awesome novel. all the characters a likable and it is a very funny novel with some good action. the main character is not over powered so far. definitely reccomend it.


Reveal spoiler


The reviews make this seem great but all the 5 stars are bs. I’m barely on chapter 4 and there are already hella problems. 1 problem is that Jack disrespects the KING AND WALKS OUT OF THE CASTLE AFTER “convincing” A GUARD? Even if this is a fantasy, that’s already BS. And on chapter 4, Jack doesn’t want people to know he’s a hero but when the branch leader yells out”. Hey Brat! Are you the hero?” Jack yells out “yeah, what of it?” This sh*t already made me lose so many brain cells and it’s only the 4th chapter


Not gonna lie. I was really excited in the beginning. I thought MC is not going to be some kind of pushover but his own man. He couldn't care less about king and the royalty, and to be honest i liked it and I hoped it would stay that way. But boy was I wrong. The selfish "hero" turned out to be typical cliche virgin that shits his pants whenever girl touches him. But let's leave that aside. The first thing that surprised me was the absolute idiocy of the MC and side characters. "Oh you have just found a legendary fox that is known in legends as a beast that burns everything to the ground with its hellish flames? LET'S TALK ABOUT PUBLICLY SO EVERYONE KNOWS." "Oh you have formed a party with some douchebags that you don't trust aparat from the Hunter and Samurai-sensei? Let's tell them that you own a legendary beast. Especially when two of the members are dodgy AF at that point." "Oh you want to go to another kingdom (that would gladly go to war with yours) to loot an ancient Tomb that belong to a noble family? Oh go ahead but change your face because you're too famous. Oh, oh and don't bother with changing your name because it's really hard to connect the dots between a rising star of a hero and a random overpowered 20lvl character of the same name, especially when you tell your enemies that your name is real. Also don't forget the overpowered item that makes you invisible but don't use it to escape from the tomb. Threaten the noble families instead so it can result in your girlfriend death. But hey you just got yourself another girlfriend!" Then the worst happend. The harem. My god is it crap. Everyone falls for MC after 15 minutes of knowing him. Then MC is FORCED to double marriage, and 2 other girls want to sleep with/marry him. He turnes into a complete virgin-pushover. I was reading through it hoping that those girls would die out at some point so the author can actually start writing a good story, but as of 200+ chapter it's only getting worse. The interactions between the MC and his wives/concubines are really dry and annoying. They are actally worse than fillers in Bleach anime. And the sad part is, those interactions are getting more and more common. Those 'lovely' wives have a almost non-existant personality. Actually decent characters like the Hunter and Samurai are barely talked about later on. The main focus is on the harem. Most human opponents MC meets are just typical, cliche, prideful young masters that get whooped in three sentences. By the way, don't get it twisted. I don't mean that the MC should be ruthless and merciless psycho. I just wish he had some interesting personality, backbone or something. Anything honestly. Because of that i decided to drop it at around chapter 230ish. My english might not be the best as it's not my first language so my apologies if reading this hurt your brain in anyway ♥. Sorry for the rant but this story just annoyed me. Waste of coins/free passes. Do not recommend.


This is my favorite story to read at the moment so good in fact that it is the first one to make me pay for chapters cause I want to read it so much.


I've only read 4 chapters but that was already enough to get a glimpse of the MC's behavior. It's comparable to a person ordering food in a restaurant, after getting the food the person says he never ordered it and leaves.


Right at the first chapters of this ****show you can notice what most living beings dread... EXTREME PLOT ARMOR. The mc is just an asshole to the king and can just escape the palace without any repercussion, right after that he is forced by a drunk guild leader to enter his guild... guess what?! He just bows down, because he is a strong and independent (e d g y) Mc that won't be a slave to those damned kings! Even if the way that he does that is by plot armor and is ultimately meaningless! Yeah! You go Main character!


This is one of the novels that start of not too great(it was good enough for me to keep reading and author was pretty much inexperienced back then), but becomes much better later on. It's also unlike most of the cliche stuff out there in this app. You want my honest opinion? It's not that this novel doesn't deserve webnovel but webnovel doesn't deserve it. It's that good.


An interesting book for sure it’s has game mechanics like many books on this site, but unlike others it has interesting characters that bring vibrancy ,and color to the book. it is an excellent read for anyone who loves fantasy worlds. I hope it continues with he same quality.


Reveal spoiler


The starting is a train wreck, but the writing shows substantial improvement after that. It's just that this seems more like one of those "slow-life" or "slice of life stories" that a regular adventure one, which is not my cup of tea. It's a pretty good book in that category if you happen to like those.


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