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What is MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Read MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master novel written by the author Raj_Shah_7152 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In 2100 at the turn of the century the first full dive VMMORPG game 'Omega' was released With its breath-taking graphics and possible adventures many players flocked to the game, but it all changed when the fun game currency had equated a real life value ......starting the money rush! Elite players made guilds and continued to rise but those at the bottom could only suffer in silence. Rudra was such a bottom rung player, he had excellent reflex and was a great team leader , however his guild wronged him, his efforts only reaped rewards for his superiors . His father was disappointed in him and his mother died because his family did not have enough money for her treatment. Used as a slave by the guild as a expendable worker class he died one night when his then best friend pushed him from a flight of stairs over an in - game item. Luckily he had experienced rebirth, and was one step ahead of everyone else. Luckily, He had the chance to get back at everyone who wronged him and help everyone who stood by him. In his ‘past life’, he had spent countless nights awake, in grief and anguish. However, although all of this had been washed away, so what…? This life, he was determined to make a fierce counterattack against fate and stand at the very top! Cover not mine found it on Pinterest, DM for removal Discord id :- Raj_shah_7152#3385 discord link :- https://discord.gg/KJtRdwcW94

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I do not think I’ve made a review so here y’all can have one. I am a reader that comes from chapter 684 the current most out non-premium chapter. I absolutely fell in love with this book as you too will. Shakuni the protagonist reincarnated back in time by some years and started to play a VRMMORPG he had played his past life. The odds are almost always stacked against him, but shakuni is an absolute MASTERMIND who can turn any situation around. He his a genius leader, brilliant strategist, and an amazing combatant. This has kingdom building elements later on won’t go into too much detail Shakuni (In game name, his IRL name is Rudra) ends up dating two girls as of now and will probably stay that way. One is a irl girl who plays the game with him. Another is lets say….an NPC. I truly urge you to try it and as a person who can’t binge read cause i’m caught up all I can say is it’s easier for y’all who can still binge read almost 700 chapters. This will be an adventure you will truly enjoy, trust me look at how many hours my profile says i’ve read so I think that gives me qualifications to tell you to TRY THE BOOK AND STOP READING MY REVIEW YOUR WASTING TIME WHAT IF YOU DIE NEXT WEEK?! Seriously though highly reccommended. P.S Author sticks to his promises if author says he will release 20 chapters upon reaching a goal he WILL release them(he’s done it before) We basically get daily bonus chapters due to powerstone goal too ngl


Amazing book, at the start it felt a bit rushed and I felt like it was a copy of RSSG (Reincarnation of the strongest sword god), but after about 40 chapters it gets so so so good!! Soo much better book than RSSG. Readers and fans of VRMMORPG's and RSSG type books will definitely LOVE this book. I've been reading Web Novels for over 4 years now and have read over 40 WN's I can wholeheartedly say this is my #1 book!!


I have read the book till chapter 40 and here is what i want to point out...... Many author's promise to give powerstone bonuses and dont! My respect to you author san for fullfilling the powerstone bonus promise on the same day as the target is reached every single week . The author actually listens to the readers comments and replies accordingly, even the plot takes a different turn if the viewers are not satisfied , listening to the audience is a big plus for me , as it makes me feel connected and valued ....... Giving a 200 coin gift to you for this 🙂 Keep up the good work!


The writing quality of this book frightens me. I know English isn't the author's first language, but it's as bad as google translate for the 33 chapters that I've read. This book seriously needs an editor. Any editor that's well-versed in English and above the mental age of 14 will change this book for the better... or at least make it less excruciating to read. The story is quite a cliche, but I like the genre. I've only read a bit, so I can't say much, but it's pretty generic and monotone for a start. I can't see much character design. MC's backstory is very overused, and side characters only stay to the side. World background is at least interesting. It's always the world background bringing up the entire genre. Likewise, I only read this novel to immerse myself in the genre. And I only write reviews when novels are either extremely good or downright bad. I hope the author makes the plot exciting and hires an editor so I can continue to read and give it a chance once more. I'm forced to stop reading at 33 chapters in.


I red Rebirth of the Thief who roamed the world and realy liked it. Afterwards I tried finding other MMORPG novels with a similar style and found Plenty. My opion always shifts from liking them, to mildly anoyed, to regret. This one though is a blast and so far better than Rebirth of the Thief. Surw it has the one core issue this type of novel always has. That the author has to somehow keep the others relevant, but it is handled in a way that is not that grating to me and doesn't affect the novel negativly outside of some logic issues. Tldr. This is absolutly awsome and probably the best novel of this type I have red.


Alright I've read up to 100 chapters and to summarize my experience it would be something worth reading The author promises quality and delivers it the updates are stable and constant the story is going at a great pace the way the real and virtual world evolve and influence one another side by side makes every moment worth it. In comparison, I'd put it near the level of reincarnation of the strongest sword god except it doest delve into the world, adding the new and unknown secrets that seem out of left field. This story is well written, and I highly recommend, it does great justice to the reincarnated genre.


Here is my review after more than 170 chapters: My subjective opinion: I will cut this one short. The novel is excellent, and I will read it till the end. The author takes the effort with every update, and you can see that he cares about the readers. There is only one negative thing about the novel: the writing quality. Writing Quality: Annoying to read. Why? The author doesn't care about the numbers and sometimes uses the Indian metric system, which is a grave mistake. The math is so wrong sometimes. Oh boy. The chapters are also claimed to be edited, but I still see a lot of grammatical errors such as typos like theives instead of thieves and such. Update Stability: Excellent. 2, sometimes three chapters a day. The author delivers on the bonus chapter promises and is consistent. Story Development: It is not unique; however, the author cares about the story. The characters have personalities and backgrounds. The story is easy to follow, and you won't find many plot holes. The story concentrates mainly on the game, but the real-life part is just as enjoyable. In short: The story will keep you interested. Characters Design: Maybe the best part of this novel. Well thought out deep characters with easy-to-remember background stories. World Background: Getting more complex as the chapters go. The gaming world of omega is very deep and still mostly unexplored. There is a lot of foreshadowing about the other races, strong NPC's, and the past. The real-life is mainly focused around the characters and not built up. Countries such as country P country J country X and six trillionaires rule this world. We get to know more about MC and his family. You can also smell romance in the air. Afterword: The story starts just like every other VRMMO story, but the author got hooked and built his own world. I thoroughly enjoy every chapter, and this is the first-ever novel where I dumped all my coins.


I only read until chp. 40 so i cant say how its afterwards but its quiet good, nice written and good development but there are also plot holes, the most glaring is how his identity was found out which makes no sense at all. How do you want to make a background check of an In-game character, whoes data are guarded by an high tech AI and the officials dont give out information + the hunted one gives no clues out about his identity... that is one big glaring plot hole.


A review for the free chapters: A light read of your typical MMORPG player regressor novel. The MC is moving too fast, might be due to impatience of wanting to clean up regrets.. For a web novel pace, the story is moving too fast that might cause the story to lose steam around 300 chapters in if the pace is kept. Writing quality is what you would expect from a non native English speaker with low novel writing experience. Much to be desired but much better compared to MTL. Characters so far with 40 chapters are still founded on clichès with the possibility of growth.. Verdict: A better read than most if you've already read the better alternatives.


Its been a really long time since I felt that a book on WN was worth reviewing. This is one of those books you don't want to miss. Admittedly, the chapters need some editing and the grammar can be better. but having said that, the rest is BANG ON. This is one of the stories which have the potential to go for a good 1000 chapters or more. The world building is solid. The characters are a good blend of realistic, heroic and OP. The balance between the game world and IRL is well done. I am excited for the rest of this book.


The plot is amazing The MC with reincarnation cheat The fatty best friend Some love interests Lots of villains Lots of face slapping A heck lot of fun Must read!


this book will take you through a roller-coaster effect as you follow the story of the Strongest Guild Master. it has been amazing and will be one that i go back to read multiple times!


I'm typing this review for the sake of people who are wondering what's the hype about only to find the start is arguably worse to read than MTL. At the moment, I'm typing this having read up to chapter 179. Yes, the presentation gets better. Around chapter 80, or 130-ish officially. Personally, you have to be in a mindset to read it for dumb fun and have the litrpg kick as there are a few twists early on but nothing impressive so far. There are elements of OPness as well such as the MC getting much higher stats for his level, getting good equipment, etc. It could change as I get deeper into the story since it does focus on some side characters like the vice guildmaster, the pioneer, etc. The story takes more of a POV from being the overlord of a city from a kingdom-building standpoint and unlike with RSSG, they actually acknowledge the achievements. Instead of spitting on the guild like they are trash, they simply acknowledge they aren't a true super guild but also an anomaly amongst first-rate guild. Overall, I will revisit this once either I stop reading or finish the book.


One of the Best MMORPG with war strategies and no fillers Novel and great story Thank you Author.


I really like this story, in terms of background storytelling and imagination, a fantasy world that is very epic, challenging and very exciting, it's a shame if you miss it!


The only probs is the updates.. need more chapter daily The only probs is the updates.. need more chapter daily !The only probs is the updates.. need more chapter daily!


Reveal spoiler




A quality work. I never got bored while reading. There was no problem except for a few errors. I definitely recommend reading it. I can't wait to see the end of the adventure.


I love the story and I would give it 5 stars if the Author thought a little bit more about the plot. Examples: spoiler:Tead at your own risk. A example is that trillionare who collapsed in debt.He could have just not paid, because he has a Nations backing so nobody could force him to. Or right now when the world has collapsed the Author makes it so that the past currency is still as important,when you cant even buy anything. Another example is that at one point in the story where the world system has already collapsed the MC cares that Ethan Grey ownes an Island.He could have just taken over a Island and nobody could have stopped him.


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