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Supremacy Games is a popular web novel written by the author MidGard, covering REINCARNATION, EVOLUTION, CULTIVATION, COMEDY, ACTION, MODERN, VIRTUALREALITY, GAMES, BLOODLINE, SCIFANTACY, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 4.4M readers with an average rating of 4.77/5 and 369 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 594 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Felix Maxwell was destined to be a loser, born on one of the weakest races and on the least favorable of situations, he was forced to face adversity head-on as he traveled across the vast universe where dangers laid in every corner, one day traveling in hopes of riches he stumbled upon a ruin where a supreme being laid imprisoned, in a stroke of bad luck the being laid its eyes on him and tried to take over his body, forcing itself upon him. but fate hadn't given up on him! he woke up in his younger body, 20 years in the past with the fallen being trapped in his soul. In his past life he had been a loser, giving up on things mid-way and never striving for greatness, he was a side character who made the strong shine even brighter, but not on this life. he swore to himself he would strive for glory, he would take advantage of his knowledge and emerge as a supreme being! ........... PS: This novel isn't a space exploration novel (Not in the first 8 volumes at least). It's mostly focused on the Universal Virtual Reality and the 'Supremacy Games' as the name implies, with some real-life situations as well of course! ...... Novel Discord: https://discord.gg/FTfXXYHnFT This is my Patreon, everyone is welcomed to drop by! https://www.patreon.com/MidGard_Author

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Right now this book is one of my favs and I gotta say it is AWESOME. While the start was a bit slow it was well paced and very informative. It also was a good start for the world building and character design. The idea of interuniversal death games is pretty good and there is no need for the mc to go from battlefield to battfield. Plus the mc is an ass so it also has comedy along with action. I would recommend this book since I think this will be a book that will cover all kinds of things from cultivation to sports or to even horse racing so this would be a new experience for us veterans since there aren’t many books of this kind and some color newbies. Anyways THANKS AUTHOR THIS BOOK IS F*CKING AWESOME PLEASE DONT DROP THE QUALITY AND INCREASE THE QUANTITY. ;)


Reveal spoiler


Hello everyone! This is an updated review after the novel was out for 6 months by now! I saw a lot of authors writing the pros and cons of their works, So I decided that it is the perfect time to do one for my novel since there is already 300+ chapter available! Pros: >Extensive and fleshed out world background that would let you immerse yourself in the world much smoothly and find the logic in it although it is a piece of fiction! >MC isn't dense, stupid, virgin. He knows his priorities and doesn't chase skirts or risk his life over stupid shit. He is lazy and doesn't like having burdens. However, he is hardworking when it is concerning his strength. He is shameless, an asshole, and a bit of a troll. But, he is serious when he had to. He isn't a white knight neither he plans to be one. >English is not the best but it's not the worst either. I make sure to edit my chapters before releasing them and always check on previous mistakes. >Updates: 2 Chapters every day with a word count ranging from 1600 to 2000. >The First Volume was my 1st ever written volume so it wasn't really the best thing that I have written. But please bear with mistakes you see or the style of writing as from 2nd volume upward, the writing just keeps getting better and better. >Give it until the 2nd volume when he enters the UVR and sees if you like it then or not. **: There are 88 chapters for free to start! >No harem. .... Cons: >As I mentioned the first volume was a bit draggy than it should be and the writing wasn't the best in it. >Side Characters: I am trying my best to develop them one by one but I still prefer focusing more on the MC to keep the plot going at a faster pace. So, you can expect not much from them in those 300 chapters. (Drastic changes or something like that.) >No Harem, don't know if it is a con or pro, but I will just put it in both sections. >I have been told that my writing style is quite jarring by some readers, but I will leave you to decide that on your own. ... That should be it probably? If I missed anything, please write it in the comments, and please do know that I accept criticism with a thick face just make it logical and I will try my best to see what I can do about it. Thank you and I hope you join the journey with me and the rest of my lovely readers <3<3<3 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Hello guys. \(^○^)人(^○^)/ I will keep it short and say that I am honored to share my work for hopefully millions of readers. But that's for the future, as for now I will give some quick disclaimers about what should you expect. First, I will release 1 chapter daily with average word count of 1600 to 2000. secondly, I don't have editor yet, so please bear with my writing, as there will be a few typos and grammatical mistakes here and there. Lastly, Background and MC foundation will take priority before games and battles! So no game in the first chapter. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ sorry! That's all for now. Thank you, and I hope you have a nice day!


This is a spoiler-free review, intended to let you read the first few chapters without worrying about anything that might affect your first impressions. There are some parts that do contain specific information, but it will most likely be revealed early on. As for the parts that contain my personal opinion, they are mostly in conjunction with observations, advice or suggestions towards the author. - Supremacy games is a brilliant novel with an extensive focus on character and worldbuilding. The author makes significant attempts to give insight to the reader over any confusion, and masterfully explains things without ruminating over important details, that readers may find the answer to later on. The world-building is in a different league, as with an interesting premise and a beautiful skill in imagery, the author has managed to deliver it eloquently. There are some points that objectively, bring light to flaws in the worldbuilding, as in a universe governed by a unique standard of deviated laws, there are inevitably some errors that require more of a boring, convoluted, informative explanation of the universal laws of our universe in comparison towards a unique version made of fiction. Obviously, I do not recommend that the author should write an explanation over these insignificant details, as this is a work of fiction. However, as a reader, I find it more interesting to understand the essential laws in complete depth. As this is spoiler-free, I don't want to be specific, but given this context, Asna should be representative of what I mean. This concept is very new as far as I know, and hopefully, the author will manage to execute it reasonably. As for the characters, they're solid. I'd like to see more character development later on in the novel in terms of the main character, as the comedy elements do fit him as of now, but will not in the future. If the comedy assigned to him is static, then the character development suffers. As for the comedy itself, however, it's honestly quite questionable. I suggest focusing more on the serious and thought-provoking themes that could be understood in such a universe. It's quite reasonable to think that in science fiction, cold hard information is more significant than the comedic effect of a character, but this is still up to debate, as this is purely subjective. Cultivation is an essential foundation of this novel. There's no need to be specific, as it is spoilers. Know that among the thousands of Chinese webnovels that merge sci-fi and eastern fantasy, this novel does it excellently. A majority of people have described that the uses of science fiction as a genre, is boring if executed poorly (which almost always does). There's a lot to consider in terms of human progression if you apply the idea of science fiction itself in regards to technology, physics, economy, architecture and etc. The premise behind the story is extremely well-thought-out and clear, to the point where pragmatic details that should fit the story in a way to prevent plot-holes are glossed over, to the benefit of the author. This is proof of advanced literary skills as even without these details, the story itself is very interchanging and versatile as evident in the fact that the author will intentionally explain the tedious concepts in accordance with the current plot points. As a side note, the author will mention "will be explained later on" to many readers when they find specific errors and I'm certainly curious if the author is secretly exceptional as PR, as I'm always motivated to keep reading by their brief and intrinsic way to cover up plot-holes and explain the ideas behind it. While the narrative itself is quite thought out, the underlying idea is very limited in the sense that it is still in the beginning stages of the novel. I hope the idea still remains fresh in the readers and that they do not break the immersion by constantly waiting for a new release. It's been an extremely positive experience to explore the domain the author has managed to create so far, and hopefully, they manage to keep surprising us later on in the novel. The amount of edits that the author has made is also astronomical, meaning the author is always looking to improve for the best reader experience. This novel has a lot of potential. I find myself wondering about what is happening next but never get too attached to that thought. A lot of science fiction novels I've read, all become very boring due to the unnecessary amounts of unreasonable information dumps that cloud the overall story. What needs to be clear is an objective. As this is a gigantic universe with so many details, it's very easy to get lost as a reader. As an example, I find it easier to understand the overall premise, attach myself to the more significant characters and follow what I want to read; as this creates pacing. Information is critical to a reader's knowledge in a science fiction novel and the author has done an incredulous job of acknowledging the reader as an element in the story (as most authors will write for the sake of writing, not caring for anyone that reads it). In conclusion, the author has done a great job writing a web novel based on science fiction, with incredible writing quality, extensive planning, informative worldbuilding, fleshed-out characters and a significant plot. Everything is still very "up in the air," as this is new. However, I'm certain that because of the way the author treats their audience, the novel will be a masterpiece. So far, it's just been a hidden gem.


for no harem I give you 5 stars . . . .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. . . .. . .. .. . ..


At Chapter 96. This novel is good also if you don't understand anything just paragraph comment and author is at your service. I have fun reading from Chapter 1-90 and talking to author , I don't only compliment him , I also criticize him for his shameless barging but He still don't take it to heart and reply to my comment if I don't a discussion of author. Good work Author keep up


This is a Fantastic LN! No I'm not a bot. This is a reincarnation into his younger self before great adventure of their planet begins. It so far seems to be a well written Sci-Fi LN. I have read up to the most recent chapter (117). This is still the begining of the LN so it is a bit hard to figure out the overall objective or direction the Plot will be going. So far the Sci-Fi or alien World (Online World full of alien humanoids) seems to be fun and interesting. I can't wait to see what the author has planed for the overall plot of this LN.


This book has a somewhat generic start, tbh. It is good, but nothing extraordinary. But the further you progress, it will start to shine. The details of the world, it’s background and the thought put in it are one of the kind. Don’t just skim through it, you’ll miss a lot (like the subtile forshadowing, That is very well executed And details that you need in the future. to name just two things) It is nowhere near perfect. But that is what makes it a masterpiece. The constant improvement of the already good, to now high Quality that doesn’t seem to stop is fascinating, To say the least. The Author Is another charm factor. He is very accessible and patient. so If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask Them. He is constantly trying to improve the content and everything that has to do with the novel. Also there is a discord server, if You wanna Join a bunch of idiots that enjoy the book and hanging out. or if you just want to be more connected with the book. #NotSponsort At last I want to clarify that my comparisons (like good or high quality) are not to the ‘average’ that I have read. but to the books I really like. So author, if your Reading this: Please keep up the good work and try to improve your skills even further. I wish you good luck on your way and hope you will have an constant increase of a loyal fanbase, That will tell You if you do something wrong.


I would praise this novel left and right but im really lazy so all I’ll wright - it’s worth reading, spend your time, not reading this masterpiece is a crime


Good shit... If crack just so happened to be a novel on a chinese light novel site it would be called Supremacy Games.


I would definitely say this novel is a gem. Honestly the world building is really good. And the way the novel describe the world building is not too lenghty yet the information dump is good enough for the readers to understand and imagine the way the world works. Honestly the thing that hooked me is definitely the huge potential in how the world building works and the good and fluid writing style. The only thing that is 'okay' for the moment is the lack of interesting characters. But honestly im okay with basic characters if the world and plot itself is interesting. I would rather have basic characters than really stupid and dumb character from most of the webnovels i read which annoys the shit out of me. Anyway thats all, give it a try if you are reading this to get a feel of someone who have read till chapter 57 at the point of writing this. I can say the novel is top quality for now. (Fingers crossed it will keep that same quality)


Original review: The MC especially to listen to was really cringy. I personally didn't like the way the comedy was shown, it felt forced to me. I am gonna update the review if it gets better / changes for the better. Updated review: I got back into this novel after forgetting about it. Great thing about it is I could remember more and more as i kept reading. As for my original review I can't remember where exactly that happened but I continued from chapter 90 or so and it's not bad at all, updated the review from 3 to 3.6


GONNA GIVE SOME SLIGHT SPOILERS SO HEADS UP And if ur r new to the novel and come join the Authors discord to check the images of Felix in his earlier bloodline stages because the cover photo of the novel will always be the present bloodline look of Felix(MC's name) now let's go into review business This novel is different then your typical novel with stupid MC with overpowered cheats here in this novel we have an MC who uses his brain to come out of every situation he faces.And as for what makes him special he comes from future before his planet gets discovered by some random kingdom space shuttle in the universe and Earths knows they r not alone in the universe.And here in this world humans are weaker than the other races so they discovered a method to become powerful that is by taking the bloodline of other monsters or races and changing their genetics to get that said monsters powers. As for character development each and every character is freshed out and they have brains which they use to think rather than doing dumb things like in other novels to make MC look smarter The world background of the story is that of futuristic technology with VR technology so advanced that people from all galaxies live in VR world since it is easier to meet other people and trade with them and here we have a game which is most popular in all over the universe that is Supremacy Games.The format of Supremacy game is random but every time a person dies in the he dies in real life as well.Here 1 might ask then why is this game in VR instead of real life because it's easier to host and easier to make all required arrangements for the game and don't think that it's gonna be just a game because in this game after a player reaches certain qualifications that said player will start participating in the SG with different races and yes here in this novel we have different races like goblins, elves and other other races and monsters and the races which is dominant in SG will have higher position of Authority in the Universe so in a way SG is a way for all races to not start wars and resolve the disputes in VR world by using supremacy games as a platform And if ur r new to the novel and come join the Authors discord to check the images of Felix in his earlier bloodline stages because the cover photo of the novel will always be the present bloodline look of Felix(MC's name)


honestly I think this book is of good quality. BUT I hate the MC although he has good things like he's not dense and a complete pervert but I HATE his personality there are good thing like how he praises the human raise and stuff but this isn't for me. The MC is too toxic.


I have only ever rated this novel and Lord of the Mysteries; and this is one of the gems of webnovel. The only con I would say is the occasional English error - be it grammar, capitals etc (more prevalent in early chapters like usual). Perhaps there are some instances where situations can be explained more clearly, but that may just be my opinion too. On the other hand, It has a super unique bloodline system and a believable character. There are some complaints on how the percentages work for the system (they in auxiliary chapter), but in my instance I just accepted them and moved on since it's no big deal. Amazing pacing, it doesn't spend excessive amounts of time on a backstory so that the plot maintains it's speed. There are small skips everywhere so when the author says 'something will happen in a few days/hours', we aren't waiting for it to happen. The mc is smart and OP (but not overly so). We have a clear indication of his weaknesses, and there are scenarios where he needs to use his wits to survive. The world building at 260 chapters is limited to the human areas, but we have been given lore to how big the universe is. From what I see, once mc is stronger then he we go out to explore more(but who knows).


This is my fav novel right now, it all started slow the introduction of the plot but things start getting better with the supremacy games. -> One of the best thing about novel is that the author used low-key elements for mc which aren't that popular. Also, all the abilities that he introduced are very interesting and innovative. -> Felix's personality is the biggest +1 for me in the novel. -> The world building has a lots of potential and I hope the author is killing it there. -> Well there hasn't been any MAJOR character development so far aside the MC but the author has shown how each of it's character has a different personality. -> The Fight Sequence, the concept of the supremacy games And Other major explanation is very good. Yeah, there plenty of more pros about the novel but for you to know it you have to read the novel 🤷‍♂️


Setup is similar to the legendary mechanic and its one of the best books you will ever read. The mc is very smart and is focused on getting stronger, but he also doesn't make it define his life, like he still has fun and hang out with women but also doesn't do it excessively. even if you get frustrated in the beginning give it time and you will enjoy it


(Saw this on Reddit and thought "I should post this as a review" and here you go) ----------- Go read Supremacy Games on webnovel, first few chapters are a bit info dumpy, but it's a pure gem after it picks up. Quality increases with time, instead of the opposite that usually happens. I've read a lot of trash novels, and have noticed the recent tendency of both novelupdates and webnovel to not really show the best novels in the top rankings. Series like The First Origin and 48 Hours a Day have never even made it to top 50 as far as I can tell. Recently while trying to find something I enjoy I stumbled onto Supremacy Games on webnovel. Started reading it, and while I didn't get hooked immediately, it was an enjoyable read. The MC is an absolute troll (something that seems to be the norm these days, but is done pretty well here.) Story elements remain consistent, and it seems like the author has everything planned out. The premise itself is super interesting, and something I haven't seen before. The power system while having absolute ranks, is nuanced enough that characters using their brains can triumph over people with a higher rank. I think it's a huge shame that such a gem remains unknown on the site, and doesn't get the attention it deserves. ------- (source:https://***.reddit.com/r/noveltranslations/comments/kmacbn/supremacy_games_super_slept_on/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body) (credits:https://***.reddit.com/user/Responsible-Bus-4896) P.S: Hope this review made you read the Novel!🤣


can anyone recommend me anything like this , "supermancy games" novel ... it's by far one of the best available on the site.. also "is that a wisp" and " death and me" recommendation needed too if possible... any recommendations is fine , even novels not present on this website...just need some thing like these 3 novels, ..... I just can't read anymore of that Young master cliche or sect slave cliche rise to top with no wit or basis... any novel recommendations that can help n not cliche will be helpful... thanks


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