559 A Deep Hole.

Everyone turned at once towards him, appearing quite enlivened by his exclamation.

"What is it?"

Everyone threw their shovels aside and rode their hover platforms in his direction. Upon reaching it, they were surprised to see a pointy sharp yellow rock, resembling a spearhead.

"Is it a rock?" Erik inquired while leaning closer.

"Let's find out." Malak said as she beamed a small shovel and passed it to Khodri.

In a careful manner, he began digging the sides around the yellow rock, exposing more and more hard surfaces around it.

They weren't separated from the first rock, making them a bit confused about what it was.

Soon, all of them picked up their own small shovels and began assisting Khodri after realizing that something big was underneath.

After five minutes or so, they were all left in a state of marvel at the sight of a humanoid statue holding tightly into a broken spear!


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