544 God of Thunder!

'MOTHERF*CKER!!!' Felix cursed loudly with bloodshot eyes after realizing that he had been fooled! 

The entire ambush sequence had flashed right before his eyes, making him understand that Saltz Master was never planning on slaying him...But stealing his parachute!

He didn't know that it was sent to the Shadow Realm but he knew that it was gone!

He couldn't feel its presence at all like it had teleported to another place!

Knowing that he would be in big trouble if he didn't have his parachute, Felix swiftly made the desicion to kill Saltz Master.

He understood that the moment he dies, whatever ability that he used would deactivate on its own and bring back his parachute!

However, when he looked around in his supersonic mode, he didn't manage to spot Saltz Master. The birds flocking over him weren't making his search any easier as they kept blocking his vision.


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