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What is Science and Fantasy

Science and Fantasy is a popular web novel written by the author Sorahana, covering ADVENTURE, NOHAREM, ACTION, SURVIVAL, APPOCALYPSE, ROMANCE, COMEDY, MODERN, MALEPROTAGONIST, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 7.5K readers . The novel is being serialized to 22 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


“Science and fantasy can go together in the real world?” If someone told that to William just a few days before he experienced the apocalypse, he would scoff at their faces. But after the imminent world war that had changed due to virus along with the changes in his own body, William realized that the world is changing. Along with the group of strange people he gathered along ruined city in Country V, William led them all in a new world. World where both superpowers and also modern firearms are both useful! ... The name of the country is on purposely on alphabet because I don’t want to use real country nor making some complicated names… Join the discord to chat with the author and other readers: https://discord.gg/pBy2wGB ... Other novels: -Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete] (historical romance) - Under the Veil of Night [complete] (contemporary romance) - Path of the Lilies: Early Beginning [on long hiatus] (eastern fantasy) - 1 Year of Beginning [complete] (contemporary romance) - Villain Lady [on going] (historical romance) ... If you like my writing, I would really appreciate it if you can support me through either one of these: Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/sorahana2 ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/sorahana Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sorahana Follow me on IG: @sora100518


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Hi, author! I really like your story "1 year of beginning", and then I saw this novel, which have a similar art style with your work! All I can is that I'm a fan and I can't wait to see the end of this novel! It will be cool if you could explain the history of Virus-R. You can also add the symptoms of mad cow disease, rabies, and/or the ancient virus that we can find in the icelands and make them work on the human body. Aside from that, I think is novel is great, and I really enjoy reading it! If you want to leave a review on my novel (light novel X manga) for a review swap, that will be great! But review swap or not, I really like your novel! Good luck for the spirity awards!


I forgot this thing called review exist. anyway writing quality is good so far and the story is unfolding slowly but surely, it's not rushed but it doesn't feel too slow either. for the character, still too early to decide but from what I see so far they are agreeable and realistic enough. the update tho, maybe I should summon the riot squad Sora? as for the world background take, definitely not the first to take the approach of living infected instead of dead one but still quite unique since so far it's different from most, or maybe it's a mash of many XD. anyway, the world background seems fine. keep up that good work Sora, don't forget to sleep on time. I know you've been staying up late again ತ_ತ


The current chapter and my current read is Chapter 13 but I have a really really good feeling that this story is so so good just like Sora's previous works.


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