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What is Ravens of Eternity

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A young woman is reborn inside a mecha VRMMO consumed by galactic warfare, and must rise above the failings of her old life or be lost forever. As she ascends, a spreading darkness threatens to tear her galaxy apart. Story updates M-F 10am PST (GMT -7) --- Hello! Thanks for checking out Ravens of Eternity! It’s about a young woman who wakes up in a hostile and dangerous universe and needs to learn to fight for her survival. It explores many themes from empowerment to trauma to loss. This novel is inspired by many mecha anime like Macross and Code Geass, as well as novels like Tanya the Evil and The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. It is also inspired by games like Mass Effect, Armored Core, and Star Citizen. The novel is also inspired by various space opera and sci fi movies and TV shows, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, Doctor Who, The Mandalorian… The list goes on. If you're a fan of space battles, then you're in luck! This novel is going to have plenty of them. Eventually, there will be huge fleets attacking each other across solar systems. It'll be epic! This novel most certainly has explicit language, violence, and sexual scenes, though none are over-the-top or gratuitous. There are also scenes that deal with various traumas, from physical to emotional to mental. Lots of heavy stuff. Please enjoy! Find me on: Instagram, Twitter - @CeritusOrbis Discord - ceritus#0611 linktr.ee/CeritusOrbis

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I love everything about this book except the fact that it locks the chapters starting from chapter 14. I love the concept of a futuristic world and the writing is definitely great but it sucks that you have to use fast passes and/or unlock chapters so early on, and you can't really enjoy the book without spending.


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I like the story so rate it like this but the problem is that this will turn into romance and I'm not ready for that yet..... So yeah乁( •_• )ㄏ


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I finished reading up to the latest chapter and i gotta say i really enjoyed this novel and am really excited to see what comes next! Thanks for the amazing work


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Love the cover page! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 The story is interesting, also your characters. The world you have created is nicely designed. Well done, Author.


The other review says all i have to say but thought you deserved a 5 star for just how brilliant the bit I’ve read is i commented on chapter before i read review lol


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Author here coming in with the 13th review, so you don’t have to, lol. Wanted to take this time to thank everyone for all your support. I appreciate all of you, even if you’ve only read a single chapter. For those who comment regularly - sorry I don’t respond right away. I can only see them if I review the chapters over and over (or if I visit your profile directly). And for those who don’t comment at all and just read - I want you to know that I see you, and I appreciate you. For anyone who wants to chat, feel free to reach out via Discord. Hope you all continue to enjoy the book and I hope to see you all at the end!


so far good


I recently found the book and really enjoyed the book. I got caught up with the most recent chapter. I look forward to what will come next in the book.


I’m just gonna say it now I have just started it and I’m having a blast sucks it’s locked from 14 tho… and just think there should be tags, I was skeptical as to what I was getting into. It’s fun tho.great work




very good! the author is doing a great job. It's hard these days to find a job whose female protagonist is not a militant freak who hates and curses men at the first opportunity she gets..this book is written with mastery, the protagonist has a good brain in the head and knows how to reason and judge right and wrong.!!


I am giving the low world background because of the physics problems. The author mentions speeds like 200m/s 100m/s as the maximal speed of some engines. They are in space and in space, there is no terminal velocity other than the speed of light so engines can keep accelerating until they reach it. In space, the speed is almost of no consequence. The only important is relative speed or delta-v (delta velocity). That is a difference of speed between two objects. If the author wants to express the power of engines he/she should express it as acceleration and not speed. Speed starts to matter only in the atmosphere because the friction of air introduces terminal velocity. To surpass this terminal velocity you need to increase engine power and when the speed increases so does the friction so to keep increasing maximal speed you need to increase engine power. In space, there is no friction and therefore no force that limits the maximum achievable speed of shuttler/ space fighter/rocket/missile/escape pod. The only terminal velocity in space is the speed of light and only when objects is moving in relativistic velocities the engine speed maters. So if there is some engine speed limit it should be in percents of C that is about 2000000 m/s upwards and more likely 10000000 m/s and absolutely nowhere as lows 200 m/s. I like the story but these physics problems introduce in me a such massive dissonance. (That is't how reality works like). The other sci fi things aren'T that problematic but this is to me so fundamental that it breaks me out of the story. And it would be so easy to fix it wouldn't affect the story much and I would be glad to give a much higher rating than what I given now.


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