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What is Pokemon Master of tactics

Pokemon Master of tactics is a popular fanfic written by the author alex02373, covering POKEMON, SYSTEM, REINCARNATION, ADVENTURE, ACTION, ROMANCE, COMEDY, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 1.5M readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 95 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 81 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


If Alex ever got the chance to get transmigrated into a world, he would choose Pokemon World. Since it is relatively safe. It is easy to earn money. Not to mention, such an adventurous and intriguing world. But when his wish somehow came true, he regretted it. If you want to see the next chapters earlier or just want to support me, you can do that at https://www.patreon.com/alex02373 editor: JoJo_Soni


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Hmmm....what could i say. tbh, i think this is the best pokemon fanfic. bcz it is most unique one. I haven't read many fanfics, but most i could find were so boring. i hate it when mc is "blessing" of "god". or some broken power. it doesn't feel like pokemon at all. i mean if some mc become strong themselves slowly after training for a lot of years then i understand, but many are so op from the childhood. but this fanfic is quite realistic. although i didn't like how he fell in love, but i can ignore it. the thing that not everything goes his way and he has to constantly worry about money makes it so relatable. hope to see more and more chapters of this fanfic


It's Unique and very good. the story tells you that not everything is good like in the anime, but not overwhelms the reader with cruel and disgusting things, also the mc have a decent development and that's rare in fanfics, usually the mc are emos that doesn't give a damn and the authors put the antihero tag as if they are fans of kirito. absolutly recommended


Alright, everyone, I assume you all are familiar with the process by now for those who are new, let me tell you how this will go down. First, we will discuss the plot of the story; the things that are happening within the story, etc. Second, we will move on to start rating the novel on multiple categories; furthermore explaining the pros and cons of this novel. And finally, I will express my thoughts about the novel. Let's start now; first and foremost, our main character's name is Alex. He is an OG character in the alternative world of pokemon, he is an orphan with an affiliation with Team Rocket. There is a fairly well-described ranking system within the criminal organization and our MC starts at the very bottom of the food chain. Alex (Author) has shown a high level of creativity while making the various details in the ranking system, he has also introduced a talent ranking system for pokemon which is described using a simple (SSS, SS, S, A) system. The Mc currently has shown no interest in tackling gym owners and is solely focused on strengthening his team which is a good route in my opinion. The Mc is not overpowered in any way and even has to struggle to move forward, he has fairly common pokemon on his team with fairly good potential ranking. The pokemon on Alex (MC) team are not the best but very original and believable. The story starts sloppy and feels a bit out of pace but with each progressive chapter, the writing, and world-building improve, as of yet, it has reached a good level; shoutout to Jojo_Soni (Editor). And believe me, when I say good, I am very critical while writing reviews; those who have read my previous reviews know that. Back to the review, so as I was saying, the story starts off at a decent level with Mc having a decent personality, though a bit naive which isn't really a problem. The budding attraction towards a girl (OG character) is also believable since our Mc is just a teenager though it did irritate me in the beginning. Let me clarify that Mc is not an idiot neither a lovestruck fool, one of the reasons why I am willing to overlook his initial interaction with the girl. Anyway, this story is more focused on the adventure aspect rather than romance which I like and support very much. The Mc has his own struggles and is capable of losing which means the plot armor is well balanced given this development is a weak-to-strong type. Alex (MC) is quite smart and a resourceful guy who's sole purpose is to become strong to increase his standing in the world, Alex (Author) has done a good job in expanding the world of pokemon by introducing more believable things in the story like the black market, murder, etc. Currently, not OG pokemon protagonists are seen in the novel even though the side characters like Brock and Steven (Future Champion) are present in the novel. Mc is ruthless well he needs to be but acts cautiously which I support. He doesn't trust anyone to a plausible level as of yet, not even the potential female lead which I also support. (Hell yeah!) Anyway, so yeah I have explained the basic details of the plot without spoiling anything major, there are things I haven't added in the review because I don't want to spoil the plot for new readers. Moving on, we need to discuss the stats. Release rate:-(4.7/5.0) The author releases a whole chapter which contains a proper schedule containing the release date of the upcoming chapters, I haven't seen anyone do this as of yet which is the reason why I am rating it so high! World-Building:-(4.3/5.0) The author is new to writing stuff but has a strong base, much better than when I started off with my own writing style. He has done a great job in introducing the world-building and other aspects but all of that needs more refining and detailing which can be done in the upcoming chapters. You should expand more on the working of the various organization that you have introduced unless you want them to be a secret for now. Character design:-(??/5.0) The Mc starts off ok, not too smart, not too stupid, not too naive, not too mature; rather well balanced I must say. There are times when I want to smack him on the back of his head and there are times when I want to give him candy. (No, I am not a pedophile, Fuck off!) Overall, I don't really have an opinion on his personality as of yet, I will wait and see how he grows. Though I hope, you work more on his romantic side of the personality, it needs to be better defined. Plot progression:-(4.3/5.0) The direction of the plot is good and well-paced but we have no idea about where is the plot heading to, like what does Mc want to achieve or what are his goals and plans to achieve his goals, this needs to be defined in the upcoming chapters as I would like to know what is he aiming for? He wants to become strong and leave Team rocket but what then? And how does he actually plan to leave Team Rocket? But this also works in your favor as you can keep on fantasizing about various things that the Mc can do and it also gives the Author a much wider range of actions. Finally, since we have finished the stats discussion, now it is time for my personal thoughts on this novel. My thoughts:-(4.8/5.0) This novel has a very high potential to exceed the most popular pokemon novel on this platform, the only criticism I can do is that this gem needs a lot of polishing, both by Jojo_Soni (Editor) and Alex (Author). The highly recommend this book and have even added this to my public collection known as "Legendary Novels", this is also the only pokemon novel I am actually interested in reading as of yet. I have been following this novel since it had only 4 chapters and am very proud of my fellow author and Editor. Even so, being as critical as I must be, I have explained all the stuff that needed to be explained. Once again, shoutout to Jojo_Soni and Alex for presenting this site with such a wonderful and refreshing read. Alright, this is it for now; you guys know the drill if I find a novel with good potential, I am always leaving a legendary review. Peace and love~ Legendary person~


I fell in love with the novel, nothing more to say, but please do not end up as the Chinese author, it is a more readable, interesting version and finally the blessed names of the pokémon are understood. I love Pokémon fics, so I've already read all kinds of fic, from disgusting stuff to readable fics. I wish you health and that you develop well the pokemon universe and the characters. I would give it a 10 out of 10, my ratings are from a raw reader, so my requirements are minimal for a pokemon fic.


TL;DR - pretty great writing, quality author Story starts off well with a very logical mc. Has a realistic world view and makes decisions that those with actual common sense would in his situation. Has a system but it is not invasive or controlling, he essentially has a non-physical pokedex he can use (no personality of its own, thankfully). I didn't give it full stars because at some point the pokemon stop acting like pokes and start acting like human people for some reason. They act like teenagers following an uncle they don't really like but listen to anyway. Mc is still great, pokes for the most part are still great. It doesn't seem to have any over arching story to it, more slice of life, but fun enough to keep reading. If you read through the chapter comments you will find that the Author really does care for his readers and addresses even my own petty complaints. Quite rare on this site to be sure. Definitely worth the read :)


One of the best Pokémon fanfics I've seen. Keep it up (Need to hit 140 character minimum.......................................)


I really like this story and everythink abaut it the setting is cool not everthink is good anf happy the mc has emotions that are somewhere comprehendtif he is not op without a reason. I saw a lot of peaple saying there is a story exactly like this which is likley the inspiration for this one but nothink more I mean even the first chapter is diffrent even if it s only a little detail ( diffrent Team Rocket Frontspeaker ) but the biggest diffrence is quality of style (the hole eastern writing style is in my opinion pretty taxing to read) and the grammar is made by human instead of maschine so this story will as it contiues only outperform the inspiration


I like the realistic point of view of the pokemon world, especially when the mc isn't op and the system only serves for checking stats/potential/moves.


This is the best Pokemon fanfic I have read. Both the character and the background of the world are well developed and the story follows a very interesting line of thinking.


Really like this story, MC is not a goody two shoes, but also not stereotypical evil. Although I didn’t like the random love at first sight development, it thankfully doesn’t divert from the main plot.💕


Great take on Pokemon, Very different from any other story you find based on Pokemon, I would like to see more of this. Character design is good though it needs a bit of improvement, story development is what stands out for this story, Unique and fresh. World background is pretty neat. Stability of updates is good, I just hope the chapters are longer. They are getting too short, I hope the author works on this. More updates and longer chapters please.


Good Fanfic. (Read till CHP 79 which is the latest CHP so far) MC is smart (not super smart) which is very realistic. He's intelligence is consistent. He won't take any dumb choices just so a plot can be developed. He is sufficiently cautious to survive in a dangerous world and takes calculated risks. Story is very consistent, no plot holes as such. The growth of pokemons is consistent too. There ain't any dumb power ups so far. Even other characters are very realistic and mostly take sane choices (though a few dumb folks and 1 young master has been shown so far, but barely any attention is paid on them, so that's alright with me). The world of Pokémon is very realistically built. And the struggle of someone without a background and without any monster backing him is shown very realistically. Kinda would have preferred if system wouldn't had been there, but the system isn't given any op powers (only power is identifying level, gender, potential, ability and moves). So that's fine too. The rate of release is a bit slow (3-4 chp per week), but seems consistent. I hope author keeps this style of writing and that he doesn't drop the fanfic midway.




This story is very good. Just wish the MC didn't fall for a chick the second he sees her...................................................................


Now I haven't read this yet but from the overview it seems pretty good. I've only ever read one good Pokemon fanfic but I think the author dropped it so I'm glad to see one like it even though I haven't actually read it.


Reveal spoiler


Great Story so far.


Fantastic story truly a great read definitely recommend reading this you won't regret it the only bad thing I can say is the chapters are small that's it that's the only bad thing


Story with a normal start and is fun to read.....but just don't make it too fast like he is already at elite class at 60th chapter ... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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