27 Pokemon master of tactics: Chapter 27

After Zubat was healed, Alex and Zubat went deeper into the Beedrill area. On the way, they met many Kakuna and Weedle hiding on trees. Alex ignored these Pokemon after seeing their info. Most of them were normal. although a few were bronze, Alex thought it wasn't worth catching low lv bronze Pokemon. especially if he only has 8 Pokeball.

Kakuna and Weedle are Pokemon that never attack other Pokemon for no reason. As long as you don't attack them yourself, these Pokemon ignore you.

Alex went on and after 20 minutes Zubat spotted 5 Beedrill.

4 beedrill was normal and 13-16 lv and one beedrill were 16 and bronze.

Zubat saw Alex signs and understood that he should carry out tactic 1. He hit the weakest Beedrill with a shadow ball on the head. a critical hit. the weak beedrill passed out immediately.

4 Beedrill were pissed off by the sudden attack and flew in the direction of Zubat.

The fight doesn't last long. The Beedrill could only use String Shot and Poison Sting against this fast Zubat. Zubat dodged all attacks or used Protect and Haze to defend against these attacks. Although he can only use Protect once, he doesn't have to use it more often in this fight. Zubat was able to skillfully evade almost all attacks.

Alex saw how Zubat defeated all Beedrill with little harm and was proud that his training paid off. He went to the bronze beedrill and caught it.

He saw how Zubat suddenly glowed and thought "Nice, Zubat is going to evolve to Golbat. Wait, I have a good idea"

Alex took out the two daily potions of Tauros blood and said "Zubat drink this"

When a Pokemon evolves, it will take all the energy from the Pokemon to evolve. This is the best time to give valuable items. It can make the Pokemon permanently stronger and rare items can increase a Pokemon's potential. Although Tauros' blood is not very rare, it is an expensive item. It can't improve Zubat's potential, but it can give him a little more permanent strength.

Zubat drinks the Tauros blood and the light grew stronger. Zubat grew with the light and slowly grew larger. When the light stopped shining, there was a 1.7 m Golbat in Zubat's place.

Golbat is a large, blue, bat-like Pokémon with purple wing membranes. It has small eyes with slit-like pupils, along with tiny triangular ears with purple insides, and a massive mouth with two fangs in each jaw.


Pokémon: Golbat

LV: 22

Attribute: Poison Flying

Abilities : Inner Focus

Gender: Male

Potential: Silver

Moves: Absorb, Ultrasonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Swift, Haze, (innate talent)Shadow Ball, (TM)Protect


Alex saw Zubat become a Golbat and was very happy. Golbat has a Total of 455 Base stats, an Attack of 80, and a speed of 90. Although these stats are not impressive, they are good for a not yet fully evolving Pokemon.

Golbat is now much faster than before and his attacks are also much stronger than before. Alex thinks he can easily defeat Maria's Ekans now. Even when it evolves to Arbok, Alex doesn't think Arbok has a good chance against Golbat.

Alex said "Golbat, how do you like your new body?"

Golbat looked at Alex and said in sign language "I love it. I'm so much stronger than this overgrown insect now. He thought he could easily defeat me. Hmmm, I'll show him who the boss is."

Alex smiles and says playfully "Golbat, who's the boss? Think before you answer. By the way, should I buy more of this Tauros blood?

Golbat looks at Alex for a few seconds and said "you are the boss. Boss, this Tauros blood was delicious, please buy more of it."

Alex smiled and didn't answer.

When Pokémon get stronger quickly, they can get arrogant. When that happens a trainer has to find a way to suppress the Pokemon and show that the trainer is the boss.

It can even happen if an arrogant Pokemon has a bad relationship with the trainer that it rebels.

Alex knows this and tries to keep Zubat's arrogance at bay. It's hard when a trainer doesn't have any other Pokemon to suppress an Arrogant Pokemon. Fortunately, Alex's relationship with Golbat is very good so he doesn't have to struggle to suppress Golbat.

the forest was slowly getting dark.

Alex knew that he had to find a good resting place. Fortunately, he bought camping equipment so that he doesn't have to sleep on the ground. So he has provisions for a month so that he doesn't have to look for food. This also shows how useful the TRH device is because the TRH device can store a large number of items.

After 20 minutes they found a good place to sleep near an uninhabited tree. Alex ate the daily ration and went to sleep in a tent.

Golbat is a Pokemon that emits sound waves while sleeping and therefore knows when a Pokemon is approaching it even while sleeping. That makes Golbat the perfect Pokemon to protect his trainer at night.

Golbat slept in the tree just a few meters from Alex's tent. It is close enough to spot any danger beforehand.

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, the sun rises from the east horizon again, and Alex wakes up from his dream at a fixed time by the alarm clock set on the TRH device.

It was only 6 in the morning, but at this point, most of the residents in the forest had already woken up. Alex had just pushed open the door of the tent and walked out.

Alex has carved various markings on trees to find ways back. So Alex can go to the Scyther area at any time or leave the forest without getting lost.

Alex saw a group of Butterfree gathering nectar around some flowers that were illuminated by the sun and also saw some Rattata digging into some small holes with these nut-like fruits in their mouths.

The entire forest quickly came to life, and now in front of Alex, it presents a peaceful scene without contention.

Unfortunately, what Alex now sees is only the scene that's all displayed by the creatures at the bottom of the entire forest food chain. but if a violent Pokémon, such as Beedrill, Spearow, and Arbok would appear, this The tranquil and peaceful scene would instantly be broken, and the hunting games of chase and escape that appeared daily in the forest would begin again.

Alex saw this and thought "Sad but true if you have no strength you can only be food in this world. Fortunately, I am strong enough to defend myself against most of the Pokémon in this forest. But I have to get a lot stronger. Only with strength, you can have safety and freedom. "

Alex smiled and said, "Golbat, let's pick up our new partner."

Golbat nodded and followed Alex who was walking towards the Scyther domain.

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