115 Pokemon master of tactics: Chapter 115

Alex took some Super Potions out of his TRH device and started healing his Pokémon.

Although Kirlia has a healing move, it is not on Expert rank. And therefore, it is worse than a Super Potion. Only Scizor's Roost has a better effect than Super Potion, so he doesn't need any healing items.

Then he looked at the area he wanted to explore next. Although other areas have many enticing things, Area 10 has one particular item that piqued Alex's interest.


Area 10#

Danger level: Orange

Pokémon leader: Mid-Elite Onix (Very Aggressive)

Rare Pokémon: Phanpy, ???

Rare Items: Moon Stone, ???


'Rare Items' only shows items that can be often found in this area. This means that there are probably a lot of Moonstone in this rocky area.

Although Alex doesn't own a Pokémon for whom Moon Stone is useful, Moon Stones are generally valuable and a great way to make quick money. Especially if you can find the Mid and High Moon Stones.

Finding Top-Moon Stones is very unlikely but not impossible. Especially in this area, which was very appealing to Alex. Top-Moon Stones cannot be bought just like that. Such valuable items are often sold in big auctions for a lot of money. Although Alex doesn't know the value a Top-Moon Stone can be auctioned, he guessed that it has to be at least 1 million Pokédollars. Probably even more. A lot more.

Although he has a way to make money, it is not very safe to do it frequently. He can't sell too many Silver Pokémon at once, or else someone will find out that something is wrong. Although he can probably earn several million Pokédollars after a few months, it is unfortunately not enough for Alex now.

He now has 6 Pokémon who eat expensive food every day, which costs him an average of 6000 Pokédollars daily. In addition, training items and healing items cost around 2000 daily (he trains daily).

That means that he spends at least 8000 Pokédollars per day. Probably even more if you factor in other things.

This way, he loses at least 240,000 Pokédollars per month. However, it is most likely more than 300,000 Pokédollars (because of Pokémon that eat more like Shieldon). This is without taking into account the purchase of TMs or valuable Pokémon items.

Although he can probably make 1,000,000 Pokédollars a month if he stays in a city, Alex thinks he can make even more money on this island. While a bit more dangerous, the rewards are really very good.

If the map doesn't have any wrong information, there are various valuable items on this island that are just waiting to be found. Alex was very pleased with Giovanni's reward. For him, it's even better than a Gold Pokémon. As long as he uses the information given to him wisely and is careful enough, this island is not really dangerous for him. He can also train his Pokémon faster on this island, which is also a great advantage.

Alex and his Pokémon slowly left Area 3 and started to enter neighboring Area 10. This area is connected to the sand coast and turns into a rocky and uneven area.

Many different Rock, Ground, and Steel-type Pokémon were visible when Alex entered this area. Nosepass, Geodude, and Sandshrew were commonly found Pokémon here.

He also saw a few Silver Pokémon among those Pokémon.

Although Alex would like to capture all these Pokémon, he doesn't have enough food to give them.

Pokémon can survive for a long time without food (it's bad for training if Pokémon don't eat every day), but 2 months is asking for too much.

Pokémon in the Pokéballs consume their food much more slowly and therefore can stay in these Pokéballs for a long time. It is ok to leave a caught Pokémon for at least 3 weeks without food in the Pokéball, as long as it has not entered the Pokéball with an empty stomach.

Alex, who wanted to save food, will only start catching Pokémon in the last 3 weeks. Of course, if he finds a Gold Pokémon or a valuable Silver Pokémon, he won't miss the opportunity.

As he moved around the Big Area, almost all of the Pokémon in the wild avoided them. These Pokémon were able to assess Alex's Pokémon well and didn't want to provoke Alex. Although a few very aggressive Pokémon, who couldn't use their mind properly, still attacked Alex. And they were quickly defeated by Alex's Pokémon.

Alex suddenly saw a strong Pokémon arrogantly walking in his direction.


Pokémon: Golem

LV: 40

Type: Rock / Ground

Abilities: Sturdy

Gender: Male

Potential: Deep Silver


- Defense Curl, Tackle, Sand Attack, Bide, Rock Throw, Stealth Rock, Take Down, Self-Destruct, Rock Slide, Double-Edge

- (Innate Talent) Earthquake [E]


"Earthquake on the Expert rank is really good. Deep Silver isn't bad either. It's a shame that I don't like his talent, nor is he any good compared to my Pokémon. The only advantage he has is that he is an Elite Pokémon."

"But convincing these arrogant Pokémon is really not worth the effort. I'd rather catch it and sell it for good money." (hush! hush! don't say it)

Even if Alex has to sacrifice a bit of his excellent Pokémon food to catch this Golem, it is well worth the effort. Golem is a popular Pokémon species that can be sold for a good amount of money. The Earthquake had ranked on the Expert, and it is at the Elite level, so it should fetch a lot of money. Especially when you consider that Silver Pokémon are still relatively rare.

Alex saw that his Pokémon were in an alert position and tried to warn Golem to not come near. And yet, this arrogant Pokémon was still slowly moving towards them without any care.

Alex could understand these arrogant Pokémon a bit. Usually, Elite Pokémon are not afraid of other non-Elite Pokémon even if they are in a group. As long as this group does not have many Pokémon higher than LV 35, it will not be afraid of group battles. Maybe if Alex had 3 LV 39 Pokémon, Golem wouldn't dare to be so arrogant. But because Alex's Pokémon have relatively low levels, Golem was not afraid.

Fortunately, Alex Pokémon are very well trained, making them a lot stronger than regular Wild Pokémon.

"Even though he's weaker than Kingler, he has a really annoying move." Alex thought as he noticed that they are just about in Golem's range of attack.


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