New Life; Fun Life Book

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New Life; Fun Life


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Author Heroes are not born... They are made. Liam tran... Liam Cut!... I'm no fucking hero, correct that now. Author *Ahem* it seems there is confusion somewhere, sorry for the inconvenience. Liam, a boy who dreamt of Eternal Peace, transmigrated into a fantasy world. Having no other option... He decides to pursue the other form of Eternal peace... Eternal Happiness. But with evil lurking at all corners of his new world... It would be a difficult dream to archive. Join us, on our journey to... Eternal Peace/Happiness. Liam. Cut!... Not us... only me. Author I thought we are in this together. Partners... Till the end. Liam It seems the author is suffering from... An unknown disease. Join me, on my journey to... Eternal Peace or Happiness. Either would be good for me. And for those looking down on us... I'm watching you. And for those thinking; it's interesting... You're my best pal. Thanks, Fam. Watch out for this epic tale... One that you only see in... Don't know the length. Just enjoy. {Disclaimer} The cover isn't mine, so if you know the artist or you are the artist. I'll be glad if you contact me, I'll do my best to appreciate your wonderful work. https://discord.gg/5jRzj65WbV Discord link. Do join if you're interested. Thanks.