My CEO Daddy is Gay?
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My CEO Daddy is Gay?


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What is My CEO Daddy is Gay?

My CEO Daddy is Gay? is a popular web novel written by the author Honey15, covering ROMANCE, R-18, MODERN, CHILD, COMEDY, DRAMA, CEO, LOVE-AND-HATE RELATIONSHIP, PARENTHOOD, FILIPINO AUTHOR, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 34.5K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 4 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 42 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


“Are you sure this is the right address?” “I’m pretty sure.” They rang the doorbell and a tall handsome man stood in front of them. “Alex?” “Hi, Robbie.” “It’s been a long time.” “Yeah, well..” “Mom,” said a girl who emerged from behind her. “Is he the one?” “The one what?” She rolled her eyes. “Duh?! Can’t you see? I’m your daughter.” “What?! That can’t be right.” “Better believe it, stupid!” “Honey!” “What?” “I thought you said I’m gay, Alex?” “You’re what?” “You hear that right, honey. Your daddy is gay.” ********** All that ten-year old Sasha ever wanted was to meet her true father but every time she asked her mom, she always tried to make excuses. Until one day, as a birthday gift, she finally convinced her to bring her to meet her real father. What she didn’t expect is that he is not what she thought he would be... Allison Jane Macatangay has been known as one of the youngest top models in the fashion world. She had been in the covers of magazines in the country until one day, her dreams had been shattered when she got pregnant by her best friend, Robbie. Thirty-three year old Robert James Magsano, the CEO of JM Cosmetics had almost everything he ever wanted except for one thing. Everyone thinks he is gay because of one person, Alex. So to prove her wrong, he gave her a night she would remember expecting her to tell everyone about it. Except she fled out of the country, and he was left owning up to the stereotype the media has thought of him. For ten years, his life was normal until one day, Alex showed up in his doorstep with a ten-year old girl claiming to be his daughter. Will this news bring Alex and Robbie together or will it tear them apart? What will Sasha do upon knowing who his father is? Come and find out. ************* Gold Tier Winner of WFP#15: Parenthood. Thank you for all your support. *Cover photo is not mine. *Credits:The photo was taken for a Korean Illustration called The Best Gift of My Life by Hwangmin and drawn by RM. Thank you.

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A stubborn pair got their love rekindled (hopefully) by their daughter. I love the innocence of Sasha whose actions leads to all kinds of misunderstandings all of which turns out to be for the best(hopefully lol).


Reveal spoiler


I like the way you described it, a great start, very catchy, I am not done reading it fully but I like the design of your character. A great novel to read, Looking forward For more updates!


Hello readers! Your lovely author here. Thank you for trying out my novel. This novel had won a Gold Tier WFP #15 Parenthood. I hope you continue to read, vote and support. Thank you. All my loves.😘 Honey15


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