MCU: I am 05-1

Author: The_Noobulas
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What is MCU: I am 05-1

Read ‘MCU: I am 05-1’ Online for Free, written by the author The_Noobulas, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering SYSTEM Fanfiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Fan Fiction, ISEKAI Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: a man gets sucked into the MCU during a multiverse collapse and told that he has become the new 05 for the SCP Foundatio...


a man gets sucked into the MCU during a multiverse collapse and told that he has become the new 05 for the SCP Foundation, the only thing... it doesn't exist yet. so the question is, is he up for the task?

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Soso an alien, tricked Affan the great into bestowing powers upon him. But, due to a mistake made by his minion robot, H.E.X.A., Soso lost the powers to the ocean. Soso thought that he had lost the powers forever. But, one day, a sailor found the crystal that contained the powers at the cost of his ship. Several years later, the powers ended up in a jeweler's shop, as a friend of his had sent it to him to find out what it exactly was. The very same day, a pair of twins mistook the crystal to be a 'priceless gemstone' and bought it as a 'birthday present' for their best friend 'Arman'. Little did they know that this would have a huge impact on the future of the entire world. Arman was taken completely aback, as a fiery red glow was seeping through the pores on his skin, into his body. The FLAME KING had descended to the surface, causing the other KINGS to be wary of him. Now, Arman must grow strong, as the KINGS are on the hunt. But, what Arman had taken to be a 'war for survival' turned out to be a feud between those who decided the fate of the world. So are you ready, to follow Arman, In his journey to restore peace in the space and have revenge for his lineage? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Jump in and add this to your collection. Important Notice: Many readers might have already noticed that the world background is not developed. There isn't even one percent of world development. But that is done on purpose. The world background in Flame Man plays a crucial role in its main story, which is to be kept secret till the time comes. But if you want, comment it and we will add the world border right away. Extra Tags:- WEAK TO STRONG, RATED 12+, DUNGEON, MONSTER, MAGIC, MULTIVERSAL(SINGULAR- UNIVERSE, PLURAL- MULTIVERSE), MULTI-QUINTILLIONAIRE, HELL.

FlameBrothers · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
49 Chs


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Finally a SCP fanfic, I have been searching for SCP fanfic for a long time but only found some Chinese novels. I hope you will not drop it


i want more bro it good best scp stoy i read so far. It good It good It good It good It good It good It good It good It good It good It good It good It good It good It good It good


It's a nice piece of work but not without its drawbacks. .Writing Quality: 5/5, It's great. The author doubts his writing style at times but to be honest I don't see much problem with it. For sure it could be improved. There's always room for improvement afterall. But in my opinion the blurry picture that he draws is kinda interesting and fits the vibe of this fic, at least in this beginning phase where generating mystery is the main factor. He could work on the dialogues a bit to make it sound less robotic. .Story Development: 4/5, Quite decent story progression as of chapter 25. At least if we consider the MC's personal front. He started from scratch and made decent enough progress given his adversaries. As much as I want to see him curb stomping everyone in marvel with SCP powers, that would not make a proper SCP foundation story. Nor will it have much character depth. Hence I approve of what the author has done so far. A bit slow for my taste but still a decent progress. .Character Design: 4/5, needless to say I quite like the characters here. Not the marvel ones, they're a bit 1d for my taste. But they haven't had much screen time till now anyways. Hence that's okay. I like the main character. He's flawed. He's not good at this. Even with a system he's behind. But he's not some miserable no life MC that y'all sadistic readers love on this app. He has a good head on his shoulders. He makes use of it. and he makes human mistakes. he's hard working. His mistakes cost him dearly and he learns from them and does not repeat it. He's not 1d focused on a single goal. That is a good character imo. But idk if it will cater to this app's audience who prefer weak miserable MCs, and start complaining with single spark of power. Other characters in the foundation are quite fine too. Even though system generated they aren't mere puppets. And they act like good subordinates that help their leader. Being harsh at times if need be. I quite like that. .Updating Stability: 2/5, Not gonna lie it's quite bad. Like for real. Don't expect regular updates coz it doesn't have any schedule. I'd give the author the benefit of doubt that he'll complete this story someday as he promised, because I myself want it completed but I'll only believe it when I see it. .World Background: 4/5, So far it's been interesting. It's an unmapped territory and there's still way too many things to explore. We haven't even moved from the initial phases in the story so I can't rate it higher. Still I like what have seen so far. ..Overall it's a good start. Quality chapter takes time to generate. This fic certainly has quality. I won't complain much about updates so long the releases are good quality.


This novel was an interesting read and a good surprise to me to find and the four point eight stars rating on this is mostly based on me wanting the novel writer to write more chapters and that it is better than most novel and this could be interesting if done better than similar novels


it is okay to read, a lot of plot inconsistencies, feels like a fragmented story, common sense is not common here, the mc is arrogant and ignorant, the system is almost useless and somehow it is more stupid than mc, system should have been a guide and provide basic guideline for foundation and for mc, character growth should have been in the starting chapters not at the later chapters (chapters 20), and author you seem to lack knowledge of what 05 scp foundation are, what is mc unique character trait? from what I'm seeing he is lacking most basic knowledge, discipline, leadership, wisdom.last but not least, pov changes which have marks like ** or --- even, scenes change are too abrupt.


brilliant, idea. I'll change this reveiw if my feelings change, but if this is still the same as when I posted then it's to say that I'm still enjoying it.


Fantastic there is only a minor issue sometimes the story become a bit clump and hard to dissect for me a non english speaker overall good job author hope to see a new update soon


It could be better without unnecessary parts such as the system saying “ummmm yes” which as the system is an ai it shouldn't be able to stutter or need to think. The idea is there and its good but the quality of writing can be better. Not many grammar mistakes.


I hope you keep this because there aren't many SCP fanfics, so please try to keep it up. I know it may be hard to continue writing, so take some breaks, and then please continue because it's a great story!!!!


Reveal spoiler




It's a fine novel but the weird (not significant in any way, just weird) grammar, the pretty clueless MC and the horrendous update schedule leaves a lot to be desired. Author said he won't drop it but repeatedly takes months between updates so I have no hope that it will be finished ever... you make good content author, but the lack of updates and the underwhelming MC makes me want to skip this. If the updates were more frequent I'd keep reading but I get life is more important. Good luck with the rest of the story.


Best SCP fan fic I've read, hoping for more chapters, keep it up author.


simply the best scp foundation story I've seen on the platform in my opinion




Good concept, good writing. "kingdom building" in a sense, I like the fact the mc makes actual mistakes that affect him instead of doing everything perfectly like a machine. Looking forward to this continuing


Awesome fic.Been searching for an SCP fic like forever.




This is one of my favorite fanfic's I have been able to read.


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