MCU: I am 05-1

a man gets sucked into the MCU during a multiverse collapse and told that he has become the new 05 for the SCP Foundation, the only thing... it doesn't exist yet. so the question is, is he up for the task?

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Chapter 16

my ears rang and my breath hurt, Jones and I fled down the alleyway, but considering he had a major limp and I couldn't seem to walk in a straight line, we weren't making much progress. we could still hear the steady footsteps of Barnes behind us, though neither of us dared to look. I looked at Jones stone face. Despite losing his entire team before they could even fight back, or the blood coating his side and face, he seemed resolute. determined to keep going despite every injury, nearly shoving me forward all the way.

as we turned out of the alley and onto what was probably a pretty busy street before the gunfire. I took a moment and leaned on the wall, activating body double an exact copy of me appeared before falling to the ground. it glared at me, probably for bringing it into this world already near death. I just pointed down a random street, unable to get the words out. it nodded and began hobbling down that street.

Jones peeled me off the wall, and we started down the road in the other direction, ducking into another alley to get out of the open. we kept going for a while before turning another corner and stopping by a dumpster. "Sir, we aren't safe here. We need to get back to base as soon as possible." he stated, his eyes still locked around the corner." I just need a minute." I weezed out. It was becoming harder to breathe each second. There was definitely something broken inside.

suddenly, we heard it, the tapping of combat boots on concrete. Jones slung me over his shoulder before sprint-limping down the alley again. coming to a manhole he uncovered it before dropping me in like a sack of potatoes. he followed after, dropping next to me with a grunt as I heard something more break in his leg. despite that, he still dragged to my feet before continuing.

a couple seconds later, memories came in from my double, coming out into a street only to be surrounded by men in full tactical gear before being gunned down in the street. unfortunately, there wasn't any sign of Barnes in the memories, meaning he hadn't taken the bait.

there was the sound of tearing metal as the manhole was wrenched from its place and tossed aside, before something hit the ground with a thump, not the heavy thump like we had from landing near flat, but the solid thump of something landing steadily like a machine. the footsteps began again, echoing off the walls with a certain inevitability, perfectly audible over the flowing river of filth winding next to us, this time this time though, they were a bit quicker than before.

we turned the corner before we were stopped by... the homeless, standing there with grins... and guns. while some of them fled at the sight, most stayed, pointing their weapons at us with the stability and posture of trained agents. how many of them were plants? how long was this planned?

Jones saw it, too. "There's too many, sir" he stated with finality "if I wasn't injured and I had more than a service pistol on me I might be able to fight the group in front, but my injuries plus the soldier behind me eliminates that possibility." I could feel his grip shifting on me

[Agent Jones has developed the skills


increases the effectiveness of your next action by 400%

Self Sacrifice

when protecting another, any actions taken for that person or groups safety are enhanced by 100%]

I saw the notification, I turned to him "Jones what are you.." I didn't get to finish before he shoved me into the water, I felt the current around me as I was dragged away. I slammed into the wall before I was unable to hold onto consciousness, and my vision faded to black.

Jones POV--

I threw 05-1 into the water, I didn't know if he'd survive, but he had a better chance than if he had stayed here. I heard the splash and saw him being dragged away. A few of the enemy turned their guns towards him, but a few shots from my pistol convinced them I was a bigger threat as the ones who turned each fell to the ground one after another.

time seemed to slow down as they pulled their triggers. I felt my body move, I didn't care if I died here. Death in service of the Foundation was an honor, but I had to buy time. 05-1 was too injured, and I had to keep the enemy here while he escaped. it didn't take long to reach them. A bullet impacted my shoulder, but that didn't matter, I was on them.

I used every move I knew to be as lethal as possible. pistol whipped a man in the back of the neck, hearing a distinct crack before he fell, I fired my pistol into anothers throat before heaving him into another group to disrupt their attempt to re-group. My leg attempted to buckle, I had lost feeling in the majority of it during the beginning of the attack, but I steadied it, I couldn't fall now. I wiped the blood out of my eye as my pistol clicked, signaling that it was empty. Turning I threw it into the face of another, it impacted him in the eye and blood began to flow out as he nearly fell into the water, I couldn't let that happen, so my knife followed my gun, impacting the other eye and silencing his scream, none would follow the boss alive.

I took hit after hit, a knife to my back, a pipe to my head, and a bullet to my stomach, but it didn't matter. None of it mattered. I had already resigned myself to follow my team to whatever was after this life. My only goal now was to prevent any from getting to 05.

I don't know how long I fought, but in the end it I stood, bleeding from countless wounds as the enemy lay dead or near it around me. someone nearby began clapping. a man stood there with a false smile, the kind you'd find on serial killers and psychos.the silent soldier with the metal arm stood behind him. "Well, color me impressed. you just took on two squads of level six agents while injured, and you're still standing. it's a good thing those boys of yours died early or we might have had an actual problem on our hands. if I'd have known you were this tough when command gave me this mission to lead, I would have asked for more troops." the man said, his crooked smile growing wider "still its worth it for the new collection, I suppose, " he finished before pulling a necklace from under his vest. a set of four rings hung on the chain, each dark red with the symbol for Alpha-1 engraved in black. 05 had given one to each of us, said they were a symbol we were the best of the best, one of only five members in Alpha-1, that we were the five fingers of the Red Right Hand. now this man wore them like pendants, as if they were mere trinkets he picked off the ground instead of off the mangled corpses of my men.

the soldier suddenly raised a hand to his ear, presumably to listen to an earpiece. I moved. Every last ounce of my strength propelled my body forward and into the man with the crooked smile. I slammed him into a wall, and water began to flow, a pipe had burst. I ripped the pipe from the wall and shoved it through his throat. "Those are not trophies, and that's for my men." I said through gritted teeth as I pulled the rings off him and wrapped the chain around my hand.

wait, the soldier, he was still here, he hadn't moved I had to... a metal fist impacted the side of my face, and I lost consciousness.


i know I don't usually release chapters this fast, but I had a hundred different ways this could play out wirring through my head, and I couldn't sleep anyway so here I am writing instead of sleeping for work tomorrow

anyway, I originally wanted Jones to be a more stoic kind of background character, but in the end, I thought I'd give him his moment in his last stand in his fight for the Foundation, after all he's a level 5 agent, the peak of standard human physiology and highly trained, how could I not give him a moment to shine when he actually hasn't done much, let me know if you'd actually like more of these POVs, I won't do alot of them, as I want to mostly follow the MC, but where I feel their necessary for foreshadowing and suspense I'll probably use them, I just don't know how often, anyway enjoy and thank you for reading