One moment I was in my world, the next, well... not there anymore, at least I was given something to survive.


Multiverse of Marvel

-------------- "We need to go back and inform others of what just happened. Whatever happened has happened and can't be changed back. This involves the death of an ancient being. We won't be able to change it as it was a Nexus Event and TVA won't be able to control it. Loki, are you still at the throne?" John shouted. Unsurprisingly, Loki appeared out of nowhere. TVA was responsible for all Nexus Events and Beings. And this was a huge Nexus event. The point of no return, just like the death of Christine in What if? "You have commited quite the crime John. This crime according to the laws of TVA would have you pruned instantly, with no questions asked and no trial." Loki said with a smile. "It was not me who did this. It was him. Why am I being put in the tough spot?" John asked with a sharp tone. ------------- When a cinephile and an otaku/weeb travels through dimensions and gets a system which can only be described as overpowered but comes with restrictions. At first he was overjoyed with the system but soon realizes that he is in a very dangerous world where his life was at risk all the time. (There will be no change in the canon until the New York War ends) patreon.com/thelightedghost You can read 240+ more chapters ahead and 3+ chapters everyday with the access to my patreon page. (670+ chapters already) Disclaimer : I am not an economist so I might have done some mistakes in the economics section of the story. If you have suggestions to make it better you can leave in the comments. Warning - The MC won't be OP from the start itself and will grow to a powerful character in due time. The starting feels a bit weird because I am totally new to writing a novel and English is my second language. I don't have an editor so the conversations and descriptions might be little stiff. I am trying to improve. P.S. This story is based on Marvel universe P.S. 2 The picture is not owned by me

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Marvel: A New Avenger

By a weird stroke of fate, Alex woke up to find himself in a familiar, yet unfamiliar world. With the news about Tony Stark being Iron man flashing in the Daily Bugle, one of his classmates being Peter Parker, and coupled with the fact, there was a holographic prompt hovering in front of him, Alex knew this was just the beginning. [Do you want to be a hero or a villain?] *** Weekly schedule: 10 chaps Pat reon link: https://www.pat reon.com/extra26 Discord link: https://discord.gg/RAvedg6xsr Editor: Leo and Cyeven If this novel reach the top of the rankings, there will be more chapters.

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Star Wars: Skywalker

Reincarnated as Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One.

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Starting as a Jumper on Marvel Multiverse

After watching the film "Jumper," Leo developed the ability to teleport. It was, unbeknownst to him, simply the beginning of a much bigger adventure. He traveled to the Marvel Multiverse, where the Avengers exist, after his power grew out of control. But the Avengers were merely the beginning of his journey through the MCU's Multiverses.

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The Tale Of Loki

Reincarnated in a world of superhumans and gods as Loki, watch how a reincarnated individual affects the MCU universe ~~~ You can support the story on https://www.patreon.com/DickMcJones and get access to advance chapters also. discord.gg/ZyCjAy4dCv. My server.

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Harry Potter: New World

It is enough just to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether a series of accidents, or a coincidence, but now I have to be reborn in a completely different world. A forced entity that controls the flows of souls in one of the branches of the worlds, contrary to its desire and dislikes for "anomalies", is obliged to give out powers and bonuses - these are the rules. What will life be like for someone who was not destined to survive? If you want to support me or read ahead: https://www.patreon.com/HPMan At least one chapter every day!

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Enjoying life in twilight

Appearing in a pitch black space after death Sam talks to god spins three wheels and enjoys his second life I do not own twilight

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