MCU: I am 05-1

a man gets sucked into the MCU during a multiverse collapse and told that he has become the new 05 for the SCP Foundation, the only thing... it doesn't exist yet. so the question is, is he up for the task?

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28 Chs

Chapter 15

after another unsuccessful hunt for 073, Jones and I were riding back to the garage. it was convenient having a new above ground entrance to the base, less walking. we turned another corner, the buildings of New York beginning to become monotonous.

[Congratulations you have completed all possible research on SCP-272. The Shadow Tether ability is now available in the shop.

You have successfully researched your first SCP, and as a reward, you will be given its ability as a reward.

You have acquired Shadow Tether

You can now charge an item with anomalous energy. While you maintain concentration or the item has energy remaining, the item will act similar to 272, tethering the target in a way that keeps their shadow over the object. The target can move freely so long as the object remains in shadow. should the object leave a shadow, then so long as the object is still anomalously charged, the target will be forcibly pulled through any obstacles or obstruction regardless of the target's condition until either the item runs out of charge or the object is covered in shade once again

Note: Object must have a discernable point]

I stared at the notification that had popped into existence in front of me. this... this was incredible, although 272 itself wasn't too amazing, but the function itself opened up a lot of possibilities, what if I could fully research 682 or 343, or even the things in Marvel that could be considered SCPs like the infinity stones or the Astral Regulators. wait, this was the MCU. Did they have an Astral Regulator here? certainly, they must, as the regulators kept the multiverse from drifting and crashing into each otherrrrrr. wait, that already happened. That's how I got here. it was multiversal collapse. so the regulator was probably either nonexistent or broken.

I shook my head. That was future plans. If you keep looking ahead, you won't see what's right in front of you. it's a good way to end up dead.

I played with a knife, charging it with Shadow Tether repeatedly, noting the darker hue it would take on while charged, and the strain of charging it, I could charge it and it would feel as if I had sprinted full speed for as long as I charged it for, so if I charged it to hold for two hours it would feel like I had ran for two hours straight, if I canceled it early I only got about half the total energy remaining.

[A Major Plot Point <The Waking Of Winter> has been reached, you have unlocked the Body Double Skill which creates an identical copy of you on command with your physical attributes, Doubles will not have any abilities you do, they will lack the functionality of any anomalous equipment they copy, and they are not second lives, if your true body dies you will not be saved, you will receive memories of their last 15 minutes of life should they be killed. you will not receive these memories if they die of natural causes, if you cancel the ability, or they die of an accident. Current Doubles 0/1]

I thought for a moment, the waking of winter, who or what just woke up, what was... the bottom of the car exploded, sending it careening through the air for a meter or two before skidding to a halt across the intersection. I could vaguely hear the sound of a semi horn and crunch of steel as Jones dragged me from the wreckage.

standing up, I took a look around. One of my arms was immobile. I also had a dent where part of my ribs should be and could barely breathe, blood flowed into my eye from a gash on my head.

the crunch of metal came from the car being driven by Telan. They had tried to come to a stop to help us, but had been slammed into by a speeding semi and pinned to a nearby building, I could see Telan and another corpse laying limply in the front, the car collapsed in where their bodies should be. Frig could vaguely be seen in the back, struggling to get out, but men in full military gear climbed out of the semi, and a single shot rang out before the struggling ceased.

and walking down the middle of the road with a steel arm, unslinging a rifle off his back was The Winter Soldier. his pace showed no hurry as both me and Jones were heavily injured. "Hey Jones, remind me to wear a seat belt next time, okay?" I gasped out between breathes. He just nodded solemnly as he looked at the metal armed man.

[Examine Results

Name--James Barnes <Suppressed>

Title - The Winter Soldier

Super Soldier Level 2

Notable Skills


Hand to Hand Combat


that wasn't good, I read the pop-up as me and Jones limbed towards a nearby alleyway to try and escape The Winter Soldier