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Lost Unknown Queen


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Read if you can handle something not wrote for the sensitive. About a realm of nonhuman hybrids immortal/mortal divided up in different societies. (Not by immortality but by their different Kind Societies. Even though they are all the same human hybrid breed.) Kingdom/Baron Societies are most feared from their beast-like strength and constant havoc of making war for more power.All women are enslaved under their men. A Primary King named Cory kidnapped himself a rare beauty. Only to learn she's a bit divergent from their female Kind. Cory discovers she is a new breed. Her title rank is legendary and her immortal gene is what men dreamed to have.Cory keeps her for himself and lies to her about her true identity. Can she ever getaway from Cory or will love snatch her heart? Will she learn the truth that she is a lethal weapon? Then her existence causes a world invasion on Cory's home planet. Can he keep his Kingdom from falling and her from going into enemies hands, who wanna use her blood to get stronger and take her rank by marriage. Then as if that wasn't bad enough. These enemies also want her to birth them a new half-breed son. Unlocked chs/slow pace written because there so much details so why rush a story. Read carefully, it switches back and forth in first person on both ML/ FL. There will be No pov name tags. FL's name is revealed by ch26, that ch will be very important to understand. Secondany characters will be written in third person. I know novels like this aren't popular since it's to slow. But I know true readers enjoy reading. If you like long series like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars then maybe you'll like this. Only this is my collection of new worlds I created. I hope you enjoy if you're willing to give it a chance. A sneak peek: Cory kinda nods giving me a plain expression saying. "The three lines means we passed all six training courses at age hundred. All boys military or not earn the symbol at the age of a hundred. The non-military boys will get the branded mark on their upper left wrist to show they aren't military but passed their training courses. Everyone else will get the mark to their chosen Division they will work in once their warriors." I nodded confirming my inward assumptions were correct and asked. "I started to notice that but why are you the only one that carries the branded symbol on the back of your lower neck?" "Because I am a Royal," Cory replied. "All Royals get the symbol on the back of their neck." "That's interesting," I mumbled to notice he was still looking at me strangely. As his head cocked slightly. "So are you going to get undressed?" Cory asked with this questionable flirty voice. "Or do I need to help you?" "Pardon me?" I hissed and folded my arms showing my sass. "I never said I was going swimming now did I?" Cory chuckled amused but I rolled my eyes at his kiddish behavior. I mean really, who does he think he is! Suddenly, my stance became still as Cory ambled over close enough that I feel his pleasurable breath airing my face. A heatwave pumped through my veins. As I felt his fingers tough the waistline on my hips. His pupils filled with what seemed to be desiring lust. I was caught in the moment of being mesmerized by those striking eyes. As both, his hands' fingertips travel from my hips along the waistband of my jean shorts. Until he reached the center button. My heartbeat was pounding like a drum and my breath was taken. I found myself lost in his forbidden dark marble green eyes. A half-grin curved on his right lip. And I hear the button on my shorts snap open. I pant as his face leans into my right ear. "So I guess that means I am undressing you," He whispered so seductively. M-rated, gore, domestic violence, gruesome death, assault even sexual, suspense. Tons of characters of all ages most have their own storyline. Mythical creatures and most of them I created myself. Vote, Add, Give a friendly review to help my rating. discord Sara88#4303