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In DC Universe with my Wishes (Rewriting in the process)


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What is In DC Universe with my Wishes (Rewriting in the process)

Read In DC Universe with my Wishes (Rewriting in the process) fanfiction written by the author FanfictionLover on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, reincarnation, r18, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A man who had died and fully suffered the unfairness of the world got reincarnated in the dark and cruel DC Universe along with a few wishes. Will he become a hero? A villain? Time will tell. Follow our MC on his adventure throughout the DC Universe! (A/N: I decided to rewrite my first ever book and change the whole plot to make it more interesting.) This fanfic contains R-18 content not suitable for children. Disclaimer: I don't own anything aside from the OC's and the MC's life back on earth. I also don't own the cover, all credit belongs to its rightful owner.


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It is a nice wish fulfilment fanfic, the MC have one hell of a tragic backstory but he’s greek, and god they love their tragedies. Anyway, Hope you’ll post a big fat load of chapters author, or i will have to turn you into a jackalope with the help of an old friend of mine. Understood, BOY ?


its decent but not a stort for me. the first 3 chapters is pretty much i dont give a ****, its fully unnecessary because he's gonna die anyway and live a new life so whats the point of telling his former life story? it could be done by 1 chapter but noo the author did multiples. .


I really hate the fact that the only love of MC was ****ed by someone and to top it off being reincarnated as a male.. it really leaves a bad taste.. and to the son the GOD or whatever as a punishment he should have been turn into a female.. turn him into a mortal and put him into the lowest of the brothel in some slum and make his life even more miserable.. Che che


well some like this fic ,but this Cup of tea is not for me.i have read similar backstory in different fics. I always hated those fics.you could have simplified it so it would not have that much impact but hey it's ur story so ur decision .Atleast put rape and ntr or atleast tragic backstory tag so people like me can avoid this or alteat put r-18 at the chap title.Iam going to drop this ,GL author.


Yeah, dunno about you but I read novels to entertain myself, not to depress myself with self centered people who can't even notice his mom has a sickness. There a lot of glaringly obvious signs hays... And dude, are you a masochist or something?? Emo?? Seriously?? Is this what's entertaining to you? Cause I don't know if anyone noticed but his overly shitty background was not even necessary in the story. Then he wasted his wishes on stupid wishes that looks cool but has a lot of limitations. He happily made them but he could've wished that he is born in a peaceful universe where no god could take control of anything. Or that his mother's next life after her current one would still be his mother or his daughter. He could've wished reality bending powers but he ****ed up by wishing almost of it into his body. sunpower for his body (powerful, yes but anyone could easily fuxk you up because they could easily just suck your soul) eye powers for his eyes zenkai boost for his body immortality tied to his body (cause ban almost died when his soul was sucked out of him in nanatsu) the system was the only useful thing. he could've wished for his ex happiness. he could've wished for the god's son death. he could've wished that no god could interfere with any mortal again. Fuxk!! even the gift about no one could control him or anything was even sketchy, if he could grant you something he could easily take it as well. and why the fuxk would he believe that god's metaphorical son was the one who did it, for all we know, he was the one who did it. fuxking naive self centered pussy! Lastly, he could've wished for god to fix his past into a happy and peaceful one. overcomplicated unnecessary backstory that is full og plotholes hays... this just depressing and annoying. I've dreadfully read 5 chapters but the story is ruined by plotholes, the mc is pathetically self centered, even the wishes are a big waste. ugh.. .hays... masochists would love your novel


Just give it a try atleast for 5 chaps..... If you know me then you should know that I rarely review. So just give it a try. I can see the different points of view and I think this fanfic deserves a chance and therefore I am gonna read it till end or until I don't like it..... I will let you know if I drop it...


I deleted some stupid reviews except for those other bad reviews that were related to the book. Well just read it if you want, this has a tragic backstory, yes. But it's not like I'm obsessed to tragic stories that I would make more tragic things in the long run. I'm not the type to shy away on writing things that could help shape the mentality and personality of the MC. Yes, I could just make him cool in the first place, but there is no meaning to it. What, you want the MC to be cool on his previous life then live happily ever after in one of the most cruelest Universes? This is DC fanfic for god's sake. I do not like tragic and stuff and it was just the backstory that was tragic and you guys were all whining about not being able to read it because of that. Then don't, I am not begging you to read it. So just shut up cause you are reading this for free.




more................................ ....................................... ...................................... ......................................... .................


Okay, so I gave a review on this a few months ago and it was pretty harsh. And terribly scarse on detail. And I honestly kept to what I thought until I read, unknowingly, the authors second book, "Sunshine in Fairy Tail?" and really liked it. And when I realized that they were the same author, I still thought that the start was a bit to drawn out and that the conversation between the mc and the rob was to long and full of exposition NTR, so that's still a big reason to skip. But if you do what I did, which is forget everything before the DC transition actually starts and just read the wishes, the story isn't actually as bad as its beginning. Writing quality wise, there really needs to be smaller paragraphs as some of them drag on really long. Story developmen: The start was obviously not well received. The first few chapters are basically the prologue while everything after moves rather quickly. This is definitely the story's weakest point. Character design: Meh, pretty good. Not very edgy or soft, not brain dead but not written like the authors trying to show off by saying the mc did something ridiculous through pure intelligence. World Background: Its DC, just look it up. So that's my revised review. Rating as a story? 3.5 stars. Rating as a story written by a brand new author? 4 stars.


This fic gives me what I like to read. There are questions in chapters that get answered later. When I'm left wanting more, it's the expectations making me want to read more not like others that are just lacking. The concept is good and so far it's giving beyond ideas I first guessed about while delivering the goods. I don't know if I'll get it , but I'm hoping for loving peaceful omniverse anchored by a truly profound philosophy that holds it all together......... !MILFS! !MILFS! !MILFS! !MILFS! !MILFS! !MILFS! !MILFS! !MILFS! !MILFS!




author continue this HAAHHAHA this is so good to be wasted, I love diana and many superpower woman came to his harem, oh btw the the pace of the story is so good, I love the story goes on that it only focus on one scenario so there are not to many problem HAHAHAHAHA I hope you continue this author..


continua ti prego ...............................................................................................................................................


continua la storia plz .........................................................................................................................................................


Keep up the good work. dont listen to those morons your doing great. your also doing great at making me cry. if I have anything to criticize then please no more sadness its breaking my heart. Emotional stories are my weakness and make me sad easily so please tell me this is all the sadness? All in all I love your story your doing great. Character development pretty good. Though a little creativity or originality with the wishes would've been nice but I like your choices. Still I love what your doing and good to see more.


Author starts with tragidy after tragidy but it’s helps us to connect to mc by triggering our sympathy and urge to side to /for weak and I especially like the way Author introduced the comics into mc life Cause it make sooo much sense than some random shit




Just passing by Up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up


Dude don't worry about the haters they only want to distract you from continuing your story . keep doing what you're doing brother. One love


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