10 Chapter 10

"You forgot your posture again, Ophis." Kira slapped his palm.

"I, never imagine that these ... things would be so complicated" Ophis replied with her usual inexpressive face. She is also wearing a certain martial arts outfit.

Kira began to sweat, "If the postures are complicated, then how you will learn new techniques is beyond my comprehension." He sighed.

Ophis pouted, "Just skip the postures. Me, I don't need that."

Kira sighed wearily, "Don't blame me if you get hurt."

Kira entered his instinctive battle state. His body automatically assumed a comfortable posture. With a deep breath, his right fist is laced with demonic power. Kira moved toward one of the punching bags before leaning forward to gain momentum. He directly punched the middle part of the target bag.

Surprisingly, it did not cleanly split in half and went out in the air. He was violently sent back into the forest, hitting several trees before causing a considerable dust cloud as he collided with the base of the small mountain.

Ophis stood there dumbfounded in dull astonishment as she clapped emotionlessly, "Hoho ... you used devil power right?"

Kira nodded, "I suppose you can just replace it with any kind of power I guess. Chi, Ki, even Dragon Powers, just make sure you hold it."

"Let me try." Ophis' fist glowed red with his dragon energy.

Kira shrugged his shoulders before walking away. Ophis tried to imitate what she just saw, she leaned forward just like what she witnessed ... but her overall posture is not adequate.

Ophis mutters something incomprehensible as she manages to throw the punch towards her target, but loses her balance in the process causing her power control to slip as well.

The pure dark crimson dragon power completely obliterated the punching bag before a huge explosion of energy shot into the air. A pillar of dragonic power exploded violently, causing a storm of wind in all directions.

Kira laughed before shaking his head dryly as his hair was tossed back by the intense wind. After a few moments, everything slowly died down.

"I told you. Postures are important." He chuckled a little at the fallen Ophis.

"..." Ophis joked before blowing the leaves off his face and hair, "Whatever ... I'm the Infinite Dragon, I have no use for these so-called martial arts." Ophis snorted.

"Oi! Weren't you the one who wanted to learn after watching those martial arts movies of yours ?!" Anger marks appeared on Kira's head.

Ophis shrugged his shoulders, "... Maybe it's because of what I ate yesterday."

"The instant noodles are in the cupboard, you clown! Who says the curtain rod is edible?!" Kira pulled Ophis upright.

"Television." Ophis answered.

Kira slapped his palm. He would have to get rid of these absurd survival channels as soon as possible.

Yesterday after rescuing Asia from the Fallen Angels, Kira returned home while carrying Asia who was very tired and when he got home he saw Ophis eating the curtain rod.

Kira almost went crazy at the idea of the Dragon God of Infinity eating the curtain rod and made some things for Ophis and Asia to eat.

Although it took a while for this to happen as Ophis didn't want to share his food with Asia, but after much conversation she agreed.

After dinner Ophis talked to Asia and made it very clear that she was friends with Kira, and Asia being innocent agreed. After that they both got along, surprisingly well, it seemed that Asia had a great affinity for dragons and Ophis even blessed Asia with a greater affinity for dragons.

Ophis nicknamed Asia "Girl with normal-sized breasts and long golden hair".

Kira didn't even know where that nickname came from, only that Ophis came out muttering about big breasts and pretty girls with them must die.

"You need to stop taking everything so literally, honestly ..."

"I'm hungry ..." Ophis immediately changes the subject.

"What a spoiled child you are." Kira ruffled Ophis' hair wearily. The Dragon Ouroboros clearly likes this, for he leaned into the touch like a cat.

"I'm not a child. I'm just selfish sometimes."

"Sometimes? More like, most of the time" Kira sighed.

"But you're not complaining, are you?" Ophis murmured softly.

Kira sighed for the umpteenth time, "What do you want to eat?"

"The usual." Ophis said as a portal appeared in front of them. The advantage of being one of the strongest beings in existence is that she has her own portable portal.

Seeing that it would be very problematic not to fulfill her wish, Kira nodded before they both returned to the house.



Anyone who has lived alone for a long time eventually learns how to improve his own standards of living, especially in the area of "cooking. Even before he came into this world, Kira was a good cook, but now, this improves exponentially.

The son of the Crimson Satan casually tossed the pancakes to the other side in a skillet, whistling in a cheerful tone as he sliced onions in his other hands in a manner that would make even the most skilled chef green with envy.

It was more a demonstration of skill than actual cooking if someone became his witness. Which in this case was a Dragon God of Infinity.

Ophis waits anxiously at the table. After a rather intense training (?), anyone would need some snacks and some food. An army marches on his stomach. Without exception, the Dragon Ouroboros also marches on his stomach.

"It's surprisingly peaceful today." Ophis commented as he sipped his tea.

Kira nods casually as he continued to make breakfast.

Kira loves and enjoys having a good battle more than almost anything ... but that's not all for him now. He has many hobbies and fun instead of fighting, such as reading, traveling, cooking and, surprisingly, gardening. To be honest, Kira doesn't hate peace, he just gets bored with it sometimes.

Well nobody can blame Kira for feeling this way sometimes, Kira has not lived a normal life, he has always been very lonely, since he was born everybody has tried to kill him because he is a devil, a race hated by other beings.

Kira survived all these years by killing everyone who stood in his way, Kira faithfully followed the law of the jungle, the strong survive and the weak die.

Kira only really got a name when he was ten years old because Irina asked him, no other people before that tried, they only tried to kill him, and if Kira is here today it means that he survived.

Kira became unattached to the world and the people who lived in it because of the way he was raised, this was one of the reasons Ophis was so interested in Kira, not only for his power but also for his unattachment to the world.

Kira was someone with a lot of blood on his hands, someone empty and indifferent to the world.

He only got these hobbies because Shiva insisted that he should do more than just fight and kill.

"What are you going to do with the devil?" asked Ophis as he sipped his tea.

Kira stopped for a moment and thought about what he would do.

Kira could very well threaten or attack the two and wage war against the devils, something Kira would really like.

But Shiva had told him to avoid causing too much damage in the world, and Kira would obey him.

So the best option for Kira currently was to stay friends with the devils, which wasn't really a problem, Kira enjoyed playing chess with Sona and Tsubaki, practicing Kendo with Kiba and talking with Koneko.

Kira really didn't mind Rias trying to manipulate him, after all she was a devil, Kira himself was not very innocent and has done far worse things than simply manipulate someone.

Perhaps the biggest problem with this was that when Kira met with Rias and her peerage in the abandoned church he used some of his power to show Rias' insignificance at that moment because he didn't want to waste any time.

So it was likely that they were afraid, but Kira knew that it would be easy to regain his trust because he was their friend and Rias was his fan.

Honestly, it was very easy to manipulate a person when you knew how they felt.

And also many interesting things would occur in Kuoh due to the presence of the two heiresses of the 72 pillars of the Underworld, and if they went away, this would no longer occur.

"Well, lord Shiva has forbidden me to cause senseless chaos and destruction, so I will do that, I guess I will just ally myself amicably with the devils" spoke Kira calmly.

Ophis said nothing, but said nothing as the aroma of the food slowly tickled his senses. After a few minutes, Kira brings the prepared food to the table.

Ophis cannot wait any longer. She immediately eats miso soup, fried tofu, sliced fish, pancakes, basically ... everything.

"You should have changed your title. Ophis, the Dragon of Gluttony." Kira shook his head and said before slowly consuming his share.

"It's not my fault. Good food is good." Ophis muttered.

Kira laughed, for he does not disagree. The atmosphere is one of comfortable silence. Kira had also already separated Asia's portion, for the girl was very tired, and although they had talked last night, Kira told her to sleep as much as she wanted to regain her energy.

The small feast took less than half an hour, mainly because of Ophis' enormous appetite.

"Thanks for the food." Ophis said with a happy smile.

Kira nodded his head. The Infinite Dragon is surprisingly easy to please. She causes trouble sometimes, but she definitely brightens up Sekiryuutei's boring life.


Dragon Ouroboros tilted his head curiously.

"Are you still assembling your "little" group?" Kira asked nonchalantly as he put the used dishes in the dishwasher.

Ophis' expression turns serious. She doesn't answer because she is thinking about how to respond.

Kira shook his head almost disappointingly. If his speculation is true, then Ophis still cannot understand the impact of Great Red.

Everything existed for a few reasons, the same also applied to the True Red Dragon God. Great Red is the personification of dreams and illusions. Without him, Kira is sure that the cataclysm will not be far away. Besides, keeping that Red Lizard alive will be beneficial to him... either as an extremely strong training target or a potential collateral.

"Ophis. I have told you many times that killing that lizard is not an option." Kira said.

"I am not planning to kill that ... animal, despite my personal desire. Me, I'm going to force that ugly chameleon out. That's it" Ophis answered.

Kira blinked a few times, "I see."

"You're not ... upset?" Ophis asked confused.

Kira shrugged his shoulders, "Worried? A little. Upset? No. As long as that lizard lives, I'm fine. Just make sure you don't overdo it. I would hate to see some of my potential future opponents die during the execution of your plans."

Ophis nodded. "I understand."


"Will you be joining?"


Ophis pouted. It seems she has to keep pestering him in hopes of convincing him to help her get rid of Great Red from the Dimensional Rift.



Occult Research Club, Academy Kuoh.

The Occult Research Club at Academy Kuoh was originally abolished due to a lack of members. After their entry into high school, Rias and Akeno revived the club as president and vice president, eventually making it the base for Rias and his minions.

The club itself serves as a front for Rias' minions and other supernatural individuals who appear later in the series in order to get out of school activities or classes in case of an emergency, such as having to hunt a Lost Devil or to destroy a fallen angel.

The abandoned dormitory was secured with the school's resources and is used as a base that prevents scrutiny from other students.

The clubhouse is a three-story building, with the third floor serving as a clock tower. It has been painted white with a black roof with vines climbing up to the second floor.

The interior of the club room is a wood-paneled room with Victorian-style sofas and chairs along the walls. One side is set up for use as a bath, and a large Gremory Family magic circle is also there to allow teleportation to and from clients.

The room was completely quiet, currently present in it were Rias along with her peerage, all of whom were looking somber.

In front of Rias was Sona along with his [Queen] Tsubaki Shinra.

Everyone was in the room while an uneasy silence permeated the place.

After her meeting with Kira in the Church Rias had been extremely surprised that he knew about the supernatural world like this, but that wasn't what perplexed Rias.

What really perplexed her was what she and her peerage saw in Kira's eyes.

So much death, destruction, wars, battlefields completely painted red from blood, all that destruction that Rias remembered was similar to the stories her father and brother told her.

Rias and her peerage had been paralyzed for several moments until Sona and her peerage arrived and helped them.

Rias had not been able to sleep properly that night as the memories of her encounter with Kira plagued her.

Soma watching the expression of her best friend and rival couldn't help but shudder with her, Sona herself had been perplexed by what she had seen when she got there.

And so now they are in an immense dilemma, for if only Kira's gaze was able to do this to Rias it already meant that he was much more powerful than any of them there.

*Toc* *Toc*

Everyone's concentration was taken away with the slamming of the door.

Sona turned to the door and said "come in" causing the entrance door to the Occult Research Club to open.

When the door opened someone was revealed that made Rias' blood run cold and everyone was surprised.

Kira Yagami was standing in the doorway.

"K-Kira-san" stammered Rias with a bit of fear evident in his voice.

Kira almost smiled at that, it was always nice to see the reaction of fear on the face of the one who confronted him, maybe you his pride as a Dragon that did that?

"What a surprise Kira." spoke Sona calmly suppressing the fear within her.

Kira smiled before stepping fully into the room and crossing his arms.

"I think we have something to talk about, right?" spoke Kira calmly.

Everyone, especially Sona, nodded.



The silence in the Occult Club room was great as all the peerage of Rias and Sona and her [Queen] were in the room in silence while Kira was standing calmly in front of them.

"I think you guys should have questions" spoke Kira calmly getting everyone out of their thoughts.

"Yes, that would be good" said Sona as she saw that her friend was still not being able to reason straight.

Kira sighed seeing the terrified and fearful look on Rias' face, that although Kira admitted he liked it if she stayed like this the conversation would go nowhere.

Kira held out a single finger towards Rias who widened her eyes, however a green glow took over Rias as she began to feel calmer and more peaceful.

"What was that?" asked Sona with his curiosity.

"A magic that brings tranquility to the hearts of others, it is good for calming the hearts of the terrified" said Kira calmly making everyone look surprised.

"It is an interesting magic" said Sona with great surprise.

Kira nodded his head while his gaze became serious.

"Then ask" speaks Kira calmly to everyone.

"What was that all about?" asked Sona referring to what had happened in the Church yesterday.

"Well, the Fallen Angels had taken a friend of mine and were planning to extract Sacred Gear from her thus killing her. I went there to rescue her, but since the Fallen Angels got in my way they died" explains Kira calmly to them who nod their heads.

"Who was she?" asked Sona calmly, although Kira could feel a little jealousy in his voice.

"She was a nun-"

"She's from the Church?!" said Kiba perplexed as he stared at Kira.

Everyone disparately turned their eyes against Kira who sighed.

"Let me explain." spoke Kira firmly making everyone stop, "She was a nun who was excommunicated from the Church for healing a devil, she was tricked by the Fallen Angels who were in this city and they were going to extract the Sacred Gear from her, but I saved her" explains Kira calmly making everyone nod.

Everyone sighs a little before Sona turns her gaze to Kira.

"So how did you kill the Fallen Angels? You were a normal human until these days" Sona spoke sharply.

Kira sighed, "I never said I was a normal human" spoke Kira making both of their eyes widen.

Kira snapped his fingers and from his shadow three beings emerged, they were Jin, Shade and Kadmus in their puppy forms.

Jin jumped out of the shadow and stood happily next to Kira while Kadmus sat beside him with a bored look on his face.

Shade lay down on the ground and began to sleep again8

Rias and her peerage's eyes widened at the sight of the animals, for they were the same ones that had been with Kira last night, but with a smaller appearance.

"What are they?" asked Akeno curiously, for now they were totally different from the menacing animals of yesterday, they even looked cute.

"That's Jin, Shade and Kadmus" introduced Kira pointing at each of them.

Jin barked happily in greeting, while Kadmus gave growls of greeting and Shade simply ignored.

"...dog" spoke Koneko looking menacingly at Jin who turned his gaze to her and narrowed his eyes.

Because Koneko was a cat it seemed she didn't get along with dogs.

"What are they?" asked Tsubaki as she approached and ran her hand over Jin who barked happily.

"They are the avatars of my Sacred Gear, [Canis Lykaon]" informed Kira causing everyone to widen their eyes.

"S-Sacred Gear?" asked Rias surprised at that.

"Exactly." stated Kira.

"I see, that explains a lot" spoke Sona before widening her eyes, "Wait a minute, [Canis Lykaon] is one of the Thirteen Longinus" informed Sona causing everyone to widen their eyes.

"Longinus" spoke Rias perplexed as well as everyone else.

"That explains a lot, if you are a Longinus user you could easily beat those Fallen Angels" informed Sona calmly before widening her eyes, "If you are a [Canis Lykaon] user does that mean you are the SlashDog of this generation?"

Kira nodded, SlashDog was the title that all Longinus [Canis Lykaon] users held.

"Is that a problem Kaichou?" asked Kiba curious, though still surprised that his friend was a Longinus user.

"The fact is that the current SlashDog is very famous in the supernatural world" spoke Sona making everyone's eyes widen.

"Famous?" asks Akeno curiously.

"The current SlashDog is considered one of the greatest mercenaries in the world" spoke Sona making everyone's eyes widen at the shocking information.

Kira almost laughed at their expression, Sekiryuutei was very well known in the supernatural world, however he had several identities.

By his title of Sekiryuutei and Monarch of Destruction he was known as Shiva's right-hand man.

But Kira had also created an alter ego for when he needed to do more dangerous missions, which were of various forms, from information gathering, assassination or coastguarding, so Kira became a very famous mercenary by the alias SlashDog.

Kira had already done several missions for different Pantheons, from the Nordic Pantheon to Shinto or other missions, so Kira would do any mission if it paid well.

In a short time he became very famous in the world for always completing many missions successfully.

"What?" asked Kiba in surprise.

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