Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System Book

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Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System


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Many people wish to be transported to another world, beautiful women, supernatural powers, adventures and the list continues. My name is Daimon Naktis I used to be a human on earth until my accidental death led me to reincarnate as a member of a royal family in another world, thrown away by my father due to my lack of talent I would have been killed if not for my mother protecting me. When I was at the bottom of despair I saw a game like screen and the unmistakable sound of a smartphone notification. "The host's current body is too shitty for the system, physical reformation in progress", "physical reformation complete, as a one time reward for surviving the host might ask the system for a wish". ------------------------------------ Achievement rewards: 300 power stones= 1 extra chapters (The reward chapters will be posted on the week, on a random day) ----------------------------------- If You like monsters folklore and cute girls then be my guest ----------------------------------- The cover is not mine, so all the credit for the right owner ----------------------------------- The story will have a lot of dark elements so if you don't have stomach for that then I suggest you to leave, oh also i'm quite a pervert myself so be prepared for that (NO NTR). ---------------------------------- Finally, enjoy the story and if you like it please do support me with your power stones and reviews they will help me a lot.