The Era of Gods
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The Era of Gods

Become a Taoist Overnight

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What is The Era of Gods

The Era of Gods is a popular web novel written by the author Become a Taoist Overnight, covering Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 343.4K readers with an average rating of 4.18/5 and 165 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 40 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Lin Xiao traversed to an ultra-fantasy ultra-sci-fi era. Beginning from a Divine Life, he established his Divine Realm, governed his Spawns, ignited his Divine Flame, cohered his Godhead, invaded the Outer Realm, and seized Godheads. With the Cheating Cube that came with his crossing, Lin Xiao conquered countless planes and Crystal Shells, seized Godheads, and at last, became the almighty God among Gods!

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petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


I actually read the whole trial read novel!? (40 chapter review) So, this is so confusing even if you read the whole 40 chapters, but so basically Humanity discovered this game 'Game of Deitification' that literally influences the real world. In the Game of Deitification or GoD for short you become a god. Divine life --> Demigod --> true god. The mc of course starts as a divine life, with a reasonably good background (And yes he uses his own background for resources, he's not stupid) His beginning race he could choose are murlocks (Demi-humans adapt in water, they trash and weak) (But mc chose it because his world is only water with low amount of land and other factors) MC's cheat is a cube that can extract certain abilities, bloodlines ect, and combine them. That's enough about the mc, so, humanity can influence GoD to a certain degree. They don't have actual full authority, you would see them more as co-operators of the game but they can't change like actual rules of the game, that's why they are more of a co-operator instead of an admin. Now, other basic info: 1. People become gods = increased lifespan and strength 2. There are something called 'crystal shell' things, basically half-planes, a small world (From what I assume with the information given to me) 3. Currently no romance seen, just the mc strengtnening his own realm (If people know if this novel is harem do tell me! I hate harem) 4. Quire a lot is explained so don't skim over otherwise you wouldn't know certain things. So, about the background, I don't understand a single thing, do tell me if you figured it out. Like I just told you there exist crystal shell thing so I don't know if it's also in the real world or just the game world. Oh yeah forgot about this, as divine lives/gods they have a real body in the game world and if they die with it they die for real. Translation Quality: 5* (Good but it's just confusing due the author) SoU: 5* (Trial read) Story Development: 4* (Honestly, it's fun reading the mc getting stronger) Character design: 3* (Mc isn't stupid, the side characters..... Not much shown) World background: 4* (No matter how confusing it is, the author did tell a bit so I just give 4*) Overall rating: 4.2 Personal rating: 4.1


A very confusing start. At chapter one; I have no idea what’s going on, it looks like some aliens are in the middle of a crusade. The main character is not introduced, just thrown in the middle and can be recognized only because of the Chinese name. There is no background as why things are happening. Did aliens invade or something? Are they on Earth? At chapter two, instead of explaining what the heck is happening, they added new terms that have no relevance to readers and simply added to the confusion. Apparently, that was a VR game, people can become actual Gods by playing in VR...don't ask why, I have no idea. And they need some cards to improve spawns. What the hell are the cards anyway? Also, the MC is a reincarnator, and he has a cheat, and his ancestor is alive and...yeah, I have no idea wtf is going on. In short, it is very confusing. There’s no context which you could refer to in trying to make sense of the plot. No settings and world building, the author expects you to understand everything from scratch. If you have godly deduction skills then this thing might be readable.


It'd be interesting to read about a god, pretty sure the last god novel was "I am the God of Games" and even that barely delved into the god aspect. Hope this will be similar to custom made demon king.


Some guy has been going around posting 1* reviews on other novels (with multiple accounts) and using those accounts to leave 5* reviews here, so I'm just here to even the score.


Why I like this novel: 1. Cliche-breaking. This author takes almost perverse joy in shattering cliches. - MC has no elder, or little sister (so many cliches were avoided because of this). - The MC isn't being bullied at all, instead he lives a life comfort, being pampered by his (powerful, wealthy) loving parents. What's more, the MC doesn't reject the kindness of his parents out of pride either, he accepts their kindness gratefully! - The author hasn't littered the MC's classroom at school with 'Heavenly Beauties'. Instead in the entire school, of 10,000 pupils, there's only one belle. No love interests so far either! 2. The protagonist himself. He's a rare gem, with a quirky, realistic personality. He's antisocial, and because of that he is knowledgeable. The choices he makes are reasonable when you consider his personality. Furthermore what truly makes this MC stand out is his special talent. He is a born cult-leader! His talent at indoctrination is beyond words. This really helps in MC's career of choice (becoming a god). 3. World-building. The world-building looks complicated, but it's simple if you think of it in D&D terms. There's millions of planes (worlds), and Earth is the nexus. 4. Divine-kingdom. A divine-kingdom is a lot like an aperture in Reverend Insanity. Individuals cultivate the land to produce a special type of energy: faith. Faith can be produced by any living being. However since the divine-kingdom is limited in space, to grow in power an individual must colonise new lands. The more new lands that're conquered, the more subjects they can gain - which directly translates greater production of faith. This is a simplification. 4. The power system looks complicated but it's very simple. Divine being (you become a divine-being by unlocking your divine-kingdom, which only 1/100 humans have talent for) --> Demi-God (accumulate enough faith energy, and requires minor understanding of a dao path) --> True God (full-comprehension of a dao-path. E.g. Dao of Art). There's more after this, but they haven't been revealed yet. 5. MC's 'gold-finger'. Creation-cube. It's basically a blender! Blend 3 common items, and the end result will be an uncommon item. And so on. Give this novel a try. Just from the sheer amount of detail alone I know that the author put a lot of effort into this novel. This isn't just the same plot copy-pasted like so many other Chinese novels. This reads, and feels unique.


I don´t understand anything, dropping it directly. Put that thing in a trash and let it there for ever.


The concept is pretty good, it’s similar to ‘the world online’ but reads less like a spreadsheet and more like a civ builder. But it lacks charm. The MC doesn’t interact with people or give us a reason to care about his success or failure. I give it a 7 out of 10.


Great story once you push through the confusing beginning. Setting is not well explained until Ch. 20. Essentially at some point in the past a "Game of Diefication" appeared on Earth and turned out to have the ability to allow people to truly ascend as dieties. The MC reincarnates into the distant future of this world where he attends a school based around playing this game and developing student's personal divine realms within it. They have to cultivate the strength and faith of their followers, called Swarm in the novel, to strengthen their own divine abilities and gather enough worship to ascend to high level divine beings. Consumable cards are used to provide bonuses, resources, population, abilities, etc to people's divine realms in the game. MC has a cheat ability that allows him to breakdown and fuse these cards to produce higher level ones.


This is Quite Good. The story is basically about becoming God and management his world and war. MC is not stupid. MC's world basically a sea world so he chose weak and trash race that has great advantage in sea. But I don't understand why he didn't choose other race which is also great at sea and overall better than MC's race. Storyline is quite interesting. I hope it's great picked. story is quite interesting and Unique.


It's alright. The starting is confusing, it doesn't really start off with explaining the situation at all, instead it goes straight into the meat. Any who, reincarnated dude now lives with a well-off family, uses his familial resources and has some cheat cube that can merge stuff and has a few more options. In this world, people can become gods by cultivating their own world thing, where they are the gods, they spawn in creatures and make them pray to them. These resources are like DLC cards, you get them and plug them into your world and BOOM they're there. MC doesn't like cliche protagonists, so he tries his best to use his families resources, and actually might be smarter than your average Chinese MC. MC is slowly working his way to godhood, the summary is confusing as ****. Overall a good read, the power system is interesting and somewhat unique, hope it gets chosen


This novel is amazing, by far one of the best trial novels we have seen in a while. I read ahead and im at chapter 124. Needless to say it hasnt disappointed me yet. The author has done an amazing job in nearly all aspects. The world building is even more amazing. We get to see “true geniues” and further character developement. He starts making even more rational decions that even i cant fault. Cheat: He learns how to and utilizes his cheat better. Discorving features that already exited but in a not so “random” and OP way. Plus he makes great decisons. Knowing when to seek short term and long term gains. Lasty..... unlike other novels he doesnt just forget and throw away thIngs the gets. For example... he doesnt just throw away the murloks. He learns how to upgrade them REALISTICLY.


From picking the best of the worst for the past year or so to FINALLY getting a gem we all deserve if this isnt picked I completely give up on Wenovel


I really hope this one is picked. it's different from the other novels and actually interesting.👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🤏🤏🤏👌👌👌👌


Okay, this actually delves into management more than the other novel Village Building Order Frenzy. So you can become a God through amassing believers and they have something called cards. Little bit of spoiler here because I can't control myself and I already read the raws... The items inside cards can be assimilated to your world and the thing inside the card can be summoned in the world under your control. The contents of these cards are made by a technology controlled by the humans. That's all. It's super interesting and will definitely not let your hopes down.


it's good and despite what others are saying. it's not really hard to understand, but I'll simplify. around 200,000 years ago they got, created or found a game, I cannot say exactly which. By playing along with the game, you can become a god. at this point around 10%ish of people on earth are a god of some variation ( Divine being, demi-god, true god. ) I'm probably missing 1, they also probably break down since the gods can get titles such as god of a _____ race that earns them a divinity, they become a demi god at 5 I believe. Some of the pros when compared to a lot of other novels, he doesnt have to figure his cheat out, he knows exactly how it works. He doesnt come from loser background his family is well set, no sibling rivalry. The god pov is actually done nicely and he owns a divine realm to build, which is what the education system on earth try and builds you towards, so it has elements of kingdom builders.


The Lord of the Nagas and Murlocs shows no mercy! The Lord of the Nagas and Murlocs shows no mercy! The Lord of the Nagas and Murlocs shows no mercy! The Lord of the Nagas and Murlocs shows no mercy! The Lord of the Nagas and Murlocs shows no mercy!


Reveal spoiler


Awal yang sangat membingungkan. Di bab satu; Saya tidak tahu apa yang terjadi, sepertinya beberapa alien berada di tengah perang salib. Tokoh utama tidak dikenalkan, hanya dilempar di tengah dan hanya bisa dikenali karena nama Tionghoa. Tidak ada latar belakang mengapa sesuatu terjadi. Apakah alien menyerang atau sesuatu? Apakah mereka ada di Bumi? Di bab dua, alih-alih menjelaskan apa yang sebenarnya terjadi, mereka menambahkan istilah baru yang tidak ada relevansinya dengan pembaca dan hanya menambah kebingungan. Ternyata, itu adalah game VR, orang bisa menjadi Dewa yang sebenarnya dengan bermain di VR ... jangan tanya kenapa, saya tidak tahu. Dan mereka membutuhkan beberapa kartu untuk meningkatkan pemijahan. Apa sih kartunya? Juga, MC adalah reinkarnator, dan dia memiliki penipu, dan leluhurnya masih hidup dan ... ya, saya tidak tahu apa yang sedang terjadi. Singkatnya, ini sangat membingungkan. Tidak ada konteks yang bisa Anda rujuk untuk mencoba memahami plotnya. Tanpa pengaturan dan bangunan dunia, penulis mengharapkan Anda untuk memahami semuanya dari awal. Jika Anda memiliki keterampilan deduksi yang saleh maka benda ini mungkin bisa dibaca.


This one novel is awesome i cant believe it has low rating, some people don't even know how to appreciate good novel now a days. please rate this higher than other novels this has much more potential than your typical novels out there.


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