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Heaven Can Wait!


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What is Heaven Can Wait!

Heaven Can Wait! is a popular web novel written by the author niharikabhol, covering ROMANCE, SYSTEM, MAGIC, ACTION, REINCARNATION, COMEDY, FANTASY ROMANCE, FACE-SLAPPING, ANGELS AND DEVILS, STRONG-MALE LEAD, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 318.5K readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 31 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 112 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[Warning : MATURE CONTENT] "Don't look at me like that Morpheous! Please!" Her quivering lips begged, but her ignited breath flamed nothing but sinful desires in him. "Ask me anything tonight Caroline, but don't ask me to stay away from you." Echoed his raspy voice as he cupped her chin tenderly. His smoldering amber eyes were fixated on her lips, aching to touch her softness for just a fleeting second. But the moment he leaned closer, something got etched on the wall next to her in a hue of yellow and vermilion. His jaws clenched and taking a step back, he cursed. "You!" "You need to stay away from me!" And she saw his amber eyes burn with a flicker of blue! --------------------------------------------------------------- He was a ‘Healer’, unlike his brothers who possessed immense angelic powers and craved for more, and she was a ‘Mortal’, passionate about doing her best to save human lives. Banished from the land of God, when he was thrown to earth; his wings clipped, she entered his life. Pained by the treachery of his brothers and the distrust of his father, the fallen angel was left with no reason to exist, but she showed him that there was more to earth than he knew about. She intrigued him, annoyed him but at the same time made him feel alive again. But the problem was, the more he got to know her, the more he was smitten. And angels were not supposed to fall in love with earthly beings. He became her shadow, but for her, he was her lifeline. But she had no clue that he had a hidden plan all long. What will happen when she gets to know that the man that she was head over heels in love with, was someone who was not even a human, for he was an angel, who had been sired by the devil. What will happen when he has to choose between her and the path to redemption? Read more and get swayed in the intense love affair of Morpheous and Caroline. ------------------------------------ Cover - I do not own this cover. I have just edited it. If you have any issues then kindly let me know. I will take it down Instagram - niharikabhol Discord - https://discord.gg/cPVJ69e Mentor - Piokilek (My friend, philosopher and guide. Do read his books!)

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Anoter amazing peice by my fav author. All the very best! I look forward to reading more from you Niharika. In tImes when my so called original favs have become inconsistent, you have delivered salvation.


Its Monday. And Niharika just decides to publish her another exemplary work. Now I am amidst the dilemma wherher to finish reading this book or get back to my day job. I just started with the chapter 3 - The November Rain after an inscrutable ending to the previous chapter. Phew.. goose bumps. In awe of how the the story and charater of Caroline is building up. Can’t wait to get to the remaining chapters. Keep up the good work Niharika. I am totally fangirling right now!!!


I just started reading it by fluke ,biased of course and was tempted to read further even at 2 AM. Amazing and intriguing content ,keeps one glued to book


v good well done author,,........................., h...........................mmmmm.....................mmmmm................mmmmmmmmmmmm


another wonderful chapter you are an amazing writer , i look forward to reading a lot more from you Niharika. I wish you all the best in the future


This is another masterpiece from the author! The diction, the very detailed yet captivating storyline are some of the numerous qualities that make this book stand out. Invest in reading this wonderful piece and be glad you did!


Reveal spoiler


I keep on looking forward to all of your books #nikarhilabhol and you have not disappointed...I am a huge fan of yours now and I hope you continue to write more and more interesting books...lots of love and support 👌👌👌


Love this. Wished I had waited to read until it was finished ! Now I’m hooked and can’t continue wondering what happened. Can’t wait for more. Great job!


Stupendous book. I’ve seen you aren’t a new writer at this, and it shows ! It really does deserve the fame with the perfect flow and engaging storyline. The FL seems to be a strong woman with her distinctive qualities while also being a tad bit possessive, but I really did enjoy her and could envision her well. The ML, on the other hand, is a cute but handsome man who makes me want to smile when he interacts with the FL. A few grammar errors here and there, but nothing major. So keep it up, Author !


Romance ,adventure and action. All my favorites in one book. Definitely would like to keep following this . Keep up the good work author. 👍


Hi there, so far so good. I've only read the first 4 chapters but I'm immersed. I think I can learn a lot from your writing style and use of words! It feels like I'm actually in the story. I added it to my library!


This is the story of novel which will hook you from chapter1 itself and why? Because it's written by niha. Waiting to read about Ray and Aki too in this story.


Wow. Very nice. What I liked the most is the way the story develops and how well the chapters are connected. Great work Niharika. Eagerly waiting for the next chapter.


You are one of the finest authors here who can portray a scene so well that it feels like watching a movie. This book is no different niha. Although the journey of Akiray ended, you have given us the hope for another classic.


Couldn't get better... Good one Niharika... Looking forward to more...The way characters are potrayed, the way story proceeds and the writing adds to the magic... Thanks for this !


Awesome content. Must read. Awesome content. Must read. Awesome content. Must read. Awesome content. Must read. Awesome content. Must read. Awesome content. Must read.


Such an awesome read. This book is one that I will now continually recommend to other readers. A beautiful story that began with a slow pace but turned uniquely enthralling as the characters unfolded.


This story is just amazing niha! I love your #AkiRay story. But I can feel that this one is going to be even better. Your silent reader will always be there for you. But I am unable to vote for the book.


Good read after a long time. The story draws you from the start. The storyline was good and strong characters. Time just flew reading it. Good work...


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