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The human race is fending off the assault of the thaids, strange monsters evolved by animals occupying most of the planet's surface. Because of the monsters, society has evolved into one based on individual fighting prowess; Erik is an abandoned young boy living in such society with the most useless of the powers. Everything changes when his father returns home, bringing something he would have never expected. [DOWNLOADING INFORMATION FROM THE HOST -GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- IN PROGRESS] [0%...1%....5%...30%...70%...100%] [DOWNLOAD COMPLETE] [ALL SYSTEMS READY] [WELCOME TO THE BIOLOGICAL SUPERCOMPUTER SYSTEM, HOST ERIK ROMANO] -------------------------------------------------------- Hello, this is the author. The first twenty chapters will be a little slow-paced because I needed time to introduce some things. From Chapter 20, I will speed things up. ALSO the protagonist I planned to write about is not a superhero! He is frequently a coward and, at times, quite stupid. You may wonder, why have you made such a character? Because what I wanted to show is GROWTH. No one is born almighty, no one is born ruthless, and no one is born wise. People have to sweat to achieve these results, which is precisely what I intend my MC to do! So, if you don't like this kind of protagonist, you either stay away from the novel or stay with him throughout his journey to improve himself. If you want to share some thoughts or have a chat with me, you can join the discord's server here: https://discord.gg/zAcd9N2h