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Thaids, strange monsters that have evolved from animals, have laid siege to humanity, occupying vast swaths of the planet's surface. In a world plagued by the presence of menacing monsters, society has undergone a profound transformation, built upon the foundation of individual combat prowess. Amidst this unforgiving backdrop lives Erik, an abandoned young boy who navigates the harsh realities of a society that values strength above all else. Despite possessing a power deemed utterly useless, Erik perseveres, unsuccessfully trying to find his place in this tumultuous world. But fate has a way of turning the tides. Suddenly Erik's father returns home, bringing with him something that Erik could never have foreseen. Will this unexpected turn of events be enough to change Erik's fate and the fate of humanity in this dangerous new world? [DOWNLOADING INFORMATION FROM THE HOST -GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- IN PROGRESS] [0%...1%....5%...30%...70%...100%] [DOWNLOAD COMPLETE] [ALL SYSTEMS READY] [WELCOME TO THE BIOLOGICAL SUPERCOMPUTER SYSTEM, HOST ERIK ROMANO] -------------------------------------------------------- Greetings, dear readers! As the author of this book, I would like to take a moment to talk about its structure and pacing. When I first started writing this story, I was still learning the craft of writing and exploring the world and characters I had created. As a result, the first volume of this book may feel a little slow-paced at times, as I took my time to introduce the setting, the plot, and the main characters. However, as I gained more experience and feedback from readers like you, I realized that I could improve the pacing and make the story more engaging and exciting. Therefore, I have been constantly revising and editing the chapters, trying to find ways to streamline the exposition, increase the tension, and deepen the character development. You may notice some differences between the original and current versions if you have read the first volume already. Some scenes may have been cut or shortened, while others may have been expanded or rearranged. However, I want to assure you that the core of the story remains the same and that the characters and themes will continue to evolve and surprise you. The last issue I would like to address is the portrayal of the main character (MC) on this website. I have noticed that on average, on this website, there are two types of MCs: 1) The ruthless, apathetic, or cold MC 2) The normal or intelligent MC The problem with both types is that they often become godlike or fighting experts within just five chapters. Not only is this unrealistic, but it can also become monotonous, in my opinion. It seems that many authors tend to use these two types frequently. That is why I have created a completely different main character for my story. In this story, the MC is flawed and has faced many challenges in life. Unlike other characters who are already ahead, the MC finds himself starting from nothing. He learns to fight, interact with people, and manage difficult situations. This means that he won't always make the same choices or take the same path as you would. It's important to remember that every person would react differently in each situation, and there is no universal answer for how to handle every circumstance. Please keep this in mind when you come across moments where you may not agree with the MC's actions and consider his unique perspective and way of thinking. If you want to share some thoughts or have a chat with me, you can join the discord's server here: https://discord.gg/dZpb4TBRJc