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What is A Bend in Time

A Bend in Time is a popular fanfic written by the author EsliEsma, covering NO HAREM, HARRY POTTER WORLD, FANTASY, WORLD BUILDING, ACTION, MYSTERY, TRAGEDY, WIZARDING POLITICS, SLOW ROMANCE, Book&Literature genres. It's viewed by 3.6M readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 162 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 592 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Before there ever was a boy that ever lived in a cupboard on Four Privet Drive, there was a similar boy in a far worse home that lived on Spinner’s End. We all know the tale of that abused boy who grew up to become a bitter spy. But not all tales end the same for in the many parallel worlds that exist in the universe there are far better endings, and equally as many worse ones. This is a tale of one such condemned universe that for better or for worse chooses to change its own fate. (All rights to the Harry Potter world and characters belong solely to J. K. Rowling. However, I do claim creative fanfiction rights. Please do not post my fanfiction elsewhere without my express permission. This work will also be partially hosted at RoyalRoad, Wattpadd, and Archive.)


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There will be no harems in this tale. I've tried to channel my inner J.K. Rowling to match some of the writing styles and try to create that Harry Potter feels in my own writing. I'll be incorporating many of the minor characters that would have existed during the marauder's era in an effort to try to maintain the real-world feel of the series. There will be new characters that I will simply need to create, but I will try to use surnames that suggest that they might be related to minor characters or some of the 28 families surnames that simply weren't even mentioned nor used. The main character is not overpowered as Harry Potter wasn't himself. There will be cheats, yes, but not to the grade that the storyline falls into second place. The storyline is the first objective!


I haven't read any HP fanfics from this time period and I have to say that I'm loving it so far. I like distant cool headed instead of stupid mc like so many hp fanfics have. You insert a new character which most of the time I don't like, but you've pulled it off well. It is an enjoyable novel to read and I can't wait for more updates! highly suggest you read this hidden gem!


For anyone that has even tried to claim a semblance of love for the Harry Potter-verse as they decked themselves out in house colours, hunted for their Patronus or playfull cast a correctly pronounced Wingardium Leviosa. If so then this is the Fan-Fic for you. If not, then maybe this might help you heathens find that little bit of magic in you yet. Through clever use of writing styles that feel like they hauntingly belong amongst our favourite books as a missing sibling "A Bend In Time" Is a truly wonderful creation that comes to life through an amazing eye for detail and a clear love for everything involved. The characters grow organically and there is a depth and originally that brings life to the story as a whole... The world scapes are explored in a beautiful and unique way as original twists are so intricately blended to the canon we all love and know. The author stays true to the roots of the stories as they weave interesting tales and create characters that are both loveable and relatable. Not to mention how it is so wonderfully written. This isn't just some wish fulfilment in which a character prances around without a care in the world. But I will leave you to find out how lovely it is. So, if you are interested, come, have a read, let your inner Potterhead be entertained. On the off chance, you happen to be one of those pitiful little heathens, so devoid of magic, then come find it inside.


So the synopsis is really misleading. Apparently Snape travels through realities saves his parallel self and sends her into his timeline when he was a kid. Now the MC is actually a female twin of Snape. This is really important as you have no idea until chp 3 the gender of the FL. Anyway this gets 3 stars as I dropped it due to your misdirection.


Short chapters, but daily update. True writing skills ( rare in this website) .------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The writing is decent enough, almost no typos or grammatical errors and the story in itself it really thought out well but our mc seems very underwhelming with the information she has For example, occlumency seemed to be the most obvious thing in the world for her but wasn't mentioned


This is pretty much what you should expect when a woman writes a book with a female mc they're able to put themselves in their characters shoes so you can expect drama lots and lots of drama the mc acts cold but the drama will always be there, as a male reader it's hard to place yourself as mc since a woman is much more complex, as I observed males are more goal oriented when they are mc as such no matter the personality their aims are clear. As for women her goal was to save this world and severus but her goals aren't set. As a male reader some of her actions confuse me a lot since she acts cold and aloof but she's emotionally unstable..


I'm sorry to say that I'd be the 70th review. 69 hehe. Well, it had to happen. I couldn't just go on without reviewing this. This. Is. A. Hidden. Gem. It's as if... JK Rowling decided to write a fanfic of HP herself. It basically has all the magic of the original Harry Potter, but explored a bit more, and set back in time a little bit, so the author's free to develop her characters to her heart's content, since all the other characters aren't there. This is the crown jewel of all the Harry Potter fanfictions on here. The protagonist is an OC called Rowan. A twin of Severus Snape. I know, it felt cringey when I heard it at first too. Like, oh no. This is going to turn into another one of those trash fics, isn't it? No. No. No. Argh! I can't even begin to describe it without going into spoiler territory or being a general fanatic. Anyways. Writing Quality: There are a few misspelled words here and there (what stood out to me was her constant misspelling of prefects lmao perfect), some parts don't flow that well, but it's expected of a webnovel with 1k+ words per chapter that comes out everyday. And also, if you compare it to some of the popular novels on Webnovel, it's writing at perfection. It's writing style is like that of a published novel too. Stability of Updates: This author updates daily. And currently, she's uploading two chapters per day. Author, I love you. I actually love you. If you decide to eunuch this, I'm actually going to castrate you. Story Development: Ohhhhhh, I actually love you. This webnovel doesn't go 3 chapters without some huge plot twist happening. It always keep you on edge. It's as good as, or even better than the translated Korean novels out there, which is saying something. (Cough cough Second Coming of Gluttony, I love you, but sometimes you get dull asf) Character Design: Since the author has set the background of the story to the generation before Harry Potter- (basically, in the same timeframe as James Potter and the rest of the Marauders) those characters aren't fleshed out. So the author does the fleshing out by herself, which results in, of course, me actually caring about the characters. Not many authors are able to do that with their own OC, and basically, a ton of blank slate characters. World Background- Harry Potter. Need I say more? However, since this novel's setting isn't exactly the same as Harry Potter's, there are some other things that are delved into, that I can't say without spoiling. Go read the novel if you've already scrolled to this point. I guarantee you won't regret it. It's really fuqing good. And it almost has 300 chapters.


I like this Story.(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ It's have interesting development and main charakter. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧(◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤(◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)


Fantastic story I would recommend it to everyone who loves the Harry Potter series. Especially if you love see if your favorites character is serious when you will like this twist


What is the pairing?


I would like to know if the romance will be FxF or FxM?? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Love this book. I've always been looking for a good Harry Potter fanfic and this one fits it to a tee!! plus the added fact that it's a female lead who is smart and doesn't lose her head when she sees a male is an added bonus.


This is a great fanfiction for the Harry Potter universe. The author has put thought into the lore that isnt clarified and has come up with believable reasons at to why it is that way. I am greatly enjoying the series and hope more people will read it.


A good read overall. It is really close to what I would consider a great fanfic, which makes its problems really frustrating. Writing quality is good, but misspells are common and sometimes the choice of words is very weird (Werewolfism instead of lycanthropy for example) Character design is absolutely fantastic... except the mc. Noticable (but bearable) marysueiness aside, her decisions often contradict her character or even her thoughts. She may know that making a certain decision is a bad idea and have a pretty good plan on what to do instead, only to disregard it entirely and make that bad decision anyway. World building in general is disappointing. Although the original content is pretty solid, plot often mirrors the books even when it is very out of place. I've still read 400+ chapters in a week. It's an interesting read, I'm just sad it's not perfect despite being frustratingly close.


Reveal spoiler


This story is a rough jewel. It is pretty good but has its flaws. There are a few mistakes here and there and while not enough to break the flow of the story, you sometime have to reread a sentence or two. The most annoying is comma mistakes, often used when it shouldn't. The author took the liberty to add and change some lore which is awesome but sometime frustrating. The strengths of this story are its character developments and character interactions. I just love it. You get attached to character that you would not think possible and almost cry when some of them die (for heaven's sake, I'm a grown up man! Author, how dare you make me cry!). I love how you add your own touch to this magical world and that it is not white or black but more often than not, shades of grey. The trials and hardships the characters are living make them more realistic and if I could, I would give more than 5/5 for characters. I do not think that this story is perfect as no stories are, but it is certainly in the top HP fan fiction that I've read and I do think that everyone should give it a try. The next paragraph would countain a bit of spoiler so read at your own risk. Ok author, I do not know if you were lacking imagination or having a brainfart but the fourth year is a big no no for me (in my humble opinion, please take it as such). Why do the same as the Potter serie. Quidditch cup, triwizard tournments (with the same actual fucking trials?). I was expecting better to be honest, at least change the trials, no? Also, James was told twice about Boone and Rowan. I hope you will keep up the nice work and finish your story has it is a good one. You clearly put a lot of effort in and it shows. I tip my imaginary hat to you. Good luck in your endeavours, King


I found my self reading this non stop for the pass 3 days. I FELT EMOTIONALLY INVESTED. I could relate to main character. I also found myself pondering over complicated stereotypical situations in history that some of the chapter mentioned. I will be reading this book and trying to get others to read it.


I originally was not interested in reading this book at first because the overview made it seem boring but i was very happily surprised. This is a fabulous book; very well written with excellent character and background development. Please don't stop this halfway and thanks for proving me wrong. Also maybe the overview should be changed as it truly does the book no justice and would tend to have people not giving it a chance. Hope to see many more chapter's. Thanks again.


Absolutely fantastic. This a great and wonderful revision to the original series. Your writing is beautiful and clear. Your showcase of the emotions are superb. I'll admit I teared up a bit.


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