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The Reddest Red


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A room which is uncomfortably quiet and a girl who is even more so weirdly quiet, other than her breathing nothing shows that she is alive. But inside her head there is a storm brewing ever since she decided to get out of that place. People with super powers. Not an imagination anymore?? People having powers divided between the evil path and the path of righteousness?? In the midst of all these a blooming heartwarming romance as the saying goes 'Even in the times of war, love is still there.' So let's go on a journey together with me to further find out- Who's the girl? Why is she trying to leave? What will the future hold for her? ------------------------------------------------------------ "Stop!" she said to him. "First, tell me how do you know about these things." "You don't believe me, do you?" he asked her. Even after waiting to hear her reply for about a minute, when he didn't hear anything he said, "It's because you don't remember the things you have seen." "Then tell me what I have forgotten." she replied.


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