The Days When I’m With YouThe Days When I’m With You

The Days When I’m With You

by Kiiara

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In the ocean of strangers, among billions of passerby, I who was reborn as Li Fei chanced upon you. And just like birds of the same feather, we flocked together. Seeking love and filling the empty hole, thinking the possibility of “us” that remained unknown. I couldn’t promise you my heart or forever. But know that if we did end up missing each other, please remember there was a time when we were in each other’s arms. There was a time when I had been your stranger and you had been mine. —————— “Woman, you should know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!” I sneered, “And do you wanna know the way to a woman’s heart?” “What?” I whispered closely to his ear, “It’s when the man do all the work for us.” Him, “...” With my index finger, I lifted his chin. “So, who’s gonna cook later?” “I shall gladly serve you, My Lady.” ________________ Join my discord: https://discord.gg/T7grDEb Follow my ig: @author_kiiara [Cover: credits to the artist | Source: Pinterest]

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