The Days When I’m With You
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The Days When I’m With You


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What is The Days When I’m With You

The Days When I’m With You is a popular web novel written by the author Kiiara, covering REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, HIDDEN GEM, MODERN, ACTION, FEMALE PROTAGONIST, SECOND CHANCE, BEAUTIFUL-FEMALE-LEAD, TRAGEDY, HANDSOME-MALE-LEAD, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.5M readers with an average rating of 4.79/5 and 75 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 238 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In the ocean of strangers, among billions of passerby, I who was reborn as Li Fei chanced upon you. And just like birds of the same feather, we flocked together. Seeking love and filling the empty hole, thinking the possibility of “us” that remained unknown. I couldn’t promise you my heart or forever. But know that if we did end up missing each other, please remember there was a time when we were in each other’s arms. There was a time when I had been your stranger and you had been mine. —————— “Woman, you should know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!” I sneered, “And do you wanna know the way to a woman’s heart?” “What?” I whispered closely to his ear, “It’s when the man do all the work for us.” Him, “...” With my index finger, I lifted his chin. “So, who’s gonna cook later?” “I shall gladly serve you, My Lady.” ________________ Join my discord: https://discord.gg/T7grDEb Follow my ig: @author_kiiara [Cover: credits to the artist | Source: Pinterest]

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Hi author . I love this novel . First when i read this i was quite confused but it didn't stop me from reading further . And now i am satisfied that i decided to continue reading or i would've missed such a great story . And so it goes to my library . Please keep giving us such wonderfull chapters . I am very emotional person and so i cried my heart out through this novel . the way you have conveyed the feelings of characters is amazing


Reveal spoiler


I just started it but it’s actually very addictive and well written, people may say the beginning is confusing but it is really not, if you’re paying attention and put 2 and 2 together it becomes an easy read, it also flows very well and it’s quite emotional and sad made me cry but I’m loving it so far , how it’s so creative. Thank you author ❤️


It is literally a 5 out of 5. The story is so juicy that I would have to put an R-18 on my comment if I'd started talking about my feelings while reading it. The conversations are so damn fluid. The background feels alive and the characters even more so. I'm going to keep reading it <3 <3


Writing quality, great! Stability of updating, good! Character design great, world background... All great. Now 4 d main review. Love the romance between these two high schoolers. Love the suspense at chapter two.. I like the mischief Airi pulled. Really hope they are ok. Haven't gone far with my reading, but I do love the book. And for that, I have added it to my library. Oh and yes the synopsis doesn't give much details, almost made me not want to read but she had a nice prologue and 1st chapter. Do something about your synopsis, it would attract readers more.


This is the kind of novel that I love! And gosh, it did not disappoint at all. Let me make a spoiler-free review. I was thinking that it might just be the same old when I saw the title, but then the summary had me intrigued. After reading the summary, I eagerly began the novel itself. I found that this novel is truly a hidden gem. I loved the characters, the development and the flow of the story. There were few mistakes here and there but nothing that took away from the joy of reading! It is a solid 4.8 review! 4 stars for writing quality(and this is being quite nitpicky), 5 for the rest!


Writing quality is amazing, really professional. World building is great, the pace is smooth and the interactions are fluid. All in all an amazing romance novel, I don't have any criticisms.


I really loved this novel♥️. Actually at the beginning there are lot of confusion..but among these confusions there we can see emotions too ..these emotion made me cry as well as laugh...I don't know author but your writing skill is really wonderfull and beautiful 👍👍due to writing skill readers feel like, we are only engaged in this character🙏I don't know about story because, I have just started to read this novel....but I have hope that this will be a best novel♥️ author thanks for producing such a beautiful novel♥️♥️♥️♥️


Well written! I greatly appreciate the author's effort in trying to give importance to the characters. I hope to see you write many more chapters and Please do stay safe during this pandemic!!


Ohh! SO far this story is a roller coaster ride, which going to keep you on the verge of your emotions. You will end laughing or feeling sad in a matter of seconds. And that is the beauty of this book. SO far i loved it and adding it to my library. Apart from slight grammatical errors, i am in love with this book already.😍


One of the better romance novels out there. Keep on releasing and you'll make it big! Beginning was catchy, writing is fluid and smooth. Love the character interactions. Happy reading!


This is very well written. Dialogue is fairly realistic and the story threatened to suck me in, even though I'm not really that big in the Romance genre(even though I'm writing one myself :p) This has a lot of promise, and besides minor grammatical inconsistencies that a proper beta can fix, I'd honestly say that I'll be watching this intently.


It is a 5 out of 5 for me!! I love how the story and how it is portrayed between two high school lovers (please don't hurt them AHHH!! ITS TOO EARLY and my heart is not ready XD). I love the character of Airi and the beginning of chapter 1. Its like suspense as if you are forced to question yourself whos dying?! whos living?! and whats going on. It gives the drive to know more about these characters and what had came to be. Keep up the great work and I hope you write more of these exiliranting books


The synopsis attracted me and the story itself made me stay. I really love this novel and the chapter release rate of the author is also so fast. Please don't exhaust yourself Mr. author and I really hope the novel keeps going. I will not talk about the story as its just better to go and read it instead. I'll be just spoiling the good fun. Keep up the good work!


A tiny bit of revenge and romance is what we all need in your life and books are the safest to find it. In a nutshell, this book is just that. It is a roller coaster ride. The plot will grip you. So add it to your collections. Though reincarnation stories are found plenty, this one is unique in it's own way. Just start and you will keep waiting for more. Good language and grammar. It is a book worth your time.


I've got to hand it to you, author. This is one piece of a fabulous art!! I usually don't read romance novels because I'm a very dense guy and the cringy plots don't go well with me but this novel completely hooked me. There's no problem at all with your writing and I'm earnestly looking for more chapters! Have a nice day! Pickle Out!


Good....... I love the school love...it make me return to those days to find my love... The worst thing in the world is to be left alone... Moreover left without our love... Hard


As an ******* writer, the content within this story is just juicy. The first chapter left me panting for more(literally) and the pure love depicted in the beginning of the story is like a breath of fresh air(even to a single dog like me) after drowning in the stuffy 'novel world atmosphere' of misunderstandings, rape and harassment executed to the female lead by the ML himself. I just love the story and, honestly, were it not for the five star limit set by the developers, I would have given this book a sharp 100%!! Anyways, thanks for writing this book in the first place and, please(I'M BEGGING YOU🙏🙏)don't stop writing this book!!


I am a jerk!🤦🤦 I have been reading this novel for like months and i still haven't written a review ! I feel so ahamed of myself!☹️☹️ I cannot count the no.of times I cried reading this novel but I felt happy and contented more than the Times i cried 😊 I began to know true love and that there is a second chance at love! ❤️ And the author is dating cliffhanger so beware ! But the next chapter gives us more than satisfaction ! 😉


Honestly.. I never thought I'd be so much involved into the story.... I could feel the emotions.... The love she had... The love she miss.... The love she deserves.....


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