Tales of Demons and Gods : I can Augment My Statuses Book

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Tales of Demons and Gods : I can Augment My Statuses


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Disclaimer : I don't own TDG or Cultivation ! I Augmented my statuses to unlimited duration . Lin Langtian was a common servant of the Sacred Family of Glory City . Due to his red soul realm he put up with the abuse and ridicule for 10 years . At the age of 13 , he had gathered enough money to buy himself out of servitude . Shen Ming , an elder of the sacred Family got offended that such a lowly servant dared to leave his magnificent family and crippled Lin's dantian . In his last moments of Death , the resentment and hatred he had for the sacred family caused his soul to form a Heart Demon and breath life into his body as a Soul From Earth possessed the body of Lin Lingtian . Now Lin Lingtian takes a meal and gains the status [ Satiety ] [ Satiety : Restores 1 Stamina per minute . Duration : Infinity ] He no longer has to eat . Taking pills , gaining soul force , refining the body , nurturing the soul and increasing life expectancy ... He only needs one pill for the status to take effect for the rest of his life . Those crippling secret techniques that boost power for three seconds but result in three year feebleness ? They are now the most powerful and most amazing Techniques ! ( Join my discord : https://discord.gg/gCkNpKf9 ) ( You can support me on P.A.T.R.E.O.N https://www.patreon.com/Adamo_Amet . You can read my one shots , drafts and advanced chapters by being a patreon )


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