Star Wars: Scion Of The Sun

He doesn't know how it happened or why. But before he could understand what was happening he found himself living an entirely new life, in a galaxy far far away. As a member of a prominent force-sensitive family to boot. Which comes with a set of problems all its own. Still, he will not waste this second chance that was given to him. He will rise, and carve his name into the history books. For the Scion of the Sun isn't someone to be taken lightly.

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Chapter 127: Interlude I

A/N: Hey readers.

Yes it's me the author. I'm still alive. I didn't get tired of this story, nor did truck-kun kill me and allow me to reincarnate into a different world.

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After taking a short break I have decided to add what I call Interlude chapters into the story.

To showcase events that are taking place at the same time as the focus of the main chapters.

Now these won't be often but they will be here from now on.

I hope you enjoy it.

Now then onto the Interlude chapter.


[Gordian Reach, Arda System, Arda III]

Inside one of the nunerous conference rooms of the GSA Arda III military base Yennali stood at a podium.

Her gaze focused on the twelve individuals seated in front of her.

All of them members of the Jedaii Order.

Who had journeyed to Arda III to receive the training necessary for them to become officers in the GSA Defense Forces.

Since Van, the other high ranking members of the Jedaii Order, and military and civilian leaders within the GSA had made it a rule any member of the Jedaii Order who wished to serve and lead soldiers during military operations must go through this training.

Van especially.

Since he didn't want a situation like what happened with the Jedi during the 'Clone Wars' in the original timeline to occur with the members apart of his order.

To simply being given high ranking military positions without any sort of formal training at all.

In Van's mind that was a nightmare scenario. Given all the military training he endured under HK-47 and when he was commissioned as a Colonel in the GSA military.

These two things, not to mention his time as the leader of Dominicus, gave him an entirely new perspective on warfare.

A trait which he wanted to instill in Jedaii who chose to become military officers.

Hence why he pushed for the training course.

Which was obviously approved.

So now here Yennali is. The instructor for the first class of students that are participating in the newly created Jedaii officer training course.

To say the Arkanian-offshoot Jedi wasn't a little nervous would be an understatement.

Especially given who the people she was going to be instructing are.

Her former master Plo-Koon.

His friend Micah Giiett.

Her friend Bultar Swan.

Plo-Koon's niece, Sha-Koon.

Halagad Ventor.

Rahm Kota.

Robilo Darte.

Koffi Arana.

Jastus Farr.

Shadday Potkin.


Finally the female Bothan Jedaii Knol Ven'nari.

Disregarding Bultar and Halagad, who were close to her in age, every single one of Yennali's other students in this class were older and more experienced in her in the ways of the Force and in life.

Still, she wasn't about to let that hold her back.

Especially since she volunteered to be the instructor for this course.

'Alright. Let's get this started then.' Yennali thought.

"Greetings to you all." Yennali began. "I know some of you and I assume the others have heard of me. But even so,allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yennali Fonemys. A Jedaii knight of the Jedaii Order. I also hold the rank of lieutenant within the Galactic Systems Alliance Navy." She explained. "All of you are here because you have chosen to take part in this program. Which is a training course designed for those within the Jedaii Order who wish to become officers within the GSA Defense Forces. I won't lie to you all. The next six months aren't going to be easy for any of you. You who have spent most of your lives living and working as Jedi. Whose philosophy and principals are entirely different from the military. This course will likely entirely shatter many of the values you have based your lives on. It will challenge you in ways you may not expect. So if anyone wants to back out this is the moment where you can. No one will fault you for it. So I ask you all to make your choice."

No one moved after Yennali spoke.

"Alright then, let's begin your training then." Yennali spoke.

Thus she began teaching the Jedaii in front of her how to be both Force users and competent military commanders at the same time.

Just like the Jedi of the Old Republic.