Rise of Myriad Magic EmperorRise of Myriad Magic Emperor

Rise of Myriad Magic Emperor

by Evernightlord

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The great mystic universe, where the magic is part of everyday live of people. Where users of magic are considered elite and everybody dream to become a Magic Emperor. As the ancient words are engraved in the heart of every one who wants to reach the peak. MORTAL LIVE BY THEM, TRANSCEND KNOW THEM, SAINTS UNDERSTAND THEM, DIVINE TRANSFORM THEM, WORLD CREATES THEM. A boy born in country side dream to become one of the few peak expert standing on the peak of the universe and discover the mysteries of past and conquer the future. As he sitting on his throne and looking at the vast horizon, Kai declared "The first era was dominated by God Emperors and Universe Lord" "The second era was ruled by Fallen Great Magic Emperors" "The third era belongs to me" NOTE: MC IS OP. STRONG FROM BEGINNING. later he will become weak and strong again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Discord=> Evernightlord#5624 Discord Group=>https://discord.gg/MDY3g4Z **Updates** 7chapter a week and time to time bonus chapters depending upon the power stones at the end of the week. 1000power stones two extra chapters 2000power stones four exta chapters Editor:- Arumi **Disclaimer** This cover is not owned by me. If you want me to take it down just comment me.

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