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What is Reborn Might Guy

Reborn Might Guy is a popular fanfic written by the author HuskyWarrior, covering DRAGON BALL, ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 549K readers with an average rating of 4.47/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 35 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What do you get if you have one of the strongest taijustu users of all time, But he is reborn into the DBZ universe? Will he become the strongest human? Will he get a system? Will Guy's full power of YOUTH be enough to go toe to toe with some of the strongest people in the universe? If you wanna find out start reading ;) This is my first novel got 0 experience in this I hope this goes well If it does enjoy if it is a little eh comment and I will see how I can improve as a author. Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Naruto/Db/DBZ /DBS and any other stuff I may or may not include


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This story is purely just didn't make sense at all. The sealed memories are fine but he should have a similar personality. With his dad a disciple of roshi he would have at least trained his son a little at the start of the fic. The main problem was however how he acted AFTER he unsealed his memories. It made no sense how it was like guy didn't know sht about fighting or training. He should already know how to breathe, how to build a foundation, how to fight etc. Overall I think the writer is new? It is a very interesting idea but VERY poor writing. Like there is no description at all, no idea how things go the way they do. It doesn't follow a lead? Like it jumps around and skips tons of sht. We missed the first 10 years of his life, like wtf? I don't think he should have had his memories sealed in the first place as it rly isn't needed. Like there is no reason why they should be... the given reason was for plot but then he doesn't know sht about dragon ball. Then you should have showed might guy growing up with a new family, his reaction, thought-process, goals, his training schedule etc. Him interacting and learning about the world around him etc. Studying this new energy etc. I feel he should be older than goku etc maybe bulmas age or older. This will give him time to grow etc. Instead of all these things, what we are given essentially is missing all of the time he was young and he instantly starts training under Roshi. It being like he doesn't know anything about martial arts with what I said before where he doesn't know how to breathe, train etc when he should. Might Guy in this story is kind of missing half of his personality and is kinda following the basic idea of him. Saying things like if I cant do this then I will do this many more constantly. It's like the Author forgot how intelligent guy acc is. Do you think he became that strong, a jonin, best martial artist in the world without any intelligence? He also lacks the solemn and wisdom of guy. It's like guy in this is basic? Hollow? The story feels like it's going in a list, he does this, he does that, he says this. It has no descriptions, explanations, thoughts, reactions etc Great story idea again but just very lacking in my opinion. Maybe because the Author is new? But yeah gl to him/her.


Continue to have more great ideas author-san. This is such a cool and unique idea keep up the great work, dotn let the haters discourage you they only make you more famous


Okay, just don't make it a harem or make an idiot MC, I'm tired of reading that guy....................................................................................................................................................................


Ok that broccoli gag made me chuckle, I'll give you that. Although i don't have the time t read the entire fic, I'll say this. The main thing you need to improve on is your pacing an layout. Things happen pretty fast, and you need to be more descriptive with your writing. I also fall victim to this, so I feel you brother. As for the grammar, its decent but could use some work. Not really a problem tho, considering the standard here. The jokes were good, and I think you got Guy's personality down perfectly. Like I said, that broccoli part made me laugh! have a good day, and work hard!


Its funny and i like it but i feel like guy is ridiculously underpowered. he was the tai jutsu master of his world! Not to mention he hase decades pf combat experience and wouldnt let his gaurd down like he does in the series.


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Great story hoping for more!


Good idea Of haVing real character of gai In another anime Of course i woUld like iF it had been in one piece too.............................


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Good Great Excellent Good Great Excellent Good Great Excellent Good Great Excellent Good Great Excellent Good Great Excellent Good Great Excellent Good Great Excellent Good Great Excellent Good Great Excellent


Good novel, brother. I read it but I wished you updated it faster. I don't have the experience to be telling you what to improve on but I say everything is really good except the grammar, but that's the only thing that could use a little work. Keep it up!


I think my writing quality is pretty good Stability of updates... I'm lazy I'll admit it but I will try and be better with updates in the future Story development not too fast and not too slow Character design I think I got Might Guy's personality down for my story World background will get into more detail later on Besides that hope you enjoy the fan fiction and hey if anything is bad/something you don't like lemme know cause well I wanna be a better author eventually.


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